Pitts-burgh!  Pitts-burgh!  Pitts-burgh!  Think the Reds fans can rally together and rattle the Pirates players tonight like the Pittsburgh faithful did to Cueto in last season’s playoff game?  I would love to see it.

Homer Bailey has been good against Pittsburgh over the past few seasons, including his first no-hitter back in 2012 in Pittsburgh.  Of course he did lose his last 2 starts against the Buccos a year ago.  The Reds need him to be good again tonight so the Reds can string together their first 2-game winning streak of the season.

Reds Lineup:
1. Hamilton CF
2. Votto 1B
3. Phillips 2B
4. Frazier 3B
5. Bruce RF
6. Ludwick LF
7. Mesoraco C
8. Cozart SS
9. Bailey P

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. What in the world is going on? Get this stiff out of here. Hoover should not be pitching – 3 pitches – 2 HR – double pathetic.

    • Bullpen is pretty ugly. Aside from LeCure and Parra, who do you really trust? They can’t throw 4 innings and do it every day.

  2. I can’t watch this game any more.

  3. Wow! Pirates tie the game. Crap! Never mind. Pirates retake lead on back to back HR’s. AGAIN!

  4. here is a weird stat to go with this weird game. It’s very early in the season so batting stats have not regressed. For example, there are still a handful of hitters hitting over .400. Did you know that there are 11 regular position players hitting worse than Hamilton? Cozart is the obvious one. But how bout Hamilton producing more at the plate than Prince Fielder, Allen Craig and Mike Moustakas??

  5. JJ Hoover is horrible, wow.

  6. Never seen a game like this before. Played in silly weather and the ball is just getting destroyed.

  7. Hoover’s confidence is gonna really take a beating

  8. @EricNYC do you still want to tell me how good Hoover is? He’s a home run machine.

  9. Man, Hoover is not looking good this season. Also, can’t have starters go 5 innings. Bullpen is too hurt/not good enough to go 4 innings, it seems.

  10. Is Hoover injured?

  11. Even the pour rain could not awake up Reds sick sick bullpen management!

  12. JJ is to relieving as kerosine is to fire.

    • or gasoline Charlotte. Hoover seems like he left his pitching repertoire in years gone by. And Bailey may just have some company on his trip to Louisville after all.

      • Kerosine is actually more flammable than gasoline. By a lot.

        • Charlotte, have always counted on you for a heightened perspective – now let’s all sing Happy Birthday to Peter Edward Rose.

  13. You’ve gotta be kidding me Reds… Hoover. Jeeze. What happened to him? He’s was really good last year!

  14. Well, we don’t have to have the discussion of an undeserved win for Homer. At least we have that.

  15. Gotta agree with the cowboy here.. pitch inside because right now everyone on both teams is leaning out over the dish and mashing the baseball.

  16. Two of Hoover’s first three pitches go for home runs. The nine home runs match a Great American Ball Park record.

  17. MLB Slugfest

  18. Only seven of the 16 hits in this game have NOT gone for home runs.

  19. So what’s the chance this game finishes?

  20. There have been 9 HRs in this game through 5 1/2 innings. The Royals have 1 HR ALL SEASON.

  21. Tremendous Bruce effort on Walker’s 2nd HR.

    • Indeed. Of course, had he gotten injured, it would have raised a whole host of questions as to why the game was still being played. I don’t think anyone would’ve blamed him for not even attempting to go after it.

  22. Looks like the rain has stopped.

  23. Funny Funny Tweet: Tonight’s promotion: every Reds fan still at the park gets a home run ball.

  24. Everyone is swinging for the fences now.

  25. Ludwick hits a mudball to third.

  26. Home run derby.

  27. Devil Devil Devil!!!!!

  28. MEZ!!!!! Bye bye baseball!!!!!

  29. It’s just our turn

  30. Knew Devin was next up on the Homer parade.

  31. Bring in Sam Lecure.

  32. Meso!!!!!!! This is a CRAZY game. SportsCenter tonight for all the wrong reasons.

  33. Wow. I just wish the game was on.

    • The strange thing is that almost all HRs have been no doubters.

