The lineup for tonight’s game has already been posted here by Steve earlier today.  The conversation has already been on-going discussing different aspects of it.

Another big story line going into tonight’s game is the fact the MLB’s ERA leader is going against the player with the longest hitting streak in the majors at the moment (28 games).  Let’s see who wins those battles tonight!

Discuss the game here Reds fans!  Go Reds!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. I suppose you can try out any lineup you want when Cueto is pitching.

    • Cueto hasn’t seen a lineup like this yet this year. But all of these guys are due to come back to earth. Now’s as good a time as any.

  2. Who is pitching for the Rockies in this series?
    Their pitching has been “no bueno”.

  3. Votto’s BA is only better than 1 player in the Rockies lineup.
    Rockies have been killing the ball but most of that damage has been at home.

    • If you think Drew Stubbs is legitimately a .348 hitter I don’t know what to say. These guys are all way out of their pay grade right now.

  4. Game not on TV here and MLB showing Cards-Bucks, booooooo!

  5. Typical, Votto AB. Take the fast ball down the middle on 2-1 that he should crush then swing at the ball 4 breaking pitch on 3-2. He is is knots.

    • I don’t know in what alternate universe that is a “typical” Votto AB. That’s an example of a really odd Votto AB that Votto haters will hang onto all year and act like was common.

  6. Hey everybody! Look what happens when Joey Votto swings at a pitch out of the zone with a full count!

    • NOBODY wants him swinging at balls outside the zone. It’s the ones inside the zone that he should be attacking instead of taking.

      • TONS of people want him expanding his zone. Not SMART people, but tons none the less. He only took one hittable pitch in that AB. Just because it’s in the zone doesn’t make it hittable.

  7. Get ’em on get ’em over get ’em in…1-0 reds

  8. Frazier is playing a Gold Glive 3B so far this year. How lucky was he to come up under Rolen’s wing.

  9. Pena – great acquisition.

  10. moon shot for super todd!!!!

  11. Thank you, Toddfather

  12. Mr. Frazier! Remind me again why he’s all the way down at #5?

  13. 3 steps and Stubbs just stopped. Maybe Frazier should still be hitting 4th after all?

  14. Todd’s first hit against Chacin. I don’t know how he hits it so far.

  15. I thought that was going to hit the Toyota truck.

  16. Todd CRUSHED that ball. Wow.

  17. 6th longest at GABP….485 feet

    • Was just going to ask what the measurement was. Todd is taking his game to a new level.

  18. Votto should listen to Todd about his hitting philosophy and why it’s good to swing at fast balls down the middle no matter what the count.

    • Sigh…

    • Now you’re just blatantly trolling. I love Frazier as much as anyone on this site but he is not even close to Votto when it comes to plate approach and run production.

      • I guess, but JV’s recent lines:
        2nd half 2013: .284/.438/.467
        2014: .263/.413/.432

        So trolling? I don’t know.

  19. It took Todd a while to heat up but hopefully now that he is hot he stays that way.

  20. The Todd Frazier Show.

  21. That was foul. Terrible call.

  22. Chacin hit looked foul.

  23. How does Chacin get a double on a ground ball to the SS?

  24. I love the reds but that was a fair ball

    • Did seem to catch the corner of the 3B bag. Rockies have a team BABIP of almost .340 so far this year. Wonder why they’re numbers are so high…

  25. It would be criminal if that was the Rox only hit tonight.

  26. If I were to win that truck, I would insist that it be that truck with the Mr. Redlegs decal and Reds logo.

  27. Brandon can do that as well as anyone when his heads on straight.

  28. Looked like Votto leaned into the pitch. Almost got hit. But then strikes out.

  29. Joey ain’t right…

  30. Votto needs a day off, he’s in knots. But, since there are no viable options to play first or 3rd if Frazier slides over there, he’s stuck in this horrible slump with no relief.

    • For once in this thread I agree with you. Joey could use a day off. I’d expect him to get it Sunday with an off day Monday. Nice break for him.

  31. Wow. Is Votto taking batting tips from Cozart or something? This is the worst that I have ever seen him. On another note Hamilton not playing yet again why not DL him and bring up an infielder to take some time at first?

    • Seriously? What is with the Votto trolling tonight? He worked a 3-2 count then missed an inside fastball.

      • Umm… Look at his average. Votto couldnt hit a beach ball right now. The criticism is justified. Lowest batting average he has ever had with this many atbats.

        • I’m talking about the personal insults and implications you’re making for no valid reason. What about him missing on that 3-2 pitch makes you question his mental health?

          Personal attacks are trolling 101 and I just don’t understand why a fan of the Reds would turn that kind of vitriol on a guy who has been the single best offensive player on the squad in a very long time.

        • Exactly what I mentioned below, not cool

    • You might be crossing a line with the last part

  32. How on earth does Jim Day look bigger than Anthony Munoz? Is he sitting on a milk crate.

  33. Cueto’s FIP will take another massive hit for a solo HR. He could finish this game without another hit and his FIP will still go up. Weird stat.

