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Brewers at Reds (May 3, 2014)

Hall of Fame managing 39 years ago today, Pete Rose placed a winning bet on Foolish Pleasure to come in first in the Kentucky Derby. Pete’s success at the track that afternoon threw open the gates to arguably the most pivotal day in the history of the Big Red Machine. Saturday, May 3, 1975 was when Rose, who hadn’t played the infield in eight years, switched to third base at manager Sparky Anderson’s request. The move allowed Anderson to get George Foster’s bat in the Reds line-up on a regular basis. (Read Chris Garber’s excellent account and photo journal.) The Reds were 12-12 at the time. Sparky’s boys finished the regular season 108-54 and, of course, won the first of their back-to-back World Series championships.

Today’s line-up In light of that history, May 3 is the perfect day for this year’s Reds’ manager to make an important line-up change for the 2014 Reds (13-16). Or the perfect day to do the same stubborn thing, hoping for a different result. One of those two things.

1. Chris Heisey (R) CF
2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
6. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
7. Brayan Pena (S) C
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Johnny Cueto (R) P

Braun to DL Reports earlier this week had indicated the possibility that Ryan Braun might play in this series. But the Brewers have decided to put their slugger on the DL while he recovers from a strained oblique muscle. Reds’ fans will have to wait until the Fourth of July to boo Braun in person, if they so desire.

UPDATE: Reds roster news The Reds activated Skip Schumaker (34) from the DL and designated Roger Bernadina for assignment (John Fay). John Fay is also reporting that the Cuban Missile is one step closer to re-entry, having thrown 16 pitches in an inning of work today.

Amateur draft The Reds have the 19th pick in this year’s amateur baseball draft, which takes place next month. Doug Gray offers his first look at the draft at his excellent site, – and reports these past hits at the #19 spot:

“Two years ago the Cardinals landed Michael Wacha with the 19th pick. Three years before that they used the 19th pick to land Shelby Miller. The Cubs grabbed Andrew Cashner with the pick in 2008. Alex Rios was the 19th overall pick in 1999. Way back in 1983 some guy named Roger Clemens was taken with the 19th overall pick. Going back even further Bobby Grich went 19th overall in the 1967 draft. The Reds have had the pick before, taking Ron Robinson in 1980.”

Happy birthday Of course, of course, best wishes to now 28-years-old Homer Bailey.


Weather forecast Game time (7:10 p.m.) temperature expected to be 65º and zero percent chance of rain.

I’ll be there tonight, bells on. Go Reds!

198 thoughts on “Brewers at Reds (May 3, 2014)

  1. Ludwick tries to put like 20 sunflower seeds in his mouth, only like 4 make it.

    • I think it’s probably more up to the other pitcher’s in the NL. If all the elite guys have off years and Cueto doesn’t, he might sneak one in!

    • Really? Do you know nothing about Mark Reynolds? Him hitting a home run is the least surprising thing. Now, if he went 2-3 with 2 walks, I’d join you in your astonishment.

    • He’s hit 40+ HR in a season before, and this is already his 7th of this season for him. It’s not like he doesn’t hit HRs. He’s just a crap hitter when it comes to average and a bad fielder. He’s basically an older Pedro Alvarez.

  2. ok serious question here, a week or so ago Frazier caught a line drive in the palm of his glove and appeared to have injured his hand, he just snagged another smoked line drive and Pena made sure Frazier was ok before he returned to his crouch behind the plate. Has anyone heard anything about Frazier being injured??

  3. Ludwick must be worried about another of Walt’s ex-Cards being activated. He’s tearing it up tonight. Relatively.

  4. Anyone else catch the pitcher in the bullpen appear to apply a substance to his forearm?

    • If you did not, rewind it to the shot showing him warmup before Votto’s at bat. He takes his glove off, reaches both hands into his bag and rubs something on his forearm.

  5. BP has 6 RBI in 117 AB. Cueto has 2 in 18 AB. All about opportunity and luck.

  6. Tough day for Votto, but he did come into today hitting worse against Gallardo than anyone else in the Reds lineup.

  7. With run support, finally, I don’t think JC is going to give up the mound.

    • Don’t know.. I will say if he can handle the 8th inning in 14 or less pitches, he’ll probably come out for the 9th.

  8. Chris Welsh sounds like Bob Uecker from Major League tonight. Some of his comments are so out there, it seems as if he is sipping on something to keep warm.

  9. Frazier is so good at baseball that he scores from second without the ball ever being put in play.

  10. Is there anyone above Cueto for CY right now? Sheesh. $200 million might be cheap.

      • Also if you HAVE to barehand it in order to have a chance at making an out, it’s not within normal efforts to be considered an error.

  11. I think we have to start limiting Cueto’s pitches. I know he doesn’t want to come out, but if he goes 120 pitches every start he’ll be gassed come September.

  12. Cueto’s last four starts: **34 IP, 12 H, 3 ER, 37 K**….. there’s barely even words to describe that level of pure domination.

  13. I’m glad Mr. 200 million man made five outs tonight instead of padding his OBP with worthless walks.

  14. 5 pitches, 5 strikes, 3 outs. I think LeCure had somewhere to be after the game.

  15. I saw people getting into a little fight over Joey and his “slump”. I think it is fair to say that Votto is “slumping” in that he had put up a line of 234/.446/.319 since April 18th. The slugging % is low for Joey and might be concerning if we didn’t know for a fact that he’s had 2 homeruns stolen from him by excellent CF play, and/or a ball miss a HR by the narrowest of margin. Rarely do have such great examples of a guy getting so unlucky.

    The difference between Joey and lesser hitters is that even when slumping, he isn’t making many outs. It’s great to see some other hitters stepping up in the lineup around him.

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