  34. Mesoraco is on some sort of hot streak right now.

    • Yup, mez keeps this up and we will be talking about him for a long, long time.

  35. Unbelievable!

  36. Now please put in our best relievers Price. This game needs settled down in a hurry because we can’t keep this seesaw up.

  37. Is Cozart gonna be next?

  38. I think zack Cozart would be a better dancer than playing baseball

  39. Man, I’m getting major fantasy points, so there’s that.

  40. This might be the most bizarre baseball game I’ve ever seen.

  41. 13 of 14 runs have been from the home run.

  42. Pitchers have to be embarrassed.

  43. Cozart had his day. He will now go into another 0-24 slump.

  44. Now that the score’s tied again, let’s hope the Reds send out a pitcher that can at least have a credible appearance. I assume Pirates fans are just as upset with their team’s pitching performance tonight as Reds fans are with the disastrous work turned in by Homer Bailey and J.J. Hoover.

  45. Bruce refuse to take that pitch to LF.

  46. Pirates have a HR friendly part of the order coming up…let’s try to keep it in the ballpark bullpen.

  47. And there’s No. 10! At this point, it’s almost surprising when a ball doesn’t leave the park. Mesoraco ties it with a solo blast

    • The real positive is that Mesoraco is really showing up so far this season. This guy could turn out to be the player the Reds and their fans have been hoping for all along.

  48. HIt the first Pirate next inning, just so it’s not a home run?

  49. Meso!!

  50. Cozart has a new job lined up as the stunt double for the main character on the TV show Psych. Looks just like the guy

  51. Now they go with the rain delay?

  52. the Umpires are manipulating this game! Why dont they stop right ending 6th? in stead, they keep Pirates taking advantages at 7th, then stop the game! Shame on you!

  53. Delay. It’s for the best. Someone’s gonna get hurt before this is done.

  54. There is a blood moon tonight. Maybe it is an omen?

  55. the tarp is out

  56. Wait long enough and the water on the field will freeze and they will skate.

  57. They couldn’t have done this while Hoover was warming up?

  58. Ah, yes! Fun at the ol’ ball yard

  59. i feel left out. i haven’t hit a homer tonight

  60. Just to throw this out there.. was it not a Bark in the Park night where the Whooooooo! got started as well? A really long extra inning affair? I think these dogs are doing something.

  61. If the game can’t be finished tonight it will resume tomorrow where they left off tonight. Meanwhile in St. Louis its Cards 1 Cubs 0 top 5th.

  62. this game has reminded me of the old Milton, Ramon Ortiz, Claussen, Luke Hudson, Paul Wilson, Dunn, Jr, EE, WMP, Kearns days. Allow a ton of HR and hit a ton of HR

    • Hey man, Paul Wilson had that one great season. Finished 3rd or so in Cy Young voting… #justsayin

      • I think you’re confusing him with another pitcher. Wilson never had a good season. OK his 2nd year he got into 11 games, 7 starts and pitched great. He for sure never got any Cy Young votes.

      • You’re thinking of Aaron Harang. Paul Wilson never got close to a Cy Young vote.

    • Oh Preach, you had to remind me. Those years were so painful. 8 years in a row(maybe even more), we didn’t have anywhere near an ace to start game one. REMLINGER???, Tomko, Harnisch, Haynes, Liddle and Wilson all started the Reds 1st game of the season around that time. 🙁 the dark, dark days of Reds pitching.

      • Not to overreact, but….
        The first few weeks of this season really have me worried that we are about to have the opposite problem… no hitting, tons of pitching. Almost like we over-corrected. Lets hope we solved it as of late, as it seems we have.

