The Reds look to prevent being swept at home by the Rays today in Cincinnati.  To do so, they’ll have to dent home plate at least once.  Odds are multiple guys will need to touch home plate safely today in order for the guys in red to claim victory.  It sounds like an easy enough task.  However it has not proven to be thus far through the first 11 Cincinnati Reds professional baseball games.

While things have looked pretty bleak thus far, I remind myself it is just 11 games.  At some point this team will string off a few victories and everyone will be optimistic again.  Today would be just as good a day as any to start that string of victories.

Order of guys in the batters box asked to score runs:

1.  Hamilton

2.  Votto

3.  Phillips

4.  Frazier

5.  Bruce

6.  Ludwick

7.  Mesoraco

8.  Cozart

9.  Cingrani

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Cozart with 2 hits? They have to win now.

    Too bad Dusty didn’t play Mes more last year.

  2. Rays will probably be emptying the back of their bullpen in the rest of this one. Sure would be great to put up a REALLY crooked number to get everyone’s heads straight (fans/myself included).

  3. 443 Ft. HR by Mesoraco.

  4. Everything coming up Red this inning, wow.

  5. This may be the only time I can say this and actually be *happy* about it….

    …Cozart is back on the Interstate! Hurray!

  6. I love Cingrani.

  7. All of a sudden everything’s coming up Reds…

  8. 5-run inning, sweet Jesus!

  9. Hamilton should NEVER be taking swings like that.

  10. BHam durning into Willie Mays Hayes. Price needs to make him do push ups every time he hits a ball in the air.

  11. Man oh man, what a fun inning that was to watch. I think the whole organization needed that in the worst way.

  12. Unbelievable inning. Note to Price: More team meetings please

  13. BH should never take a swing like that. Ever. It looks GOOD off the bat and was a shallow fly ball. That’s where the hitting coach needs to come in and teach the young man. NO UPPERCUT SWINGS!

  14. Mesoraco looks like he has a better approach this year. That first pitch curve ball strike is pitch that he would have swung at in the past, grounding it to 3rd base.

    Is Long trying to teach some patience ?

  15. Cingrani just made one of the better hitters in the league look just silly.


    Pretty good stuff. Hamilton clocked faster than Deion Sanders. Wow.

  17. Can’t believe Billy Hamilton doesn’t have a nick-name yet.

  18. Cingrani given up three hits. Streak in jeopardy?

    • The control bothers me a lot more than the hits so far. With this lead he should just be pounding the zone.

      • I think he would if he could. Last year and this year, it just seems like he’ll always be a high walk, high K kinda pitcher.

        • Not necessarily, Randy Johnson was a very high walk pitcher until he matured. Not out of the realm of possibility that the same thing happens with Tony. Way to work out of it, Cingrani.

  19. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the merits of analyzing BABIP, please see the last two ABs. Frazier and Escobar his the exact same ball. One has a hit, one does not based on the random factor of where the pitcher’s glove happened to be placed.

  20. Isn’t nice to have strikeout stuff? Sure comes in handy.

  21. Good recovery, way to pitch TC!

  22. Don’t make Tony Cingrani angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

  23. More runs More runs More runs

  24. Bruce having a nice day.

  25. I just don’t understand Ludwick. Pitcher is struggling to throw strikes and walks Bruce.. Ludwick swings and misses at three of the four pitches. Pitcher throws FBs straight down the middle, he finally watches a first pitch strike for what I could believe to be the first time as a Red. Lol

  26. Ludwick continues to swing at absolute garbage pitches out of the zone.

  27. Nice job, Meso !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mes wants to move up in the order. I think he should.

  29. I just can’t stand the cadence of Thom’s voice. Fingernails on a chalkboard to me…

  30. Cozart 2-2 AND has a walk? Madness.

  31. Ha. Cozart forgot what happens after four balls…

    Along with many others, he’s putting together a nice game.

  32. Counting today’s game, the Reds have lost so many close games that right now, they have given up as many runs as they’ve scored. And we have to hope to improve to 4-8.

  33. Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. These streak stats by Cingrani seem a bit misleading – He typically doesn’t go deep into games and at least last year Dusty would pull him early in a game at any hint of trouble, so of course he hasn’t given up a ton of hits or runs in any of his starts yet.

    • That doesn’t make it any less amazing to me. His first 20 starts? Nobody else can say that as far as the stats tell us. 20 starts in a row? First in 100 years. A century. That’s crazy.

      • I really like Cingrani, but this is a perfect example. He doesn’t even go 7 innings today and he could easily give up another hit if he wasn’t on such a short leash.

        • Still 6-1/3 of 2 run ball. Not outstanding but pretty darn good. Bullpen is about as rested as it can be too.

        • I don’t want to take anything away from Cingrani – He has looked amazing in his career so far. I just think these streaks they keep talking about are a little overblown because it’s almost like the coaches have been doing everything they can to make sure he doesn’t give up more hits or runs than that by yanking him when he gets in trouble.

