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Rays at Reds (April 13, 2014)

The Reds look to prevent being swept at home by the Rays today in Cincinnati.  To do so, they’ll have to dent home plate at least once.  Odds are multiple guys will need to touch home plate safely today in order for the guys in red to claim victory.  It sounds like an easy enough task.  However it has not proven to be thus far through the first 11 Cincinnati Reds professional baseball games.

While things have looked pretty bleak thus far, I remind myself it is just 11 games.  At some point this team will string off a few victories and everyone will be optimistic again.  Today would be just as good a day as any to start that string of victories.

Order of guys in the batters box asked to score runs:

1.  Hamilton

2.  Votto

3.  Phillips

4.  Frazier

5.  Bruce

6.  Ludwick

7.  Mesoraco

8.  Cozart

9.  Cingrani

264 thoughts on “Rays at Reds (April 13, 2014)

    • Absolutely. And Heisey showed why he should have PH, instead of Bernadina, in the 7th. Heisey mentioned in spring training how he’s relaxed his hands. His arms look more relaxed, his whole body looks more relaxed. He’s holding the bat more vertically, close to his body. Almost an Eric Davis stance.

      Was this a Dale Long thing too – earlier I’d mentioned Mes’ being more patient. If so the Reds might have a hitting coach.

      • Heisey said he started it working out during the off season with a minor leaguer. He saw the minor leaguer do it, so he tried it out. He liked it and hasn’t changed since.

    • Hamilton hits better RHed than LHed, so not sure what the platoon would be.

    • I have a good feeling about the Pirates series. Wandy and Liriano have not been pitching well.

      • Reds will have to get over the mental hurdle of being dominated by Liriano last year, however.

  1. All Partch has to do is throw it anywhere near the plate and the ump will call it a strike. After 4 hours the home plate ump is ready to get outta there.

  2. Finally, an enjoyable game to watch (minus the base running follies) The Reds need to keep the offense going against the Pittsburgh Profiteers tomorrow. A nice little win streak would put the Reds back on track. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  3. I said at the beginning of the season that I would probably platoon Hamilton and Ludwick with Heisey. Not as much as “pitching matchups”, even though if that can be done, great. But, thinking along the lines of:

    Out of every 3 games, Hamilton plays 2 in CF, Ludwick plays 2 in LF, a different two than Hamilton (like, if Hamilton plays the first 2, Ludwick plays the first and last one), then Heisey plays the open spots in each game they don’t start.

  4. Lead off one game, bat 4th on the other? An interesting proposition. Its so crazy it just might work.

    • The batting order would be adjusted accordingly; that wouldn’t be hard to do.

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