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Cardinals at Reds (May 25)

Important game tonight. A win prevents the Reds (22-25) from falling five games behind the Cardinals and 6.5 behind the Brewers, who won today. The Reds leave after the game tonight on a West Coast road trip that starts with the Dodgers (Ryu, Grienke, Kershaw), who also won today.

Tonight’s game (8:07 p.m. ET) will be broadcast on ESPN Sunday Night BaseballBaseball Tonight will originate live from Crosley Terrace beginning at 7 p.m. Barry Larkin and Karl Ravech will host the show, which will be joined by Reds fan Charlie Sheen [insert joke about winning and 2.5 men] during the pre-game broadcast.

The Reds face Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright. He’s the pitcher who shut out the Reds for seven innings on Opening Day. He’s also the guy who gave up nine runs to the Reds in two innings last August. Take your pick. Wainwright is having a Cy Young type year again (1.85 ERA / 2.46 FIP / 3.18 SIERA).

Bryan Price had the option of sending Johnny Cueto out to pitch. Cueto, like Wainwright, pitched last Tuesday so tonight would be a normal five-day cycle. But instead, Price kept the Reds rotation in order, sending Mike Leake to the mound. Leake (2.91 ERA / 3.87 FIP / 3.62 SIERA) is coming off two strong performances, allowing just one run in each of his last two starts. If it was my decision, priority on beating the Cardinals would have trumped other stuff (Marty said the same thing last night.)

The Reds lineup remains without first baseman Joey Votto, who is on the disabled list with a strained quad muscle. The news on Votto’s health (John Fay) is less-than-encouraging. Justin is afraid more than the quad is implicated.

On the bright side, it’s well past time to move on from the ZOMG COZART narrative.

Noteworthy: The Cardinals are resting Yadier Molina. Molina has averaged playing 138 games the past five seasons. If Devin Mesoraco played every game the rest of the year, he’d appear in 135.

Here’s the lineup. Billy the Blur is back in the leadoff spot. Otherwise, standard order for this series.

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Devin Mesoraco (R) C
6. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
7. Brayan Pena (S) 1B
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Mike Leake (R) P

The game time weather forecast is 75º with zero percent chance of rain. The game has been sold out since yesterday. Should be an exciting night at the old ball yard. Go Reds!

341 thoughts on “Cardinals at Reds (May 25)

  1. Manny parra threw a 90 MPH throw 2 feet from Cozart !!??? Throw a tent around this circus already !

  2. Leake struck out the side in the 6th. He could of least stared the 7th.

    • Seemed like a quick hook, even though he was at 93 pitches. Not sure he would have been worse than Parra there. We’ll never know.

  3. This is just not a good baseball team right now – love the reds and will always pull for them – but this is hard to stomach

  4. Man, this is depressing to watch. I knew it was a tall order to beat Wainwright but this is getting ugly.

  5. I would never quit…but I might wrap it up right quick to get that First Class seat, meal, drinks, & HBO GO.

  6. Ballgame – it’s gonna be a long time before this team ever sniffs .500 – bullpen implodes on a nightly basis and Walt continues to fiddle while Rome burns

  7. I love this accountability stuff. It led to all these great changes for the worst bullpen in the league. Cut the guys who can’t pitch, picked up new guys, yup, accountability is awesome…..

    …oh, nevermind, I have just been informed that they have not made any changes at all to stop the hemorrhaging of runs by the bullpen.

    • The lack of accountability is with the front office. Walt should be held accountable first and foremost. As I have said before, after all is said and done he will go down as the worst GM since Dick Wagner.

      • I wish they had never said anything about accountability so we wouldn’t have to see people constantly bitch about accountability.

        • Amen and I bet they think the same thing. If you are not willing to do it, keep your mouth shut.

      • Sorry, what do the kids call it these days? Pwned? Unfortunately, these are not video game sessions. They really count.

  8. For about 6 innings this was a really close well fought game, than some miscreant started throwing banana peels on the field. C’mon Reds lets score some runs and see what happens. Go Reds!

  9. The Cardinals are the block bully….they own the Reds, and they know it. They’re in their heads. Downright embarrassing! The hitting woes continue…..