  35. I can’t stop laughing at the TC picture on ESPN right now, with his cheeks all puffed out as he throws. Nice work BP.

  36. Really nice outing by TC.

  37. The streak continues!

    • Jose Fernandez was the only other pitcher with a chance to catch Tony (was at 16) … but he just gave up 8 hits (6 runs) on Friday.

      No pitcher has a streak longer than 8 going right now … so 21 is pretty safe!

  38. I love the way Tony pitched today. w/ the wind blowing out to left field hard today, I was terrified of what could happen.

    Three fly ball outs for Cingrani the entire game, one big fly. For a predominantly fly ball pitcher to get most everything on the ground … I’m “OK with the trouble he got into in the 5th and 6th.

    Pitches into the 7th, gives up 2 runs … I’ll take that every day. He won’t, but I would.

  39. Reds bullpen has not been very good this year, outside of Manny Parra. It will be nice to get Chapman and Marshall back.

  40. Good hustle by Mesoraco. He looked safe to me.

  41. He’s safe. Great hustle, Mes.

  42. Bell doesn’t look like he is throwing in 90s.

  43. Not sure I understand Bernadina there when you have both Pena and Heisey on the bench.

  44. Billy Hamilton, our fly ball specialist … sigh

  45. Sheesh. There’s the offense we remember…

  46. Third fly out of the day for BH, he has work to do.

  47. Bases loaded, 0 outs, 0 runs. I think I would be far more upset if they weren’t winning by 4 runs.

  48. Price needs to fine Billy $50 for every fly ball he hits… ha ha.

  49. Bases loaded no outs, zero runs scored. Even though the Reds have an 8-4 lead, a couple more runs would have been a little extra insurance, you know, just in case.

    • It’s like the pitcher has the Reds right where he wants them in those situations. Glad that didn’t happen in the earlier innings …

  50. I guess LeCure’s punishment for whatever Price had against him is over?

  51. 34,307 turned out for today’s titanic struggle, 34,307.

  52. It sure did look like the ball actually missed hitting Votto.

  53. Marty just said that both of Homer’s no hitters were against Pittsburgh. Second one was against San Francisco.

  54. From Marty’s call, it didn’t sound like Votto knew he got hit, either.

  55. A slam that is GRAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Hesiey!

  57. Heisey needs to get more PT.

    • Absolutely. And Heisey showed why he should have PH, instead of Bernadina, in the 7th. Heisey mentioned in spring training how he’s relaxed his hands. His arms look more relaxed, his whole body looks more relaxed. He’s holding the bat more vertically, close to his body. Almost an Eric Davis stance.

      Was this a Dale Long thing too – earlier I’d mentioned Mes’ being more patient. If so the Reds might have a hitting coach.

      • Heisey said he started it working out during the off season with a minor leaguer. He saw the minor leaguer do it, so he tried it out. He liked it and hasn’t changed since.

  58. That is a serious pinch hit from Heisey. What a way to come off the bench.

  59. Yeah Baby!!!!! Heisey hits a grand slam. Bam! Go Reds!!!!!

  60. Does that earn Heisey a start in LF tomorrow?

  61. I guess that puts it in double-slam range.

  62. Chris heisey needs to play more…a lot more.

  63. This has been a loooooong game, a good game, but a long game.

  64. was that a record for pinch hit HRs by a Red?

  65. I actually think they should go to a platoon in LF and CF with Heisey splitting time in both.

    • Hamilton hits better RHed than LHed, so not sure what the platoon would be.

  66. Brewers win their 9th consecutive. If they can, can’t we?

    • I have a good feeling about the Pirates series. Wandy and Liriano have not been pitching well.

      • Reds will have to get over the mental hurdle of being dominated by Liriano last year, however.

  67. Brewers just won their 9th straight after sweeping the Pirates.

  68. All Partch has to do is throw it anywhere near the plate and the ump will call it a strike. After 4 hours the home plate ump is ready to get outta there.

  69. Seems like we couldn’t buy a win on Sunday in 2013. Two in a row.

  70. Good win. Something to build on. Let’s hope the Homer has his “ace” stuff tomorrow.

  71. Finally, an enjoyable game to watch (minus the base running follies) The Reds need to keep the offense going against the Pittsburgh Profiteers tomorrow. A nice little win streak would put the Reds back on track. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  72. I said at the beginning of the season that I would probably platoon Hamilton and Ludwick with Heisey. Not as much as “pitching matchups”, even though if that can be done, great. But, thinking along the lines of:

    Out of every 3 games, Hamilton plays 2 in CF, Ludwick plays 2 in LF, a different two than Hamilton (like, if Hamilton plays the first 2, Ludwick plays the first and last one), then Heisey plays the open spots in each game they don’t start.

  73. Lead off one game, bat 4th on the other? An interesting proposition. Its so crazy it just might work.

    • The batting order would be adjusted accordingly; that wouldn’t be hard to do.

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A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17


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