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Brewers at Reds (May 2, 2014)

Man I should bust out song lyrics in game threads more often!  It worked last night as the Reds broke out the bats late and pulled away to take the first game of this series against Milwaukee.

But instead of posting lyrics tonight, perhaps I’ll break out this oldie but goodie in honor of Milwaukee being in town…


1. Chris Heisey (R) LF
2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
3. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Brayan Pena (S) C
6. Zack Cozart (R) SS
7. Roger Bernadina (L) CF
8. Ramon Santiago (S) 2B
9. Mike Leake (R) P

129 thoughts on “Brewers at Reds (May 2, 2014)

  1. I’d like to say it was my bold prediction yesterday as the first comment that the Todd-Father would go yard and he did. I think the “party on” is a good omen. Bold prediction some surprising loving from the bottom half of our lineup.

    • 83 ugh! That’s why I prefer Tapatio always good for 98, but I can’t wait for some 105 Tabasco.

  2. I love Star Wars, and I love Reds baseball, but for some reason I’m not loving the combination.

  3. I really like what Heisey’s been doing out of the leadoff spot. He’s seeing a lot more pitches than Hamilton.

  4. Is there a boxing metaphor where you have a guy on the ropes and then you let him off and then start punching yourself in the face? Because that’s what just happened.

    • I get the letting them off but not the punches to the face part of your metaphor. Meanwhile, Leake cruising early.

    • Not sure of the rule. If it hits in fair territory and then you girl it before it hits out isn’t it fair?

    • It sure looked like he thought it was foul, even back in the dugout. Surprised not even a whiff of a challenge.

  5. Leake is throwing most his pitches at 91-92 mph.

    Is it just me, or does this seem like a slight uptick in his avergae velocity?

    • Looks like a little prance hop thingy. He makes Brandon look tame.

    • Even though I feel the same, the Division (not the League, just the Division) just needs to pitch him accordingly (he”ll swing at…well anything, but anything NEAR the zone) and he’ll fade accordingly. Nyjer Morgan made some impressive defensive plays + some impressive at-bats, and got people talking. Okay.

  6. I’m not sure how Cozart pulled that 97 mph fastball so hard. I mean, what is he sitting on to do that? “Well, I think the pitcher is going to load the baseball into a bazooka and fire one down the middle so I’ll get started a little early on this swing.” Not knocking Zack, he’s been improving but wow how does that happen?

  7. Pena and Bernadina swing at the first pitch, giving back the plate discipline in the first inning.

  8. CI3J – You called it. Leake’s fastball is definitely up in velocity tonight so far. He hit 94 twice against Segura.

    • Leake saw my Cholula post (3rd post in this tread) and said “no way”.

  9. If the radar gun can be trusted, Leake has hit 93 and 94 today. Either way, he’s pitching as well as I’ve ever seen him right now.

  10. I don’t know what the alternative is, but Santiago is a waste of a roster spot. If that’s his best shot at getting in base to lead off an inning than he doesn’t deserve a paycheck. I don’t care if he can field.

    • Once Hanahan and Schumaker come back, he will be gone.

      Same with Ondrusek and Chrisitiani in the bullpen when Chapman and Latos get here.

  11. “Your thoughts betray you. Especially for..sister! So, you have a twin sister! Obiwan was wise to hide her from me. If you will not be turned then perhaps she will!”

    • I’m starting to believe that too instead of thinking that Leake suddenly figured out how to throw 5mph harder.

  12. Taking a moment again to appreciate just how awesome it is to have a player like Joey Votto on our team. Does not happen often.

  13. The radio announcers are saying it was a HR, too. But the replay to me looked clearly like it was a double. Hit off the top of the yellow and back into play.

    Votto robbed of HR by inches two nights in a row.

    • I think top of the wall (yellow) and back on to the field is a double. Brantley said he could see it hit the railing after it hit the yellow, which would be a home run. But it didn’t look like it hit anything behind the fence, just the top. Stayed in the park.

    • The padding isn’t a HR, it hit into the padding, compressed it.. then sprung back into play. It has to go fully over the wall to be a HR.

      • Furthermore, if it hit the railing afterwards, it would still only be a ground rule double. The only way it can hit something in the field of play and yet be a homer is if it bounces off a fielder’s glove, or his head, for example.

        • Actually that railing is not considered in play at GABP, each park has their own rules on that kind of thing. So if it had hit that railing and then bounced back in, it’s a HR.

        • I mean if it hits the padding first and then the railing, it would be a ground rule double (I think). Just bouncing back from the padding makes it an ordinary hit.

        • No it would have been a HR if it hit the top of the wall and then the railing. It never hit the railing however.

  14. Honest to god I don’t know why anyone throws Bruce anything BUT that pitch.

    • Just what I posted up above, that the fans confirmed that it compressed the pad and then shot back into the field of play without hitting the railing.

  15. “If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play”

    – Yoda

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