    • To be fair it feels (without looking up the stats) like he’s given up the vast majority of the runs he has given up on HR’s. I seem to remember quite a few solo shots against him so far this year.

  34. What is it in Heiseys DNA that makes him so bad when he starts and so good off the bench?

    • No idea, I’ve always wondered the same thing. I thought maybe he was figuring it out a little this year when they had him up near the top of the order. He wasn’t making the best contact but he was working the count and seeing more pitches. Then lately he’s right back to early swinging and lots of easy outs.

  35. I’m finally starting to believe that Votto is overrated

  36. Heisey seems to be dipping. Don’t know if he can consistently repeat swing mechanics, always devolving into one problem or another. Then, there’s the pitch recognition problem. Would really like him to succeed…

  37. They may be getting lucky in BABIP, but you have to give this Rockies team credit. They make solid contact 1-9. Would love to poach their batting coach.

    • The large outfield in Colorado is a major factor in the Rockies high BABIP. Lots of balls in the gaps there.

  38. Heisey sees a lot of relief pitchers late in games when coming off of the bench. Not the best pitchers of the staff and less of a choice of pitches to look for. He sees more quality pitches from higher quality pitchers and more fast balls from lesser quality pitchers late. He’s a good bench player but i think that’s going to be the ceiling.

  39. I meant to say that when he starts he sees better quality pitchers throwing better quality pitches

  40. Cueto just painted those last two strikeouts on Stubbs and Tulo, wow. Tulo is furious.

  41. Woah, Tulo got away with a lot of talking there

  42. Reds making another meatball pitcher look like Cy Young.

  43. Joey Votto must be hurt. His swing is terrible right now. only a hurt player swings like that.

    • Nah. His eye just isn’t there. He’s pressing now. Twice tonight putting balls in play on pitches out of the zone. Very unlike him. It’s mental. Day off Sunday gives him a 2 day vacation.

  44. Votto swings at another ball 4 and almost gets a hit, but it’s almost like you can’t make good contact on balls out of the zone.

  45. Votto’a avg down to .263 for the year and .136 in the last 7 games with an obp of .301


  46. You are allowed to have.300 hitters on your bench?

  47. Cueto bringing the heat

  48. Another great start by Cueto, tough call if you get someone on, when you consider this bench and bullpen. Hopefully Cozart hits a 3 run HR

  49. So when do these 1 run games even out?

  50. Talk about bad luck for Cozart, that ball was scalded.

    • His BABIP is 228. He’s been a little unlucky this year. Things will start to average out and his AVG will increase.

    • When he went up 3-0 I was hoping he would swing, rather see Cueto in the 8th vs any other option the Reds have, hope to see Brovton in the 9th with a lead

  51. OK…get Cueto a run here!

  52. Is it me or does the last 10 days seem like play-off style games. I know Price gets his knocks, but he is a few plays away from coming on top in almost every loss, I think he definitely gets credit for keeping them in games they have won and avoiding losing long streaks. Here is to avoiding another 1

    • I like Price as well, just curious what you think he has done specifically to keep them in games?

      • Main thing, avoiding losing streaks,Sticking with his guys, not pulling Leake too early, one of Cueto’s shutouts he was looking a little worn out in the 9th and I was sure he would pull him, last week with Bailey against the brewers,sticking with BP, not blowing through Lecure and a recovering Broxton when no one is reliable; his only downfall has been relying on Hoover and as I have posted before I believe he manages different in September than April and early May with a rag tag roster

  53. Another great outing by Cueto

  54. BHAM!!!…i guess the bunt is coming….which i agree with

  55. Big hit by Hamilton

    Not a fan of sac bunts

  56. Hate the bunt with your fastest man on 2nd.

  57. Welcome back BHam, we missed you!

    • Wondering where you were, so why did he not start? Just about to post here comes the bunt, impressive after all the time off. Please do not let us down Broxton

  58. Worked out. Pena got the ball in the air. Not sure why they threw a curve, will take it

  59. 27,187 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 27,187.

  60. OK Brox how about a 1-2-3!

  61. Slidin’ Billy!

  62. My new lucky hat, my new Redleg Nation hat that I got in the mail today (which looks awesome by the way) is paying dividends. Go Reds!

  63. Would prefer LeCure here, but hopefully Broxton can handle it.

  64. Nasty pitch by Brox

  65. Just when you think we are about to change our evil ways….

  66. Wow, another blown game by the bullpen. And Walt fiddles while Rome burns.

  67. So much for your lucky hat. Broxton went to the well once too often and didn’t mix the pitches enough to where he was sitting on the low outside fastball. Bad pitching. Sigh.

