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Rockies at Reds (May 9, 2014)

The lineup for tonight’s game has already been posted here by Steve earlier today.  The conversation has already been on-going discussing different aspects of it.

Another big story line going into tonight’s game is the fact the MLB’s ERA leader is going against the player with the longest hitting streak in the majors at the moment (28 games).  Let’s see who wins those battles tonight!

Discuss the game here Reds fans!  Go Reds!

193 thoughts on “Rockies at Reds (May 9, 2014)

    • Cueto hasn’t seen a lineup like this yet this year. But all of these guys are due to come back to earth. Now’s as good a time as any.

  1. Votto’s BA is only better than 1 player in the Rockies lineup.
    Rockies have been killing the ball but most of that damage has been at home.

    • If you think Drew Stubbs is legitimately a .348 hitter I don’t know what to say. These guys are all way out of their pay grade right now.

  2. Typical, Votto AB. Take the fast ball down the middle on 2-1 that he should crush then swing at the ball 4 breaking pitch on 3-2. He is is knots.

    • I don’t know in what alternate universe that is a “typical” Votto AB. That’s an example of a really odd Votto AB that Votto haters will hang onto all year and act like was common.

  3. Hey everybody! Look what happens when Joey Votto swings at a pitch out of the zone with a full count!

    • NOBODY wants him swinging at balls outside the zone. It’s the ones inside the zone that he should be attacking instead of taking.

      • TONS of people want him expanding his zone. Not SMART people, but tons none the less. He only took one hittable pitch in that AB. Just because it’s in the zone doesn’t make it hittable.

  4. Frazier is playing a Gold Glive 3B so far this year. How lucky was he to come up under Rolen’s wing.

    • Was just going to ask what the measurement was. Todd is taking his game to a new level.

  5. Votto should listen to Todd about his hitting philosophy and why it’s good to swing at fast balls down the middle no matter what the count.

    • Now you’re just blatantly trolling. I love Frazier as much as anyone on this site but he is not even close to Votto when it comes to plate approach and run production.

      • I guess, but JV’s recent lines:
        2nd half 2013: .284/.438/.467
        2014: .263/.413/.432

        So trolling? I don’t know.

    • Did seem to catch the corner of the 3B bag. Rockies have a team BABIP of almost .340 so far this year. Wonder why they’re numbers are so high…

  6. Looked like Votto leaned into the pitch. Almost got hit. But then strikes out.

  7. Votto needs a day off, he’s in knots. But, since there are no viable options to play first or 3rd if Frazier slides over there, he’s stuck in this horrible slump with no relief.

    • For once in this thread I agree with you. Joey could use a day off. I’d expect him to get it Sunday with an off day Monday. Nice break for him.

  8. Wow. Is Votto taking batting tips from Cozart or something? This is the worst that I have ever seen him. On another note Hamilton not playing yet again why not DL him and bring up an infielder to take some time at first?

      • Umm… Look at his average. Votto couldnt hit a beach ball right now. The criticism is justified. Lowest batting average he has ever had with this many atbats.

        • I’m talking about the personal insults and implications you’re making for no valid reason. What about him missing on that 3-2 pitch makes you question his mental health?

          Personal attacks are trolling 101 and I just don’t understand why a fan of the Reds would turn that kind of vitriol on a guy who has been the single best offensive player on the squad in a very long time.

  9. How on earth does Jim Day look bigger than Anthony Munoz? Is he sitting on a milk crate.

  10. Cueto’s FIP will take another massive hit for a solo HR. He could finish this game without another hit and his FIP will still go up. Weird stat.

    • To be fair it feels (without looking up the stats) like he’s given up the vast majority of the runs he has given up on HR’s. I seem to remember quite a few solo shots against him so far this year.

  11. What is it in Heiseys DNA that makes him so bad when he starts and so good off the bench?

    • No idea, I’ve always wondered the same thing. I thought maybe he was figuring it out a little this year when they had him up near the top of the order. He wasn’t making the best contact but he was working the count and seeing more pitches. Then lately he’s right back to early swinging and lots of easy outs.

  12. Heisey seems to be dipping. Don’t know if he can consistently repeat swing mechanics, always devolving into one problem or another. Then, there’s the pitch recognition problem. Would really like him to succeed…

  13. They may be getting lucky in BABIP, but you have to give this Rockies team credit. They make solid contact 1-9. Would love to poach their batting coach.

    • The large outfield in Colorado is a major factor in the Rockies high BABIP. Lots of balls in the gaps there.

  14. Heisey sees a lot of relief pitchers late in games when coming off of the bench. Not the best pitchers of the staff and less of a choice of pitches to look for. He sees more quality pitches from higher quality pitchers and more fast balls from lesser quality pitchers late. He’s a good bench player but i think that’s going to be the ceiling.

    • Nah. His eye just isn’t there. He’s pressing now. Twice tonight putting balls in play on pitches out of the zone. Very unlike him. It’s mental. Day off Sunday gives him a 2 day vacation.

  15. Votto swings at another ball 4 and almost gets a hit, but it’s almost like you can’t make good contact on balls out of the zone.

  16. Another great start by Cueto, tough call if you get someone on, when you consider this bench and bullpen. Hopefully Cozart hits a 3 run HR

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