The Reds have sent starting pitcher Tony Cingrani to the 15-day disabled list (left shoulder tendinitis) and called up reliever Curtis Partch from Louisville (John Fay). Check back here for more details and analysis.

After a brilliant start in his first game of the season, Cingrani has struggled this year, particularly in the first inning.

With an off date Monday, Cingrani’s turn in the rotation won’t come up until Sunday, May 11, against the Colorado Rockies. It also means that if Cingrani can return at the end of the 15 days, he would only miss that one start.

An article in FanGraphs this morning about Cingrani contained speculation ranging from the young left-hander suffering from a “dead arm” to simply needing a better warm up period before his starts.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. John Fay also reporting that Cingrani didn’t think the trip to the DL was necessary.

    Fay: Cingrani says he could pitch right now. Doesn’t agree with decision. “It’s their call. . . They want to cautious.”

  2. Love it…would rather be safe and let him rest.

  3. Perhaps a case of strained ego?

  4. The Reds are basically choosing 15 days of more bullpen help for one of Cingrani’s starts. They could have kept him on the active roster and just skipped his next start and then had him pitch on May 11 against Colorado. But this way they are able to call up an extra arm in the bullpen – probably a smart move given everything.

  5. Bringing Partch back up is a stop-gap move. The Reds do not need a starter immediately and their bullpen is a mess. They also don’t have a potential fill-in starter on the 40-man roster, so a roster move would be necessary to add a starter to the 40-man roster.

    With the additional reliever on staff, the next start in Cingrani’s rotation slot could be a bullpen-committee effort or the Reds could utilize the 3 scheduled off days and simply adjust the starting rotation to absorb the start (probably the most logical and best option).

  6. If he is only going to miss one start in 15 days, this is the time to do it. It lets Cingrani rest his arm and at the same time gives the bullpen a little reinforcement. Something just isn’t right with Cingrani. Josh Smith or Jeff Francis should get a shot at that one start. My hope is for it to be Smith. Just don’t send out a plane ticket for Pedro Villareal.

  7. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t keep up with what’s available in the farm system – is Partch the best available? I know he’s have mixed results with the Reds, but I thought I remember reading here another name or two at Louisville off to a good start in their bullpen.

  8. So much for all the snarky comments last night about Cingrani

  9. Looks like Cingrani was trying to tough through another injury? We saw this happen with his back last year. He was banged up, didn’t tell anyone, pitched through it, ended up on the DL, didn’t think it was needed.

    At least it explains what’s happened to Cingrani recently.

  10. I think everyone knows that Cingrani is healthy; (at least healthy enough to send him out every 5th day without concern), but this is a good move for the two reasons already spoken to.

    (1) Reds can use the bullpen help. Outside of Lecure / Broxton, these guys have simply not been good and with off-days coming up and a four game set against a depleted Brewers team; the extra arm could be valuable. With just one start needed over the next 15 days, Reds can bite the Francis bullet.

    (2) Cingrani only threw 135 innings last season, and the likeyhood of getting 32 starts this season was slim. At some point, Tony was going to have to either call it quits, or slow down because +30 innings would have only put him at 170 ish max, which 32 starts does not make. So skipping a couple early in the season, when he’s a little off is a good move.

    Of course, don’t tell Tony that because he WANTS to be out there everyday, but unlike last season where they relegated him to Arizona for no damn reason; this move makes good sense.

    • i hope you’re right, but i certainly don’t know that he’s healthy. his velocity has been down for a while.

  11. “We can really avoid him until about the middle of the month,” Price said. “That’s what we plan to do.”

    • The Reds can go with a 4 man rotation until May 17th with the 3 scheduled off days. Cingrani will be eligible to come off the DL by the 17th and make that start. What an absolutely spectacular decision by Bryan to manage the DL & starting rotation, in addition to adding some bullpen help! I really like Bryan’s cautious approach to handling these injuries and potential injuries during the early part of this season.

      • So who starts May 17th? if only they can find a hard throwing lefty, somewhere in their system, heard about some unknown in Dayton tonight, wonder if he is major league ready?

        • Cingrani would start May 17, assuming he’s ready.

          • I’m getting the sense this is more of an enforced shutdown period more than a real injury. If you take as a given that Cingrani would be on an innings limit this year and that the organization has to find ways to skip his starts now and then, this is a perfect time of the season with all the off days. That it corresponds with a time that Cingrani admits to some fatigue is a bonus. Long way of saying I think he’ll be ready when May 17 rolls around.

  12. I’m not really sure it’s correct to say Cingrani has “struggled” this year.

    He hasn’t been very pitch efficient and has walked too many guys, that’s true, but despte that he still has a 8.91 K/9 with half of his starts being quality starts. Homer Bailey had a similar problem when he first came up (lack of pitch efficiency) and I think a long time ago we discussed it being a common problem for strikeout pitchers when they are first starting out. One final thing to note is that Cingrani has the 3rd highest WAR of the 5 starters.

    So yeah, there is room for improvement, but I don’t think anyone can say he has been a disappointment so far.

    • Agree 100% with you CI3J

    • Agree, maybe they knew something would prolong the injury but you do not take a guy out who has pitched 4 innings in a 3-3 game for no reason. I would like to have seen if he would have gotten stronger and would suspect he would have barring injury. I consider all his starts better than Bailey’s save the Sunday game against the Cubs.

  13. Ok Guys… Off to only my 2nd game of the year. In 415 tonight, and also in the Mezzenine tomorrow night. 415, or 416 I think. I’ll let you all know then. Cheers everyone.

  14. Why is everyone getting hurt? Time for the Reds’ Quack Medical Staff to be replaced.

  15. Why would Braun stand in that dugout and blindly swing a bat?

  16. I think it is more convenient reason to shut him down considering Cingrani is going to have innings limitations later on. Better to miss a start in May than September. Only thing is that they might have to make a roster move to cover for his start.

  17. Tony is good but it looks like he is made out of glass. Figured he’d at least make it through May.

    • He is not a happy camper and wants to stay active on the roster. Tony is a tough customer but concerns about his health are not without warrant.

  18. As Shchi Cossack noted above, the Reds won’t need a 5th starter until May 17th. There are off days on May 5, May 8 and May 12. Even with the 4-man rotation, Cueto, Simon and Leake would each still get an extra day of rest between one pair of starts during that timeframe. And it is shaping up that Chapman would return to the bullpen while Cingrani is on the DL.

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