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Reds vs. Pirates (April 15, 2014)

The pitching matchup for the second game of the series features Gerrit Cole for the Pirates and Mike Leake for the Reds. You can read the details in the series preview. Cole is an elite prospect and probably the best pitcher on the Pirates’ staff.

Temperature forecast for game time is 37º and mostly cloudy. Gotta love April baseball.

307 thoughts on “Reds vs. Pirates (April 15, 2014)

  1. If this is the Reds with Jay Bruce not being able to buy a hit, then there is no reason we don’t win 90+ games even with this slow start.

    Put half of this production from the last three games against the non playoff teams from last year and they will eat them alive.

  2. Now in on his hands after a couple times that Clutch has hung out over home plate

    • Actually the best all around game the Reds have played – quite possibly because the Red’s bats are finally awaking from their deep slumber as well as receiving some great SP. Hits I might add against a very respectable starter and bullpen. Also nice to see Billy H’s solid hit to RF as a PH. Takes some of the heat off of him – nice move sitting him tonight. It looks like it may actually favor the Reds to regularly mix in Heisey and Bernadino in CF as well as LF. And the Cards are currently helping the Reds climb back within 5. Maybe the Reds can start a run of its own – this could very well be a 4 team race this year (sorry Cubs).

  3. Whew…was literally on the edge of my seat. And this one belongs to the Reds!!!

  4. Reds going for a winning record in their past 7 games as well as a series win tomorrow. That my friends is a start to hopefully something big.

  5. In a perfect world Broxton will become a lights out closer while Chapman is out and force some decisions……

  6. I can see now I’m going to have to buy another Defibrillator to loan out when I’m using the one I have. (but that’s O.K. no problem). Still, a very good win for the Cincinnati Leake’s. How about that Leake, is he exceeding our expectations or what, very impressive so far. A win tomorrow and the Reds take the series from a very good Pirate team.

  7. Its very encouraging to see the Reds offense has finally started producing runs, we’ll see if they can keep it going. As for Cozart, its one thing to consistently strike out, ground out or fly out, its quite another to be a rally killer, and that is what Cozart is right now. Cozarts defense buys him a lot of leeway in the offense department, he doesn’t have to be a Pete Rose or Mike Leake, but constantly taking the wind out of the sails of potential rallies is not acceptable, even if his defense rivaled that of Davy Concepcion or Ozzie Smith. If Cozart doesn’t improve his offense soon the Reds need to make a change at S.S. Another win tomorrow and the Reds win the series against a very good Pittsburgh Pirates team. I think we’ll get that win. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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