        • our only hope I think rests with Mesoraco and Frazier. We know what we will get from Votto, Phillips and Bruce, good. We know what we’ll get out of LF and SS and that’s not good. And we can’t expect much from Hamilton. The two hitters that could easily outperform projections are Meso and Frazier.

    • What a team that was – can still smell the remnants from that team.

  63. The Reds are off to a tough start of the season – but much more baseball left to play for Reds fans.

  64. Just wondering, but should Redleg Nation have a Banana Thread?

  65. Jamey Ramsey tweet: This isn’t a weather delay. It’s just halftime. 7-7

  66. With the wind blowing out, maybe Hamilton will run into one and hit the ball all the way to the warning track?

    • Not your best work

      • Yeah, pretty unrealistic. 🙁

        For a good read, go over to Fangraphs and check out Dave Cameron’s new article about the new transfer rules and dropping the ball on purpose to get easy/cheap outs. Ron Washington was just kicked out of the SEA/TEX game on a bases loaded force out at home, where the catcher clearly caught the ball, tug home, then dropped the ball transferring it to his throwing hand to get the guy at first. Seattle challenged the call, and the umps ruled the guy safe at home.

        Incredibly shortsighted rule.

        • That rule makes no sense. And it was added because of replay ? I don’t understand that either.

  67. Whats the latest info on the rain delay. Is the tarp still on the field? Whats the chances of play resuming tonight?

  68. I guess we can get to know each other a little better: Sarge, I’m sure I’ve asked before, but what branch? You retired?

  69. Meanwhile in Milwaukee its Cards 4 Brewers 0 bot. 7th.

  70. While waiting out the rain delay, support your favorite Reds blog by ordering some custom Redleg Nation merchandise. Tonight is the final chance.

    • What’s it look like? Any chance of resuming play tonight?

      • I left when the tarp was rolled out and am back home. It’s still raining here, but not hard. I was surprised when they suspended the game because it wasn’t raining any harder then. I think they timed it then because the game was tied and calling it wouldn’t prejudice either team.

  71. No one’s giving the Blue Jackets a hope of beating the Penguins. ESPN already had an article talking about their next match up and didn’t even mention them having to play Columbus.

    • The CBJ haven’t been as bad versus the Pens as 0-5-1 would sound to someone who just cherry picked the record. For the most part CBJ played them tough and were competitive. They need a breakthrough win in games 1-3 if they are to make a series of it. I suspect if they can get one, the second one won’t seem nearly as hard for them to get.

      Except for that OT loss CBJ came up totally empty versus Boston and Pitt but more than held their own versus the rest of the east. It was unfortunate they left some points on the table down the stretch and ended up as a wildcard instead of 3rd (or even 2nd in their division). If they would have gotten in that intradivisional 2 verus 3 series, they would have had a really good shot at making the 2nd round.

  72. The game has been suspended and will be resumed at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow.

  73. @Steve Mancuso- Thanks for reminding us about supporting the Redleg Nation website. The merchandise being offered for sale to support the site is really some nice looking stuff. I bought a hat that will have Redleg Nation on the front of it, its really a sharp looking cap, can’t wait to wear it proudly. Everybody should give the merchandise a look-see, some cool looking stuff at a good price. Plus you get to help support our awesome Redleg Nation website that we love so much. Go Reds!

    • I can’t recall now if I got a hat or a cooler! I think a hat, too!

    • Thanks for the support. I’ll leave the link active overnight until I place the final order for merchandise tomorrow morning. Anyone who gets their order in before then will be counted.

  74. If the weather map is correct, why are they even trying to finish? Might as well finish it tomorrow.

  75. @PREACHERJ- We kid cause we love, right. I actually love and respect the Navy a lot. And only a select few meet the requirements necessary to serve on a Submarine, much respect to you sir. Go Reds!

    • Absolutely. I remember going through basic there was only a fence separating the Navy running track from the Marine one. I was always amazed at how precision the drills were you guys ran as opposed to us. We were just glad to finish in one piece. Much respect. Thanks for your service.