  10. If the Reds get murdered on the West Coast Trip, I’m okay with beginning restructuring the team when they get home.

    Along with Sarge, I’m probably the most optimistic Reds fan alive but we have to be realistic. Guys like Pena and Simon’s trade value will probably never be higher. Compound it with the terrible news about JV and it just doesn’t look good. We could probaly get a small fortune for Cueto.

      • They have to try to get their financial house in order. God forbid, Joey has chronic knee issues for the rest of his life. It could mean paying between 20 to 25 million dollars a year, for virtually nada, for as far as the eye can see.

      • It absolutely will if they lose “every” game of the road trip, you could bet your house on it. Bob C. would be nervous as a whore in church and that is dangerous if you make your livelihood working for the Cincinnati Reds.

  11. Reds just cannot beat the Cards – pains me to say that – really does – but it is what it is > worst part is that Reds continue to have no sense of urgency about the status of their bullpen situation – I don’t know the answer either / but then again, that is the job of the GM

  12. If it came down to a one-game, play-in, I’d much rather face the Pirates, rather than the Cardinals. Oh…wait…

  13. In all fairness, unless something changes radically I think the Reds have faced the Cy Young guy this year. Cueto is great but doesn’t seem to keep healthy for a season these days. Gotta tip the cap to Wainwright.

        • Let’s be honest, Bruce & Marshall aren’t trending down, they are down. Probably because of injury but the same effect. Hamilton and Mes are both first year starters so I’ll cut slack.

          If you look up how much Bailey, Votto & BP are going to cost this team as a share of the overall payroll in the future, it has to concern the fan. These guys have to come up big time and at the moment, it doesn’t look to good.

      • Cozart IS looking good, lately. And Hoover returning to form is huge, for this team. Huge.

  14. There is no excuse NONE for not beaming one of these sons of bitches in the skull. They absolutely deserve it, They had a shot on Wainwright last inning. We are a team of pussies.

  15. This organization needs an overhaul. The mere fact that there are no options in the system to replace the dead wood speaks to the lack of leadership. The 40 amn roster has dead wood too.

  16. The Cubs have done well against him … have scored at least 12 runs off him so far this year, so it can be done….

      • Reds roughed him up, end of last season, twice, if I remember. Just not the night. Hope LAD is reading their press clippings, after the no-no & go get ’em, tomorrow.

  17. ” exciting night of baseball ” the opening caption said…

    yup. Cards and Reds series outcome is more predictable than any sports bet out there…
    it is exciting if u r Cards fan…

    for me, we show time and time again, we get out pitched, out managed, out maneuvered, out played,

    • We still have Redleg Nation thanks to you. Good news is that Bob C. appears committed to the long term success of this ball club.

    • Absolutely no legitimate moves in the offseason, coupled with a rookie manager, I love my Reds, but this is the exact result I expected. Didn’t count on the injuries, but, even with everyone clicking, it would be a real long shot for this team to make it to the playoffs, let alone win it all. Still glad Dusty is gone, though.

  18. Wainwright is just a stud… Have to give him a hand tonight… Good pitching beats good hitting more times than not… Unfortunately, we have mediocre hitting at best 😛

  19. I’m a long way off from giving up on this team just yet. We have yet to reach the halfway point in the season, and have yet to play with all of our starters. The Reds have a ton of injuries and a rookie manager learning on the fly. I’m not making excuses just stating facts. I hope that Price is learning that a lack of fundamentals won’t fix itself, he’s going to have to take action, whether the players like it or not. This team screams for a Buck Showalter type of manager, lets hope Price has some Buck in him. Go Reds!

    • Love the optimism. I wanna go there with you but this team needs something to go their way.

    • Its getting tiresome to continue to blame the injury bug. All teams have injuries. That’s part of the game. The problem right now is the guys who aren’t hurt are not doing the job.

    • I’m not giving up either. But this team isn’t enjoyable to watch right now, and they haven’t been enjoyable to watch for a long time.

      But I do think Price is the right guy for the job.

    • I hear you Sarge and I want to believe but if the guys go out west and get shredded; it’s going to be really hard to keep the faith but you know, I will try. Tonight is the lowest point in the season, for me, so far. Nice games from Leake and JJ but everybody else? Yuck.

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