ICYMI: The Week at Redleg Nation

Reds fans can expect plenty of good news this week, with the likely return of Devin Mesoraco and Aroldis Chapman. But the past seven days were also memorable. In case you missed it, here are the highlights, from the pages of Redleg Nation.

The week began with Johnny Cueto pitching a great game against Milwaukee (Johnny be REAL Good) and ended with him pitching another (One-Run Heaven) against the league’s best offense.

Both the guys who hit home runs last night, Todd Frazier (Good News: Todd Frazier) and Joey Votto (Maybe Votto IS Wrong about His Power) were featured in columns with optimistic breakdowns of their hitting numbers.

Not everything this week was super, however — Jay Bruce had knee surgery (Out 3-4 Weeks), the Reds shameful roster situation was exposed in Boston (.083/.115/.125) and Mike Maffie analyzed J.J. Hoover’s poor start to the season (Hooverville).

The Reds made a rare mid-week trip to Fenway Park, where they lost a pair of games by the score of 4-3, raising the specter of Twelfth-Inning Ghosts from Game Six and reminding us of the consequences of Failing to do One’s Job. One good thing that came from that brief road trip was Richard’s long, wonderful account of his visit to Fenway (I Don’t Care if I Ever Get Back).

The Reds are in the midst of three games against the Colorado Rockies. To preview the series, we exchanged Q&As with a Denver-based sports network. Here are their thoughts about the series (Blunting Their Blazing Start) and here are ours (Enemy Territory with the Reds).

If you missed one of our regular morning features: Tom Diesman recapped the week for the Reds farm system, Chad and Joel Luckhaupt recorded a podcast, Nick Kirby detailed the status of the Reds’ NL Central competitors, Chris Garber reminded us with pictures of Sparky’s single most important managerial decision, and Doug Gray wrote about early season developments for certain Reds minor league players.

And on Star Wars Sunday, Mike Maffie took a humorous look at actual searches people used to stumble into Redleg Nation (This Isn’t the Site You’re Looking For).

6 thoughts on “ICYMI: The Week at Redleg Nation

  1. Love your site. New subscriber. Longtime fanatical Reds fan. You should consider developing an app or starting a Facebook group.

    • Thanks for the nice words, George. Look forward to your participation here in the comments sections.

    • Serously an app for a blog?? And a facebook group too? This site is great but man there is no need to follow all those trendy things. The only thing this site needs is to replace mark sheldons blog as the primary blog on reds.com. He is the reds beat reporter but he doesnt even post or follow every game.
      Seriously who can we talk to to have better integration with this site on the reds home page?

  2. I hadn’t read the Enemy Territory with the Reds bit.. what the heck Steve, you’re supposed to be talking *up* Cueto! How are we supposed to get the Cy Young/MVP hype up for Cueto built if the largest Reds blog is going around telling opposing media that he’s a top 15 pitcher, not a top 5?

    At least let us have some kind of joy and expectation in this season.

    • Can’t tell if you’re kidding here or not. I don’t really view it as my role to be talking up Reds players. Cueto’s numbers will speak for themselves by the end of the year and he’ll either deserve the CYA or not. If he keeps up doing what he’s doing now, he’ll be right there in contention.

      • I got your back Steve. Let the numbers talk up Cueto. Just like i wont be voting Votto, Phillips, Bruce for allstar… So far they havent earned it by their numbers. Cueto in my opinion is the Reds only possible allstar at this point. Simon has great numbers to but he is slowly coming back to earth, and who really believes he is an allstar caliber pitcher?

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