  76. Sean Marshall was in the Reds dugout for the game tonight. Even as it rained throughout the game, he was out by the railing (not under cover) encouraging his teammates. It was great to see him at the park.

  77. This was probably discussed above, but Brantley talked about the HR barrage being due to pitchers being afraid to pitch inside, given last year’s history between the two teams, the injury to BP, etc. Don’t know if he’s right, but pitchers do have to pitch inside to be effective. Maybe with the ball a little wet, they were afraid it would slip.

    • Are Reds fans in attendance tomorrow going to be required to wear construction helmets? Just curious, as we don’t want flying baseballs hurting anyone – just ask the pirates RF how painful it is to take one in the cheek.

  78. Off topic, and regarding replay, heard a stat late Monday night that as of last Thursday, there had been 41 calls upheld and 26 reversed?? Or was it 46 and 21?? At any rate, that doesn’t speak very well to the notion that umps were usually getting calls right before replay came along. And there have already been a handful of calls that SHOULD have been overturned but weren’t…..And, keep in mind that the team that got cheated on a replay call then LOST its replay privilege thereafter. … I don’t think replay is such a terrible idea, but introducing this “challenge” stuff is weak.

    • Far be it from me to defend Tony LaRussa, but I like his take in this article:


      BTW, only 28 calls were reversed in 185 games. Considering all the calls made in each game, that’s not a horrible rate. I know, there were probably some bad calls that weren’t challenged, but overall, umpiring in the MLB at least is better than NFL officiating.

      • I suppose, but over the course of 185 games, how many calls come up that are so close as to even be worthy of a replay. Two per game, three maybe? Suddenly the number of blown calls looks like a greater percentage of our sample size. And don’t forget that a replay screwup can deprive a team of a challenge later in the game that might have been used on a blown call that otherwise won’t be factored in here. If replay is here to stay, I’d like to see it not involve “challenges.”

  79. @SERGEANT2 – I was in the USAF from 89-93. Played ball for the 694 Intelligence Wing from Ft. Meade. We played the 3 Army teams from Meade, the Navy team from Meade, and the USMC team from Meade. We also played the 3 USAF teams from Andrews AFB, the USAF team from Bolling AFB, the USAF team and joint Navy/USMC team from Langley AFB. We played a couple exhibition games against the cadets from Annapolis. That league was really competitive. There were a lot of good ball-players in the military.

  80. Might as well start the speculation now: thoughts on who should/will take the mound in the Top of the 7th this evening? It’ll be interesting to see Price’s management of the bullpen this evening. With the pitcher’s spot due up first in the Bottom of 7, I’d like to see a double switch–using LeCure or Parra (to go 2 innings) and switching Pena for Mes, or Heisey for Ludwick and plugging them into the 9-hole. Doubt this will happen. Best guess: Ondrusek for one inning.

    • Your point is good, but of the 2 most probable options, the double switch must be Heisey for Ludwick. UNder no circumstances do I want Mesoraco out of the lineup and late in the game, I want Heisey in LF rather than Ludwick. With LH hitters due up 1st & 3rd in the top of the 7th, I would also probably opt for Parra over LeCure, but that’s almost a coin flip since either pitcher should be in for 2 innings. I do not want to see Ondrusek anywhere near the mound for the finish of this game.

      • Great chance to grad two wins in one day….I’m thinking LeCure….but of course the ever dreaded Ondrusek will be headed for the mound, I’m guessing he would hate to miss out on the homer barrage.

      • I don’t want Ondrusek anywhere near the mound either, but I have a feeling we’ll see at least one pitcher that would be better off in AAA.

  81. That’s going to be one bitterly cold stadium for a baseball game(s) this evening. Fortunately, it looks like any rain/snow/sleet/freezing rain, or whatever else the baseball gods feel like throwing into this season’s mix, will innundate someone else’s game tonight.

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