Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (21-9)
2 7 1
Cincinnati Reds (13-16)
0 3 1
W: W. Peralta (4-1) L: M. Leake (2-3) S: F. Rodriguez (14)
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The Good

Mike Leake was outstanding again.  Logan Ondrusek had a 1-2-3 top of the ninth.

The Bad

This lineup tonight.

The Ugly

Jay Bruce. What do they call it? The Golden Sombrero?

Not so random thoughts …

When Leake’s been hurt, it’s been the HR that his been his downfall. Tonight, he made a mistake pitch—to the the pitcher no less—and it cost the Reds in a close game where runs were at a premium.

When you are 9th in the NL in RUNS, 9th in HRs, 9th with RISP, are missing 4 starters–and face the team with the best record in the major leagues that is starting a pitcher with a 2.04 ERA–that’s a perfect recipe for defeat.

That’s exactly what happened.

Hard to believe Frankie Rodriguez already has 14 saves.

The good news? Cueto tomorrow.



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  1. If they don’t take 3 of 4 in this series Price is going to have to answer for whatever he was thinking tonight. You can give your bench guys some time, and the math says it might make sense to do it all at once, but to do it against a 1st place team’s ace? I just don’t understand the timing unless there were injuries to Ludwick and BP we don’t know about.

    • Maybe he figured nobody was going to hit Peralta anyway. Jay Bruce proved that with yet another sterling performance.

      • I’m sorry but how is this on Price? Leake gave up the runs..the hitters didnt hit including Mr. 200 million and yet this is on Price? Tired of the players not being held accountable especially Votto and Bruce and Frazier and so on.

        • 2 runs? Man if we’re going to start faulting our #4 starter for giving up 2 runs in a loss then we’re screwed.

        • Mr. 200 million went 1-3 with a double and a walk and he should be held accountable? I’m confused. What should Price do? Bench him?

        • 1 for 3 with a double and a walk. That’s not a bad game.

          Stop counting Votto’s money.

        • Said it in a post that was deleted but here is Joey’s slash line from last night:


          It seems silly to put up a slash line for a single game, but if people are going to make judgements about a 10 year contract based on one game, they should at least look at the actual numbers from that game. That’s a HOF slash line.

        • How on earth do you know that they aren’t being held accountable? Price could scold them til the cows come home and it wouldn’t make them start hitting. The idea that mlb players won’t try to hit unless somebody holds their feet to the fire (note how many cliches I’m fitting in here!) seems to have some currency, but I can’t imagine why.

  2. Just doesn’t make sense – runs out one of the worst constructed lineups we have seen all year against first place team that you trailed by 6.5 games when it started – was Like Dusty’s Sunday special ” gotta get em going” lineups – Where’s the accountability Bryan ?

  3. Cueto will bring balance to the Force, tomorrow (I know it sounds stupid).

  4. I actually think this team will be fine once Bruce pulls his head out of his tail and Mesoraco gets back.

  5. Bruce was just a few feet from a three run homer, I think in the 1st inning. Instead it goes foul. Votto misses a home run by inches. The Brewers? They get a 2 run double from a pitcher that can’t hit. I know the Reds stink right now, but luck ain’t helping either.

    • It would have been a 2 run homer, but yeah he missed it by a tenth of a second. I still think Votto should have been given a solo homer and a 1 run game for 5 innings is a different outing. Still, you run out scrubs, you get scrub results.

      • Why? The ball never went out of the park. It his the top of the padding and bounced back in. Never hit the railing.

        • It definitely hit the railing. The ball is traveling outward at 50+mph, it doesn’t just get turned around by landing on top of a flat cushion.

        • No it did not. They showed it on FS Ohio and Jim Day talked to the fans out there. It his the cushy part and that’s what it propelled back.

        • I was watching on my phone in a bar and wasn’t totally clear on the rule. I thought if it hit the top of the wall it was automatically a HR. Missed the discussion about the railing. It definitely hit the yellow part of the padding so if that’s the designation then the call was correct.

        • I thought it was funny how the ump called Price out of the dugout to explain the ruling on Joey’s HR challenge. He had to wave him over like 6 times and you could almost see him say “No seriously! It’s ok! You can come out and talk about it I promise!” Price must be really nervous about getting tossed again.

      • The umpire was letting Price know that the review wasn’t a manager’s challenge, but instead an umpire’s review. Remember even before this year, home runs could be reviewed by instant replay. Price started to go out to request a manager’s challenge, but the ump stopped him and said it wasn’t necessary. My guess (and this is what the radio broadcasters guessed, too) was that the umpire went over to explain all that to Price.

        • I just thought it was funny that after the other night Price was so shy about coming out of the dugout.

  6. Bruce will wake up at some point and go ballistic. I guess.

  7. No offense, this team lacks 2 impact hitters. We might be in some trouble.

    • Impact hitters? Votto is an impact hitter, so is Bruce, Frazier and Ludwick. Mesoraco is one this year and Cozart has hit hot spots. Do we really think that Phillips will not have some streaks? I am not sure what you are looking for on this.

  8. Since they have two days off next week, the line up could have been because there were also guys other than Hamilton who were nicked up .

    Another view would be that having won the first game Price, played his bench en mass this game to concentrate his efforts behind Soto and Simon.

