It’s an off-day, so it seems like a good time for the first installment of not-so-random thoughts for 2014. I’ve had some things on my mind. Here are a few of them…

–Traditionally, NSRT has been the one place that I can discuss my obsessions. Such as my adoration of director Wes Anderson. Indulge me, please. Here are “15 Absolutely Necessary Ingredients For Making A Wes Anderson Film.” Anderson on “The Grand Budapest Hotel, Reimagined Nazis, and His Sock Drawer.” Kanye Wes Anderson. And finally, Anderson’s James Bond movie pitch.

–Gareth Bale is the fastest man alive.

30 great movies you probably haven’t seen. I’m a pretty devoted movie buff, and I’ve only seen one of these.

–This is great: The Oral History of Adam Sandler’s ‘They’re All Gonna Laugh at You!’. We absolutely wore that cassette tape out in college.

The Mona Swanson. Swan Ronson.

–Nick Howard wants to know what Ryan Hanigan has been reading. I’d like to know what you are reading. Anyone read any good books lately?

The best I’ve read over the last few months, I suppose, have been Transatlantic by Colum McCann and Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem.

–I presume everyone is watching the latest season of Game of Thrones? I bet you haven’t seen this episode: Game of Thrones as a sitcom.

The most easily scared guy in the world.

–I never tire of “One Shining Moment.” Over the last month, my son and I have twice gone down the “One Shining Moment” rabbit hole at YouTube. We can’t get enough.

–To a five-year old, a typewriter is a complete mystery.

–I don’t really care for football these days, but this brings back some memories: NFL Films on Tecmo Super Bowl.

Vintage photos of an Oklahoma square dance in the 1940s. I love stuff like this.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Man (from the 1950s).

–I swear I’m going to do this sometime.

The worst baseball card of all time? Probably.

–So, over the first couple of weeks of the season, I haven’t been around RN as often as usual (more on that in the coming days). We’ve been having fun, however, doing Redleg Nation Radio on the new weekly schedule. If you haven’t listened to our latest episode, that seems like a good activity for a day when the Reds aren’t playing, doesn’t it? Also, have you subscribed to RNR yet (via iTunes or RSS)? If not, why not? It’s free! Do it now!

–Okay, that’s all for today. Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss anything you’d like.

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9 Responses

  1. Brian Rutherford

    Good stuff Chad. I have read a couple of good books. I really liked The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and I really like the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher for more easy reading. They are a lot of fun. I consider myself a movie buff and only saw a couple on that list. Great stuff, I love to read your content. Keep it coming.

  2. Kurt Frost

    The podcast audio has greatly improved. Until Joel comes back and spends the whole show wrestling with his microphone again.

  3. James Gustina

    Bale’s pass to himself and finish was sublime. Outside of Ronaldo, Ribery and maybe Robben I don’t think there’s anyone else fast enough to pull that off.

  4. Matt WI

    This is all the action NSRT gets to break in the season? C’mon Nation.

  5. Matt WI

    I know I’m late to the party with this book, but I just recently read “Ready Player One” by Earnest Cline. Fun read for anybody that can reasonably relate to the 80’s, or wants to. Great stuff.

  6. Matt WI

    Boom goes the Brewers bullpen ERA tonight.

  7. WVRedlegs

    I believe Votto has earned the right to wear the “C” on his uniform as Captain. There hasn’t been one since Larkin has there? Did Sean Casey ever become a Captain? Its time for a “C” and its time for it to be Votto.

  8. Joseph Graber (@TedTappett)

    As far as good books go, I’d encourage you to read the Song of Ice and Fire series. The first book is a Game of Thrones. If you like the show, the books will really fill you in. They are very well written, and extremely enjoyable. The third book, A Storm of Swords is the best book I’ve ever read. It is the book that the current and past season of the show is roughly based on.

    When I saw the picture of the lunch lady on the main screen, I immediately thought of Adam Sandler, then I found the linked article and really enjoyed it. All of Sandlers albums are on Spotify, I think you should check them out. If you don’t have Spotify, try the free trail. You will be hooked, its the best 10 bucks I spend a month. Basically its on demand streaming of almost any song you could imagine.