  68. The bullpen, the bullpen, the bullpen…

  69. Bullpen nightly meltdown in progress

  70. With the game now in the hands of the bullpen, you have to think the odds of the Reds winning is very low.

  71. I would rather not have to face this lineup until tomorrow, walks will haunt huh, great AB by Arenado, Joey HR

  72. Poor Cueto, pitches so well once again and once again probably all for naught. I’ve been a Reds fan for over 35 years, its getting hard to hold out any hope. This team can’t hit and the bullpen is crap. I know Mes and Chapman will be back, but this line up scares no one. Just frustrating…..

    • If you’ve been a fan for 35+ years, you’ve had greater occasion to lose any hope. Settle in. Summer is just around the corner.

  73. Hey now. Way to go Joey!

  74. about time VoTTo!!!

  75. Thank you mr. Votto !!!!!!

  76. Joey Votto! Poor Thom

  77. And just like that, ALL IS FORGIVEN. Way to go Joey. Be the hitter we want to see.

  78. Wow, Welsh called that one. Huge knock by Votto.

  79. 3-0 count, Votto wasn’t thinking walk that time. Thank goodness.

  80. Broxton, you vulture….Votto needed that…Hand it to Price for the lineup changes

    • Yeh the rule for awarding wins is stupid. That should be a win for Cueto. Broxton gets a blown save and a win, doesnt make sense.

      • Yep. I live in CO so I had the Rockies’ broadcast only tonight. The Rockies announcers LOVE the win stat. They were trying to describe how good Cueto is/has been in the 1st inning, and the ONLY stat they cited were wins. “Far and away the best year is when Cueto went 19-9.”

        Maybe that’s true, but a terrible way to present it to a large audience!

        Then, when Votto came up in the 1st, one of the announcers said Votto has led the NL in OBP 4 years running, and the other announcer says “Man, I bet the Reds’ ownership wishes they didn’t give $200 million for that” or something to that effect.

        The Reds’ crew is much better, IMO.

  81. see what happpens when you dont take???

  82. Joey Votto laughs in the face of criticism!!!!

  83. Give Cueto the win anyway. Broxton doesn’t deserve it.

  84. A one run win…….nice!

  85. So someone tell me about the meaningless stat again, I do not understand what you mean, what a performance by Broxton

  86. That was a bomb – not gonna keep Joey down – he will round into form

    • I thought he got under it a bit to much, but no, that ball went (as the late great Bob Shreve would say) a fur piece.

  87. What was that “so much for your lucky hat” Never doubt the hat, the Redleg Nation Hat (plus Votto had a smidgeon to do with it) Go Reds!

  88. Milwaukee losing 4-0 to Yankees. Cardinals losing to Pittsburgh.

    • Remember when you used to have mixed feeling on who to root for in that match-up

  89. Right, I get it, Broxton blew the save on purpose so that Votto could get a confidence boost. Worked out. seems legit.

  90. It’s gonna beeeeeee gone!!! This one belongs to the Reds!

  91. I guess Joey heard me…lol. Thanks Joey!

  92. So let’s talk about what’s wrong with Joey. (I still think a day off Sunday would be great for him)

  93. @STEVE MANCUSO- I received my Redleg Nation hat today and just want to thank you for getting it shipped out to me. Its a high quality hat, it ain’t no cheapo that’s for sure. Its very well made, and looks great. I’ll get my Daughter to take a picture of me wearing it, and send you a picture. Where do I send it? Thanks. Go Reds!

  94. To say this was a good win for the Reds is a major understatement. Been waiting a long time for an exciting walk off win like tonight. How bout BHam is he worth the price of admission or what. I say lets get another win tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • 4 days ago Frazier vs. the first place Brewers? I can’t believe how quickly everyone forgot about that game.

      • Yep your right. I guess it was just so exciting to see Joey knock one out to win the win the game. He’s come close a couple times and been robbed a couple times. The Reds won, that’s the only thing that matters. Go Reds!

  95. It was reported that the Kentucky Air National Guard scrambled some fighter jets after Frazier’s HR entered into Kentucky air space and escorted it back to the ground.

  96. Cueto gives up 2 runs and 5 hits in 8 and doesn’t get the win.

  97. Billy now batting .250. I’m liking this trend.

    • Votto was in that region and everybody calling for a day off, making classless personal comments about his mental health

      • I still think he could use a day off. That was a fantastic walk off moment, but as a whole he looked off tonight. It’s not a knock – It happens to the best of them. I’d bet money he sits Sunday.

        • With the exception of the two bad games in Boston, he’s really been hitting 1-2 lasers a night for the last 2 weeks. Been a bit unlucky and also has been wearing out 2nd base. Seems like he’s 10 grounders to 2nd in the last two weeks.

          Either way, a day off might be nice. He had one last year, although he was used as a pinch hitter. (His ONLY AB last year not in the 3-hole. Heh!)

          I remember reading something where he said a day off does him no good. He may think that, but this may be a “papa knows best” moment.

      • Anyone making comments about his mental health is a piece of crap.

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