    • And I’ve also never joined the derision heaped on the gotta-get-em-going idea. A team needs to use everyone on its roster, and that means that everyone needs to play periodically or they will be useless when you need them. There is, evidently, evidence that substituting bench guys en mass is less disruptive than one at a time. So? And why the Brewers? Maybe, indeed, some of those guys actually needed a rest. Dinged, tired….happens even though they get paid. They’ve been shut out this year with all of the regulars playing, so it’s hard to say that the lineup was the culprit.

  9. Bet he won’t run that lineup out there again. Could be a prelude to trying to get Brandon out of the 3 hole.

    • That thought crossed my mind too. Unfortunately if tonight was an audition, Frazier didn’t give any cause to hold out hope for improvement if he is put in the #3 slot.

      • Don’t understand this comment. Frazier blasted one of the only 3 hits we had. He also worked the count better early in the game than BP does. As the game went on I felt he started pressing more but that’s just my opinion. I see nothing wrong with letting Todd have his shot at #3 for a while, BP certainly has done a lot less this year than he has.

        • I see a lot of things wrong with letting Todd have a shot at the 3 hole, but unfortunately I do not see a better candidate because Bruce must be successful in the clean-up or the team is sunk…. but I am with you 100% BP needs to move down unless there is a new sabermetric not created yet as I see no positive trends other than he used to be an above average hitter for about a 5 year period, 7 years ago

        • Two Frazier ABs with zero outs in the inning and a man in scoring position netted three outs and advanced a runner 1 base at the cost of 2 of outs. Reds ended up scoring on neither occasion

          One man’s ceiling is another’s floor I guess. The same performance by Phillips would have (rightfully) been panned by many. This is the big leagues not AAA; they only pay for results.

      • Did you not watch the game? 1-3 with a double isn’t good? You are going to base Frazier can’t hit #3 after one game? Jeez.

  10. The Reds need to find a way to get at least split in the next 4 games (Brewers and RedSox) or the road ahead is going to be a lot steeper.

    • The road’s not steep already? If they cannot win the season series against the Brewers no way can they win the division, I believe they can get it done but this has not too many teams are sub .500 in June, turn it around and make the play offs let alone win divisions…the trends are setting, hopefully these next 2 are statement games

  11. And Brandon Phillips didn’t get on base a single time. Disgraceful. Just think of how many RBIs Bruce would have had if Phillips had managed to get on. BP hitting third is killing this team.

  12. Just curious with the injuries and lack of bench what lineup would everyone would have liked to have seen. Options for a productive lineup are not good when the Reds are at full strength. With the current available players no matter how you line them up there are too many holes. This team only has 1 player who is legitimately capable of hitting .300+… That is not going to set up a lot of consistency.

  13. I really didn’t have any issue with the lineup last night. BP obviously needed a day off (or more). Santiago really isn’t a drop off from BP at this moment (before you BP defenders jump me, reread the last three words of that statement). Hamilton is hurt, so I’m not sure how you blame Price in any way for Bernadina being out there. Heisey has been going good and has that weird reverse split, so facing a tough righty would seem to be the perfect time to give Ludwick a blow.

    Based on how BP is playing, injuries, and who we were facing, I actually thought it was a good line up. The complete opposite of how Dusty would have handled the situation. I would have rather seen Bruce batting third, but that is just a minor quibble.

    Now, if this was the precursor to moving BP out of the 3 hole then this goes from being a lineup that I don’t have any issue with to possibly my favorite lineup since Joey moved up to the 2 hole!

    • So who bats 4th, I think the real issue is when you feel your pitcher is better than the lower half of your line-up there are issues and I still see your point, but having 3 hitters coming up back-to back-to back just looks awful and when you pinch hit a 2 for 25 AAAAer it makes you frustrated and vent

  14. Assuming Jay the Bruce gets going and Mesoraco returns to the lineup healthy within the next week or so, then you have (hopefully) something that looks like this:

    Hamilton CF
    Votto 1B
    Frazier 3B
    Bruce RF
    Mesoraco C
    Ludwick/Heisey LF
    Phillips 2B
    Cozart SS

    In my humble opinion, that is a lineup that can and will score some runs. Go Reds!

  15. Had to dump a couple legitimate comments this morning. Apologies to the authors. Had to get rid of one or two others that violated the site guidelines and when that happens, comments that are replies get orphaned and stuck at the bottom of the comment list, creating confusion. To eliminate the mess, I had to delete them all.

  16. Well, Reds will get them today behind Cueto.

    • Yeah if there’s one thing they’ve proven over the years is that they consistently give Johnny Cueto excellent run support.

  17. It’s increasingly becoming evident that, with the Reds inconsistent offense, they won’t be challenging for the N.L. Central crown or, if they get in, go very far in the playoffs without a shakeup.

    • I am continually amazed at the number of people who have never managed on any professional level feel that with thier home computer can do a better job then someone with the experience of Price. There is more to magt of a team then just looking at numbers…

      • Well, of course before this season, Price hadn’t managed at all.

        I’m continually amazed by the number of people who voluntarily show up at sports blog sites to complain about their existence. Or would you rather us just agree in everything the organization does, in unison, of course. 🙂

        • There is a huge difference in discussion and postings that basically say they know better then those in the game. There is so much more to this game then numbers. If you just built a team and coached a team by the numbers then what need is there for a manager? Just hire a computer programer and buy a good computer and have that be your manager.

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