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Brewers at Reds (May 1, 2014)

Seeing the Brewers record in the standings, I can’t help think of my favorite lyric from my favorite song:

“I’ve this creeping suspicion that things here are not as they seem…”

Maybe I’m wrong, but there is no way the Brewers are the best team in the NL Central.  Also, I don’t believe the Reds are a team that will continue to play sub .500 ball.  I feel the law of averages will eventually play out and the Reds will climb over .500 while the Brew Crew will inch closer to the mark.  I could not think of a better time for that to happen than tonight!

So discuss the game here, Reds fans… And hopefully we’ll be singing another favorite lyric of mine tonight… “Celebrate we will…”

1. Billy Hamilton – 8
2. Joey Votto – 3
3. Brandon Phillips – 4
4. Jay Bruce – 9
5. Todd Frazier – 5
6. Ryan Ludwick – 7
7. Zack Cozart – 6
8. Tucker Barnhart – 2
9. Homer Bailey – 1

286 thoughts on “Brewers at Reds (May 1, 2014)

  1. Not sure why he throws a first pitch fastball to a guy you know for a fact is going to swing at it… poor call or poor execution. Frustrating.

  2. Okay, only a tie. Reds can still put this game in the win column. Like to see MVP smack a big fly this inning.

    • I would like to see a lot of seeing eye singles and let Todd smack them in again, but it a bullpen which in my imagination the Reds seem to rarely score against

  3. I would like to see Homer go out for the 8th, hopefully can push a few more

    • Would hurt the Reds bullpen more, I imagine. Do you really want Ondrusek/Christiani/Parra/not 100% Marshall out there?

  4. Votto needs a double or better here. If he’s on 1st, then it’ll soon end up being 2 outs anyway.

    • Dang, lagged a little on my post there. Do you ask BP to bunt or maybe to just take 3 strikes here? Concede an out for an opportunity to get Bruce and Frazier to the plate?

  5. Man oh man. Here’s hoping Ludwick can pick Todd up off the floor.

  6. I’m a huge Price fan, but you can’t take the bat out of the hands of our third and fourth hitters like that.

    • Don’t blame him, BP is DP machine.

      Didn’t matter anyway.

      Reds are all about the HR, no homers no runs.

  7. Too bad Billy got hurt he could have tagged up on Frazier’s short fly to right

    • if you are willing to sac with your 3rd hitter in that situation, you need a new 3rd hitter

  8. Aaaand that’s what happens when you give up a free out after your first two men reach base… with the #3 hitter no less. Shameful. Just overtly shameful.

  9. And that folks is why you don’t have a turd batting third that you have to sac bunt with in fear of a double play.

    • Also, luck. As in, Lucroy’s grounder down the line staying fair and Ludwick’s going foul.

      Baseball is 80% luck. Always has been. (All numbers guaranteed made up or your money back)

  10. Bailey coming back out? Ehhh… feeling a crooked inning coming up here.

  11. The reds just had their 3 hitter give up an out which then took the bat out of their clean up hitters hands. Just poor decision making by the manager

    • I have no problem bunting BP… if BP was batting 7th like he should be. I DO have a problem with the #3 hitter bunting. If you want to both give up a free out AND take the bat out of your #4 hitter’s hands, then they shouldn’t be your #3 hitter to begin with.

      BP needed to be moved down in the lineup for quite awhile now. That’s two innings that Price’s refusal to do so has cost the Reds in this game. This is the reason I can’t believe that batting Cozart 2nd and batting Cozart 8th only results in a 5 run difference over the span of a year. This game alone with a competent #3 hitter could easily be a 3 run difference.

      • Arbitrarily making decisions based on who is hitting #3 is pointless. Price’s decision has to be based on relevant information at the time BP is hitting.

        I agree that BP needs to be moved down, but let’s not lie to ourself and say it’ll make a huge difference.

        • Both Heisey and Votto have been on base together twice this game with less than 2 outs. Not lying to myself when I say if Frazier hit third, they’d have likely scored more runs than they have so far. BP grounds into a double play two strand two, the next inning Bruce gets on first and then Frazier homers.

          BP recently had a lower OPS than Billy Hamilton. He also regularly leads the team in GIDP. That’s the relevant information Price should base his decision on. No business hitting third. Never has.

        • The arbitrary decision I referred to was you implying Price shouldn’t bunt BP because he is the #3 hitter, because #3 hitters don’t sac bunt.

          I agree that BP needs to be moved down, no argument there. Price is giving him a lot of rope and he’s choking the Reds with it…

          That said, I don’t think Price is doing anything a lot of managers wouldn’t do. Aging stars are given a lot of rope.

  12. solid outing, lets get Homer a meaningless stat for his work, just 2 bad stretches of 3 straight hits turms a gem into just a solid. Segura played big parts in both stretches

    • An amazing diving catch by Hamilton in the first inning to turn a double into an out also turns a potential disaster into a solid start.

      Just how it works.

  13. Bailey pitching very good overall tonight. Still same problems with the Reds….cannot get the big hit when they need it with men on base. Sac Fly would be nice there, but was hoping Ludwick could get a hit in there. Still early in the season, but here is wishing Reds solve the problems of hitting with men on base.

  14. Here’s your game recap title guys: The Year of the Catcher

    So joyous! Go Pena!

  15. If we blow this game, I’m going to need a mental health day off tomorrow.

  16. As I said earlier, we need to find a way to get all three of the catchers batting in the same game. Move Frazier to SS, put Mesoraco at 2nd and Barnhart at 3rd. Hah

  17. Thankfully Price doesn’t have that paranoia about using your other catcher as a pinch hitter.

  18. I did call an implosion of the Brewer’s bullpen earlier. I insist it’s not a one time occurence. Burn, baby, burn.

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