Reds at Cardinals (April 9, 2014)

Are we done with St. Louis yet?

The optimist in me says the Reds are due for a win.  The pessimist in me says I don’t like our chances with the Cardinals offense and Mike Leake on the mound.  Let’s hope the optimist wins!

Reds Lineup:
1. Hamilton CF
2. Phillips 2B
3. Votto 1B
4. Bruce RF
5. Frazier 3B
6. Heisey LF
7. Mesoraco C
8. Santiago SS
9. Leake C


  1. cincinnatus14 says:

    First post on the new website. Really hoping for a win today. Please no Bell/Ondrusek

  2. al says:

    cozart and hamilton’s numbers are getting to be truly comical at this point. cozart has a .077 OPS!

    1. It’s been painful to watch.

    2. charlottencredsfan says:

      I hear you; there is lot of “comical” averages ~ 10 games into a season. I guess I don’t see the humor.

  3. Tae Yun says:

    Bell is on DL thankfully. Ondrusek pitched recently so prob not today.

    i am sure Partch is available… good lord…

    what happened to our bull pen…. sadly they are all hurt …

    can Billy and Cozart get on the 1st base? that’s what i would like to see. they are batting close to what i be batting if i were in the games.

  4. At least nobody can complain that Santiago is a worse option than Cozart at this point.

  5. I don’t understand why everyone hates on Ondrusek all the time. That being said, so far this season has been painful to watch, but I agree with others it is way too early to panic!

    1. battlerabbit says:

      Might have something to do with the fact that he’s not very good at baseball.

      1. jessecuster44 says:

        Ondrusek has a 50% making things worse conversion rate. And yes, that is a made up stat. He’s been bad.

      2. Compared to who? Better ERA, WHIP than Manny Parra, Curtis Partch, Alfredo Simon, so what are you comparing him to?

      3. cincinnatus14 says:


    2. jdx19 says:

      In 2013, he had the 11th lowest WAR for relievers in the NL with 50 IP. he had the 17th worst LOB% (left on base%), at 74.8, meaning 15.2% of the runners who were ever on base while he was on the mound scored. He was the 6th worst at giving up homers (1.91 per IP).

      1. jdx19 says:

        1.91 per 9IP. Sorry.

      2. Ok so pick your stats, look at ERA, WHIP, etc…all relative.

        1. jdx19 says:

          No. None of those stats are good either…

          1. Compared to others in the bullpen? Perspective.

  6. aktrainer says:

    Good to see Price shuffling the lineup so that Mes is batting 7th, and that Cozart is getting the day off…hopefully it will help.

    1. Now if we can just get Billy out of the lead off spot until he gets more comfortable.

  7. ZabkaLives says:

    I like this lineup. Reds win 6-4. Votto gets his first HR and BHam gets his first SB.

  8. CP says:

    People with more stolen bases than Billy Hamilton:

    1. Emilio Bonafacio-5
    2. Ryan Braun-2
    3. Giancarlo Stanton-2
    4. Paul Goldschmidt-2
    5. Pedro Alvarez-1
    6. Yonder Alonso-1
    7. Brayan Pena-1

    People tied with Billy Hamilton in SB’s:

    1. Chad Dotson
    2. Homer Simpson
    3. Norm from Cheers

  9. CP says:

    Joey Votto has 5 plate appearances with RISP. Matt Holliday has 13. I wonder why Joey isn’t a RBI guy…

  10. Josh Mohr says:

    I really wish Walt went out and acquired Bonifacio instead of Santiago, but we’ll see what he can do. Nelson even over Ramon.

    1. jessecuster44 says:

      Walt has done a terrible job managing personnel over the past 1.5 seasons.

  11. cincystyle says:

    Although i agree with Ondrusek not being effective, it was Jay Bruce who cost us the game last night. It was a huge momentum swing and had he made the catch, most likely a different result.

    1. jdx19 says:

      While I agree with you (Bruce usually makes that play), Ondrusek still served up a ball that Holiday crushed to the wall in RF after showing he was happy going fishing that night (2K earlier on breaking balls down). It’s sort of flimsy, I know, but I don’t think it’s 100% on Bruce. It was have been a good play if he made it, which is why the scorer likely called it an error.

  12. al says:

    there we go hamilton!

  13. charlottencredsfan says:

    Each game a little better. Get that runner in!!!

    1. ProspectCincy says:

      If Hamilton is playing, he belongs in the #1 spot. There’s no argument for anything else.

  14. cincystyle says:

    Perhaps if we had kept Choo, Bham could have moved to his natural position at SS. Cozart would have been trade bait at that point.

    1. ci3j says:

      By all accounts, BHam was brutal at SS. But it could just be the organization gave up on him too quickly there.

    2. jessecuster44 says:

      If we had that money to keep Choo, it would have been better spent on a package for a big bat in LF. Reds never were going to keep Choo – it was a smart decision given the exorbibant amount of money required.

  15. Josh Mohr says:

    Lead off 3B and we can’t score, wow.

