Homer Bailey takes the mound as the Reds hope to slow down the offensive firepower of the Rockies and earn a series win. Billy Hamilton returns to lead-off Bryan Price’s batting order. Skip Schumaker is playing right field. Zack Cozart gets a day off and Ramon Santiago takes his place.

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Skip Schumaker (L) RF
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Joey Votto (L) 1B
5. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
6. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
7. Tucker Barnhart (S) C
8. Ramon Santiago (S) SS
9. Homer Bailey (R) P


Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Even if Homer turns in a good outing, aren’t we expecting Price to bring in all of the wrong guys out of the bullpen to make the game more interesting than it has to be?

    The funny part about this season is, Jocketty is taking all of the heat he should have been taking during the Dusty Years. Walt brought in some of the worst leadoff hitters in MLB year after year, never managed in-season injuries and roster transactions well, and constructed a bullpen that costs too much for their output. He whiffed on Beltran and chose to bring in Ryan Madsen instead. Imagine the 2012 and 2013 squads with Beltran in the order to protect Votto instead of someone as inconsistent as Jay Bruce. Now that the franchise’s scapegoat has been fired, fans on RN are finally seeing what’s wrong with this team. IT’S THE ROSTER.

    I really hope that some of the Dusty hate wasn’t race-based mistrust, but I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind. It has proven to be true that black managers in MLB are typically on a shorter leash with the fans and the organizations that hire them than their white counterparts. Baker got a fair shake with Castellini in Cincinnati, but not with the GM. I felt Dusty was hung out to dry more than a few times, and took all of the heat for roster issues he can’t control. If anybody cares to weigh in, I’d love to hear some opinions.

    • I’m going to ignore the race element that you are bringing up simply because it’s pure speculation. As for why Dusty got criticism from me it’s pretty simple. He loved the bunt. He constructed lineups that were mind-boggling. He loves the idea of fixed bullpen roles. Those are all things I disagree with strongly in a baseball game because I think they hurt the chance of winning. He also loved lefty-righty match ups and did a few other things that would make me shake my head. Overall he was a solid manager for getting a team with some talent to the playoffs because over the course of 162 games his strengths (good use of backups to keep starters fresh, good at building team chemistry, etc.) helped balance out his flaws. In any given short series though where all the little things counted he stuck to his guns with his old-style method and it bit him pretty hard.

      As for Jocketty he’s had plenty of good moves for us and several bad ones. Judge that however you want but I wouldn’t say he’s been a bad GM for the Reds in his tenure here.

      Addressing this year’s bullpen.. our middle relief has been terrible. The guys who usually smooths out that section of the game for us (Simon, LeCure) have been forced into other roles due to injury. Not really much else to say about it.

      • MWVOhio,

        Thanks for the even-handed response. I don’t think Jocketty has been a bad GM, just that he skated past all of the blame shrapnel that struck his subordinates for five full seasons. As for the race speculation, Dusty himself has said that he’s had negative experiences in Chicago and Cincinnati that were catalyzed by some people’s disdain for having a black man manage their baseball team. I don’t think he’s making that up. One telling aspect of this comparison is that Bryan Price was embraced roundly upon his hire. Baker was never really welcome in Cincinnati.

    • If only lineup protection where a thing.

    • ” If anybody cares to weigh in, I’d love to hear some opinions.”

      Trolling dumbassery posing as analysis. That’s my opinion.

      • Agree. Price has caught heat on this board when deserved just like Dusty.

    • Dude dusty sucked… Just like he did in chicago. We can not like a guy based on his actions. I seriously cant believe you even mentioned race. Dusty will go down as a manager that stuck beside his players instead of what was best for the overall team. He would play a 40 year old has been over a young stud any day of the season….. Bottom line is dusty could never win in critical games and that is why he was fired. Race has nothing to do with sucking, if he was blue, green, white, or red he would have sucked too!

