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Redleg Nation infiltrates Busch Stadium

Glorious recognition is due a loyal Redleg Nation member who courageously journeyed into the belly of the beast last night, wearing RN colors, and apparently lived to tell about it.

We received this picture from Jerry Chesney aka sergeant2 early this morning along with the message “sergeant2 with Daughter & Granddaughter at Busch Stadium proudly representing Redleg Nation.”

Jerry, your embodiment of the spirit of Redleg Nation is much appreciated and will be placed on prominent display at our Hall of Honor. Although you might want to look out for those women you’re with. They seem well intentioned, but also appear to be exercising questionable judgment with that Cardinals swag. 🙂

Let’s hear it from you Nation. Way to go Sarge!



15 thoughts on “Redleg Nation infiltrates Busch Stadium

  1. Hall Of Honor! I’m not worthy. In defense of my Daughter she married into a lifelong Cardinals fan family and has lived in the area around 20 yrs. She is a Reds fan at heart and has attended games sporting her Reds gear. My Granddaughter (wearing the hat) who just last week graduated from Loyola Univ. Chicago B.A. Anthropology (had to mention it, I’m so proud of her) was raised in Cardinal country and likes her Cardinals. I enjoy representing the Reds and Redleg Nation while living in the midst of so many Cardinal fans. Go Reds!

    • Congrats to you and your granddaughter. Loyola is a great university and anthropology is a tough (and valuable) major.

  2. That’s awesome!! And Sarge, you don’t look anything like Porky the Pig!

  3. Hey Sarge! Might be it’s just the great looking hat but you look a lot younger than the old fart I’d pictured. You have every right to be proud of that grand-daughter, that is quite the accomplishment.

    Hope we see you on the Game Thread tonight, we could use a little luck!

  4. Sarge, great looking family and congrats to your granddaughter for all her hard work!
    Funny how people don’t look anything like you picture them through a web blog.
    I pictured you as a hardened/grizzled ol’ drill sgt type. I want to commend you for wearing your Reds gear in enemy territory, I usually don’t wear mine since I don’t want people pooring their beer on me, unless they accidentally spill it while handing it to me 😉
    Glad you made it out alive without being shot as a spy!

  5. Sarge: Do you get much grief at Busch for your obviously superior choice of teams?

    • No, I can’t say that I get any grief, maybe some good natured ribbing from friends that I go with. I do get a lot of double takes though.

  6. Good stuff there Sarge, always a good day to share a game at the ballpark with family. Did you find evidence of the smoking (cork) gun that the Cards use to load up Molina’s bat? lol – just kidding.

    Go Reds!

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