  16. charlottencredsfan says:

    Absolutely disgraceful.

  17. jdx19 says:

    Hm. Three pitches on the extreme outside corner. Splendid.

  18. cincystyle says:

    Guys can’t event hit a sac fly…….they look lost

  19. Josh Mohr says:

    Absolutely pathetic offense. This team is not good.

  20. al says:

    every one of those curveballs was outside.

    1. Shchi Cossack says:

      Every stinking one of them and they weren’t even close. Votto is at a sever disadvantage when the umpire doesn’t understand the strike zone.

  21. renbutler says:

    Holy hell, is the strike zone as bad as Gameday makes it look? Not a single called strike on Votto was in the zone.

    1. al says:

      yes. they had it on fox trax also. and the eyeball test, and the votto test.

  22. al says:

    what are you supposed to do when the ump calls three strikes that were balls?

    1. ProspectCincy says:

      I don’t buy that. The first curveball sets the tone for the AB. The other ones were in the exact same location …

      If the umpire calls it a strike once, then twice … then why the hell is Votto taking it the third time?

      1. charlottencredsfan says:

        This. JV is struggling with his role on this team. He could be the greatest #2 hitter in the grand history of the game but he is neither a #3 or 4 hitter.

        1. jdx19 says:

          JV is the best 1 through 9 hitter on the team. Nothing will change that.

          I heard Miguel Cabrera was 0-4 with a K last night. He’s a bum.

        2. charlottencredsfan says:

          Billy Hamilton will change that.

  23. jessecuster44 says:

    Joey should curse out the ump – show a little fire!

    1. al says:

      and get thrown out of the game in the first inning?

  24. Josh Mohr says:

    Suicide squeeze or something, SAC FLY, SOMETHING! BP, Votto and Bruce with a runner on 3B and 0 outs, no one moved. Put the dang ball in play.

  25. cincystyle says:

    Please bring in a true hitting coach

  26. redsfan11 says:

    Surprised at how much static fans give Mike Leake, pre game show showed his career #’s as being 12 over .500, can’t imagine too many teams getting that production out of a fifth starter.

  27. al says:

    that is very frustrating. BP just got beat. Votto should have walked on 4 pitches though, so it’s hard to put that on him.

  28. cincystyle says:

    Sorry, but there has to be some accountability with this team

  29. Kyle Farmer says:

    Un-freaking-real. Cannot beat the Cardinals wasting opportunities over and over and over and over. End of rant.

  30. What’s the difference between Malaysian flight MH730 and the Reds offense? One is something that mysteriously disappeared and no one can seem to find, and the other is an airplane.

    1. cincystyle says:

      Nice, but at least the plane has a ping!

  31. cincystyle says:

    Had that been Peralta up there, guarantee they score

    1. al says:

      because of the roids?

  32. al says:

    the ump isn’t giving the same pitch to leake.

  33. RedAlert says:

    Well if that’s not proof in the pudding that this team is snakebite, then nothing is – man on 3rd no outs, too of the order and nothing – just pitiful

  34. ProspectCincy says:

    Votto … I don’t care about his OBP; the guy is completely useless with runners on 3rd base. Lowest percentage I’ve ever seen in getting the run home last year; going to be even lower this year.

    1. al says:

      are you even watching the game?

      1. ProspectCincy says:

        I am … and when an umpire calls strike one outside, you don’t take strike two and strike 3 in the EXACT SAME LOCATION.

        Ball or strike, he’s an idiot for taking it when the umpire is calling it a strike.

        1. al says:

          the third was obviously more outside than the first. if it makes you feel better to call him an idiot go ahead, but bad calls are bad calls. there’s a reason for the strike zone. it’s because it’s very hard to do anything productive with balls that are outside of it. i’m not going to say that votto should be forced to lunge out over the plate to hit a curveball, just because the ump is doing his job poorly.

    2. CP says:

      Votto with men on 3rd in 2013:


    3. Kurt Frost says:

      Do you have any, you know, facts to back up this statement?

  35. Andrew Mace says:

    That 3rd strike on Votto wasn’t even close. That being said, BP looked terrible. Maybe squeeze? I kid.

  36. charlottencredsfan says:

    Fastest guy on the planet and virtually any hit ball scores him. What the heck is going on out there? I’m really sorry but it is Votto’s job to get that guy in.

    1. al says:

      he was trying, obviously. he wasn’t thrown a single strike.

      1. charlottencredsfan says:

        They may not have been in the “strike zone” but they were most certainly strikes.

      2. ProspectCincy says:

        He was thrown three pitches in the same location, all three were called a strike. The umpire was consistent … that’s what you want.

        So go ahead and give Votto a pass for striking out looking … he’ll do it 100 more times this year w/ runners on base; get used to it.

        1. al says:

          he didn’t give that call to leake, so he wasn’t being consistent.

  37. Ethan says:

    You gotta get the runner in!!! Do something. Good golly gum drop, does anyone on this team want to win? We’re about as meek as a herd of sheep at the moment. This is uber frustrating!

