2014 Reds / Game Thread

Reds at Cardinals (April 9, 2014)

Are we done with St. Louis yet?

The optimist in me says the Reds are due for a win.  The pessimist in me says I don’t like our chances with the Cardinals offense and Mike Leake on the mound.  Let’s hope the optimist wins!

Reds Lineup:
1. Hamilton CF
2. Phillips 2B
3. Votto 1B
4. Bruce RF
5. Frazier 3B
6. Heisey LF
7. Mesoraco C
8. Santiago SS
9. Leake C

223 thoughts on “Reds at Cardinals (April 9, 2014)

  1. maybe some of you are just used to rooting for football or basketball? it seems weird to me to gripe so much when guys get out in baseball. it happens way more often than not, you get that right? it’s a zero-zero game, that means they are getting out as much as we are.

    • You know how Marty calls a pitcher’s duel “a good ol fashioned good one?” I guess you never really agreed with him.

  2. votto does have to get in front of that ball. i’ll never get why he tries to play so many balls to the side.

  3. Leake a #5 that pitches like a #3. Got to love that kid.

  4. This is a bad spot for the Reds….We have to get through this and get back on track. Just silly that Bham doesn’t score in the first..

  5. For the love of things, get the ball out of the infield Bruce. Preferably out of the park.

  6. single, stolen base with no throw, tag to third on a popup to left, tag to home on a popup to second.

  7. No one, and I mean no one, in MLB scores that inning except for Billy Hamilton.

    • Absolutely right. The Reds tried their hardest to not score a run that inning and Hamilton would not let them.

  8. Now that’s not a very good arm out in RF but, wow! Very impressive by Hamilton.

  9. An anomaly but Jay Bruce got an RBI on that….. Baseball loves its stats, but so much of stats in baseball is situations.

  10. This looks a lot like the Reds team we hoped to see in 2014. Maybe this is an omen.

  11. That’s three times on base for Hamilton today. We’ve all said it before…if Billy can get on base even at a .300 clip he will be incredibly valuable.

  12. Leake is doing a great job of weak grounders today. Only given up 3 hits, but also erased a couple of those with DPs.

  13. is broxton available to close? i think lecure would be more than adequate, just curious

  14. I assume most have seen Votto’s interview at Busch Stadium Tuesday dressed as a Canadian Mounted Policeman aka Dudley Do-Right. It was hilarious.

  15. Cash it in fellows. One area where the Reds are far superior to the Cards: defense.

  16. Is it wrong that I feel better about Leake at the plate here than I did about Santiago?

  17. Interesting non-applicable stat of the day:

    Cozart’s wRC+ before this game started was -97. The next worst in the majors with at least 20PAs is Allen Craig at -45.

    Frazier, Pena, Bruce, Ludwick and Votto all above 100 (league average-ish).

  18. nevermind. Why was he bunting, especially with 2 strikes?

  19. The Bruce/Hamilton sac fly video clip is now posted on Gameday. It was worth the wait!

  20. 1st and 3rd with no one out. Zero runs. There’s the Reds we’ve come to love the last couple of years.

    • Yes, sadly when the other team has that situation, I hope it’s limited to one run damage. With the Reds in that situation, I’m happy to walk away with a run sometimes.

  21. Leake carving them up with the precision of a surgeon – Madduxesque!

  22. I just don’t get Leake bunting there. He smoked the ball in his first AB that Carpenter made a GG play on for the out. 1st and 3rd w one out, swing away. I would have rather seen Santiago bunt than Leake.

  23. I can’t get over Leake bunting in that situation either. Maybe if an RBI guy is coming up next….nope…nevermind. Even then I don’t get it when Leake is such a good hitter.

    • You guys should get familiar with Tom Tango’s Run Expectancy Tables. They’ll make you hate that bunting decision even more!


      Basically, if the bunt were SUCCESSFUL, it would have reduced the chances of scoring a run from 65.2% to 28% and reduced the run expectancy of the remainder of the inning from 1.211 runs to 0.626 runs.

      That, of course, assumes Mike Leake is an “average MLB hitter,” which he isn’t, even if he’s good for a pitcher, so the numbers aren’t quite so stark, but still clearly would show bunting is stupid is just about every situation. (Bottom 9, tied with no outs being an obvious exception).

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