  2. I can’t wait till Mesoraco gets back.

  3. BillyBall

  4. Billy ball!!

  5. I know that doesn’t show up as much in the stats but that run was all BHam.

  6. A lead-off “triple” and we get 1 run. That won’t get the job done against a team as hot as Colorado.

  7. 25 degrees and snowing in Denver

  8. Votto forget to run again?

  9. Come on Joey, you’ve got to run that out. Could have been a single, and if it took a good bounce off the tarp maybe a double.

    • The ball was in Morneau’s glove 3/4 of a second after the ball was put into play… not sure how it could have been a single if Votto would have reacted a 1/2 second sooner.

  10. Are you really playing the hard hit ball so I don’t have to run card? I just rewound it and the ball took at least 4 hops right over the bag. What if it hit the bag? and ricocheted to 2nd baseman? no excuse for ever not hustling.

    • There’s a difference between “not husting” and “i thought the ball was foul.” He was wrong. The ball was not foul. That does not change the fact that the thought the ball WAS foul. It had nothing to do with the ball being hit hard, in my opinion.

    • set up perfectly for Billy to slap hit it to left

  11. Is anyone watching the Rockies’ broadcast? It’s literally 100x worse than Thom and company. Every player gets some completely useless stat quoted in order to describe their worth as a player.

    “Homer is barely a .500 pitcher.” – In regards to his contract extension.

    “Frazier batted .135 against Colorado in his first year. Since, he’s batted .380.” – In regards to Frazier “figuring” it out.

    These guys have less a sense of sample size than anyone I’ve ever heard. Oh, and they love the WIN stat.

  12. 20 pushups

  13. Nicasio has a good sinker/split….hard to lay off

  14. Very nice AB by Skip.

  15. SS RBI…good at bat

  16. Clutch and grit! Grich!!!

  17. Blackmon is NOT this good. Wow.

  18. Schumaker has looked pretty good so far as a Red

  19. Hand it to them….the Rockies don’t miss mistake pitches

    • Very true. If they ride this all year, they’ll go to the WS. Just like last year, STL had a historically lucky AVG with RISP, and they rode that to the WS. Most of the time, better to be lucky than good!

      • They will not hit this good all season, I will be suprised if this team makes the playoffs, do think the bum that threw last night will keep it up and they need SP as this guy appears to be their best one. Latroy Hawkins is their closer?
        Hitting’s fun to watch,but it does not win in the long run

        • Well, sure, history dictates that starts such as the one the Rockies’ have enjoyed don’t usually last. Sometimes they do. I’d bet against it, mostly because I expect someone to get injured and their pitching is not good on paper.

  20. beauty of a throw by Barnhardt

  21. Todd

  22. DOWNtown goes Frazier!!!

  23. Rockies flashin’ some leather that inning.

  24. Just read something on FG saying Barnhart’s 380ft flyball in Boston would have been a home run in every other park in MLB.

    • Right field at Fenway is one of the deepest in the American League. I was at the game and when he hit it, I was sure it was gone.

  25. nice job, Homer !!!!!!!!!!

  26. Oh, by the way… I received my hat, Steve! Thanks!

  27. Remember top of the 5th every time someone quotes the Reds are theworst team at stranding runners at 3rd with no out, I am skeptical and have no stats, but suspect the Reds are typical of all MLB teams that it happens to, big time come back for Homer

  28. OK, Billy, redemption time …

  29. Man, the Reds are not paying Bailey $100 million dollars for Hamilton to walk with that runner on third.

  30. Big League AB

  31. Frazier on pace now for 31 HR and 94 RBI.

    I’d take that!

  32. up to you, BP !!!!!!!!!

  33. Nice hustle BP!

  34. Wow, talk about getting a break!!

  35. That was an impressive read by Phillips. On the replay, it looked like he saw Morneau go up then BP went low. Very nice!

  36. Votto’s got the worst luck I can remember. Two stellar defensive plays in a row.

    • Ahh, and his BABIP is now down into the high .280s. A good 60-some points off his career average.

      • Yeah but other than the HR’s he’s not hitting a lot of LD’s. That’s what’s kept his BABIP so high over the years.

        • Coming into this game, his LD% was 24.7%. For his career, it’s 25.2%.

          His groundball % is up from 41.5% to 45.4%, but that’s not enough of a difference for a 60 point difference in BABIP.