  38. lwblogger2 says:

    I am in agreement with the Votto bashers here. You just can’t take strike 3 with a runner on 3B and less than 2 outs.

    1. lwblogger2 says:

      And yes, it was indeed outside. That said, so were the other 2 strikes and the umpire called them. No reason to think he isn’t going to call it again. Love Joey but he’s got to at least try to fight one off there.

    2. charlottencredsfan says:

      LW, he is a perfect #2 hitter so move him there. I heard Jim Leyland talk about Cabrerra and how with RISP he expandsd his strike zone because he believes it is his job first and foremost is to drive in runs. JV has the prefect mindset for a #2 hitter so put him there.

      1. lwblogger2 says:

        I tend to agree that Votto would be a good #2 hitter. Truth is, he’d be good no matter where you put him.

        1. charlottencredsfan says:

          He is a great hitter but at this point better suited to the #2 hole than #3. I would expect at some point Price makes this move.

      2. CP says:

        Yeah, Joey is the best #2 hitter on the team. And the best #1 hitter, and the best #3 hitter, and the best #4 hitter, and the best…well, we get the idea.

        Having Joey bat #2 on this team makes sense, but it is merely because the Reds’ #1 and #2 hitters struggle so much at not making outs.

        1. charlottencredsfan says:

          That works for me.

  39. Kyle Farmer says:

    Might be a good day to find a way to yourself ejected if you’re Bryan Price. A little fire now and then is a good thing – even in baseball.

    1. lwblogger2 says:

      True… Arguing balls and strikes is a guaranteed way of getting yourself tossed too. “You’ve got to be ******* kidding.” said in a very calm tone of voice while I was catching one day was good enough for one ump. Ended up getting my money’s worth before going to the ‘clubhouse’ though. And I almost never argued.

  40. dreadthereds says:

    Guys, I wore my Redlegs shirt to work today to try and help turn this ship around! Now you may question the effectiveness of wearing a shirt when I’m in Minnesota and the game is in St Louis, but the Reds were 12-0 last season when I wore this shirt. The numbers never lie.

    1. renbutler says:

      Then why didn’t you wear it during the wild card game?

      1. Kyle Farmer says:

        You beat me to the question Ren!

      2. dreadthereds says:

        I don’t remember the exact reasoning, but I just felt like I needed to wear my Nike Reds shirt that day. I understand if you want to blame the WC loss on me…

  41. Geez. Don’t take a bathroom break during the Reds’ half of the inning. You’ll miss it.

    1. renbutler says:

      Usually I need to take a bathroom break BECAUSE of the Reds’ half of the inning…

      1. lwblogger2 says:

        And, what makes your comments even better is that I hear them in Frye’s voice.

      2. preacherj says:


  42. Matt WI says:

    Yadi almost hit another one out… we need to negotiate some kind of peace treaty with that guy.

    1. charlottencredsfan says:

      Okay that breaks the tension – let’s win a ballgame now.

  43. Matt WI says:

    I posted in the other tread about how the standing second inning interview with a beat reporter on the radio is often bad news, but Fay is usually better luck than Sheldon. Fay just proved that true. Good job, Mr. Leake (and Mr. Fay).

  44. Sunbreakthedawn says:

    Dilly BH catch that Molina fly over the wall? Gameday makes it look that way.

  45. charlottencredsfan says:

    BP, give him a chance to steal second.

  46. Matt WI says:

    Holy cow… didn’t join the game until the bottom of the first… didn’t realize a lead-off triple was wasted. Wow. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

  47. ProspectCincy says:

    Nice job Brandon Phillips. You accomplished absolutely nothing.

    1. Matt WI says:

      Seems harsh… he singled. What is that about?

      1. ProspectCincy says:

        In that situation, which Phillips was in a lot in spring; he never works the count. He swings at just about every pitch; and has taken a total of 5 pitches in 9 AB’s with Hamilton on first base.

        Even though he singled, he didn’t allow Hamilton a chance to take the base, which we know he can do on his own. So by advancing Hamilton to second, he’s really not doing anything Hamilton can do on his own.

        So unless Votto comes through with a big hit, it’s a wasted single. However, if he works the count and hits that single later, it’s 1-0 Reds.

        1. Matt WI says:

          Can’t follow you there. Maybe if there were less than two outs. But I don’t know that I can get behind criticizing a guy and making it his “job” to watch Billy Hamilton every time he’s on base and then hit. He did a good job, advanced the runner. Needing a run in the 9th? Ok, then I could get behind it.

  48. renbutler says:

    Ball 1 to Votto was closer to a strike than called Strike 1…


  49. Aaron D says:

    This plate umpire is comical with his strike zone.

    1. renbutler says:

      Honestly, even Leake is getting some bizarre strike calls now.

      But overall, it’s inconsistent, which is the worst sin of an umpire.

  50. I see Mr. Clutch came through again, twice.


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