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Reds at Braves (April 27, 2014)

After managing just 2 hits yesterday, and having already lost the first two games of the series to the Braves, I don’t think I can muster up anything witty for today’s game.  It is pretty depressing living in so-called “Braves Country” and having to endure all of these Braves fans knowing the Reds have already lost the series.

Let’s hope Johnny Cueto can continue his awesome run of pitching and at least salvage today’s finale game in Atlanta!  I’ll be coaching my son’s baseball team in a tournament today so I will only be pulling for the Reds in spirit today!  Go Reds!


1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Joey Votto (L) 1B
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
6. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
7. Brayan Pena (S) C
8. Zack Cozart (R) SS
9. Johnny Cueto (R) P

287 thoughts on “Reds at Braves (April 27, 2014)

  1. When’s the last time Ludwick had 4 throw overs while he was at 1st base? Or has he ever had it? Dude’s slow. Real slow.

  2. Dang Cozart, why you making me look bad? I called a 2 run HR, not a 0 run single. I guess I will settle for it though.

      • yeah the Reds are doing really great without him. guess the reds will be watching the playoffs on tv this year

    • Hoover seems to be finding his breaking pitch – too bad he couldn’t field that come backer – or completely miss it so SS could field it – just plain sick.

  3. I got an idea guys, let keep putting in Parra.. surely putting him in important situations time and time again is a great way to make him stop struggling.

  4. Broomed out of Atlanta – another freaking one run loss – another wasted fine effort by Cueto, another implosion by bullpen -hopefully some help coming soon

    • good question – Freeman did with the pitch what good hitters do – but Parra should never have been in the game

  5. Individuals that do not need to be in a game at any point right now in a tie or one run game = Ondrusek, Hoover, Parra –

    • With a little good fortune Hoover would have fielded that come backer – talk about bad luck – come on Reds just keep grinding – that’s what this game is about – be ready to come out M.T.W and take care of the Cubs.

  6. Honestly, anybody vs. Freeman is dangerous, but so close to being out of that inning. If Hoover fields that chop, inning over. If he leaves it alone, inning over. But we get the oddball outcome somewhere in the middle, then game over.

    • A little bit of bad luck for Hoover – but its part of the game I’m afraid – now putting Parra in to face Freeman – bad, bad managerial decision – as he is now regressing – horrible road trip for Manny – hope he finds himself soon

  7. Jay Bell was managing the game since about the 1st inning?

    So all the Price blaming is puzzling.

    Yet again….the lack of bullpen, even with the injuries….is disturbing.

    Used to be one strength this organization could count on.

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