          Either he’s been unlucky this year, or he’s been lucky so far in his career.

        • I honestly think it’s coming from terrible GB luck. For his career, ground balls are being converted to hits at a 23.3% rate. That’s roughly league average from what I recall.

          This year, including today’s game, 8.5%. Yes, he’s batting .085 on ground balls.

          2011 is his worst year ever, at .194.

          If his GB were going at a .194 clip, he’d be batting .279 instead of .258 right now. And if GB were going at a .233 clip, he’d be at .284 right now.

  37. I’m glad Votto stopped walking so much and starting making outs.

    • I think he hit a couple of home runs the last couple of games….i like those better than walks

  38. Hey, I know that guy. That’s Homer Bailey …

  39. With the state of this bullpen, I am leaning with letting Homer bat

  40. Well this is the Homer we paid for.

    • Let’s hope his 8th inning (beginning with 100 pitches, I think) doesn’t ruin the rest of the outing!

      But, I definitely agree with leaving him in. I have zero faith in the bullpen.

      • Now is the time to 2nd guess, all the Price don’t come out of the woodwork if this does not work out. I think it is the best move, but does this say anything about Chapman?

  41. of course we have the unknown Chapman factor in the 9th

  42. the ole catcher standing up waste a pitch again

  43. Man, Schumaker’s last 2 AB’s with RISP were ugly. Would have loved to have a run or two more with how this Rockies team hits and how bad our bullpen has been.

  44. Parra vs. the lefties…break out the defib.

    • Shows you about the state of the pen when Marshall cannot be brought in this situation but this is the right call I guess. Parra cannot walk this guy

      • If Parra can do that most appearences thia bullpen is a very formidable with a healthy Chapman and Marshall, when you consider Simon is your 6th guy

  45. Easily Homer’s best start in 2014. Great job, young man.

  46. I would not choose the middle of the Rockies lineup for Chapman’s first major league appearance this year…

    • But got Lecure and Broxton to bail him out if he gets into trouble, he just needs to throw strikes

  47. big out…now let Tulo lead off next inning

  48. Will they go with Chapman or Broxton in the 9th?

  49. Nice start by Homer today on Mother’s Day. Let’s hope the bullpen can bring it home!

  50. How great is it to see Chappy warming up in the pen? To come back this quick, the guy is a warrior.

  51. He’s all over the place. This is making me nervous.

  52. CLEARLY strike 3

  53. game day had that last pitch to Tulo as a strike, nearly right down the middle?

    • I rarely see there being discrepancy between game day and what is real, had nearly in the center of the box

  54. That was a HORRIBLE call. Whole ball caught the plate.

  55. How the heck did Eddings miss that strike on Tulo? Wow.

  56. 102!

    Not too bad.

  57. That was definitelty a strike to Tulo

  58. 102. Chappy’s back.

  59. Off speed pitch just killed him.

  60. slide piece for the strikeout…wayyyy out in front

  61. Well that SHOULD be a strikeout of the side for the middle of the best lineup in baseball.

  62. He missed another strike there.

  63. What a ballgame!!!!

  64. And this series belongs to the Reds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. boooyyyaaaa!

  66. Struck out the side!

    Sunday funday!

  67. Chapman struck out 4 pretty good hitters that inning, that AAA team must be as good as Price was saying

  68. With that 4th K of the inning, Chapman should now have a 36 K/9.

  69. I think this bullpen just got a whole let better

  70. That could not have gone better for Chapman… Nice control in-spite of the ump missing a couple of calls for strikes.

  71. Great job bouncing back after that trip to the woodshed yesterday. Taking 2 from this group of sluggers is a job well done. Welcome back Aroldis!!!

  72. So anybody who was jealous of the Rockies line-up, despite being outscored 15-10 the team with the better SP wins as usual

  73. Man is it nice having Chappy back.

  74. what a debut for AC….i love hamilton and schumacher at top of order….too bad BP is still hitting 3rd

  75. Much needed series win. Still hoping to see Votto hitting more, nobody is going to be happy if bham out hit Votto this year

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