2014 Reds / Game Thread

Reds at Cardinals (April 9, 2014)

Are we done with St. Louis yet?

The optimist in me says the Reds are due for a win.  The pessimist in me says I don’t like our chances with the Cardinals offense and Mike Leake on the mound.  Let’s hope the optimist wins!

Reds Lineup:
1. Hamilton CF
2. Phillips 2B
3. Votto 1B
4. Bruce RF
5. Frazier 3B
6. Heisey LF
7. Mesoraco C
8. Santiago SS
9. Leake C

223 thoughts on “Reds at Cardinals (April 9, 2014)

  1. Wohoo! Got Yadi out in a clutch situation. Whale of a game by Leake right now.

  2. I hope LeCure or someone is up in the ‘pen in case Leake runs out of gas.

  3. Gamecast had Leake just painting the strike zone. He may have issued a walk, but it wasn’t wild.

    • Good to know. I still think it’s prudent to have someone up just-in-case!

      But what a gem by Leake! 8IP, 4H, 0R.

      We needed that!

  4. Pitchers best friend! Wonder what the plan is for pitching in the ninth.

  5. Add a run, make a it a non-save situation, and get Broxton some work.

  6. Mike Leake has induced 17 ground balls this game compared to 4 fly balls. That’s getting it done. Good ratio, especially playing half your games at GABP.

  7. Gamecast reads “Reached on bunt single to catcher.” Bham cracks me up.

  8. Look out !! – Bilky Blaze is starting to figure it out – dude has gotten progressively better over the last several games – he is a weapon !!!

  9. If Hamilton can just get on at a .310/.320 clip…he’s a weapon, no doubt about that.

  10. I have a feeling in 3 weeks we’ll be saying things like “Since April 9th, Billy is getting on base at a .320 clip” or something. Oh, boy, do I hope so!

    Also, HOLY COW. I can watch the game live at work in the Gameday screen. I had no idea! I have MLB.TV and have tried logging in but it is websensed.

    This guy is one happy guy.

  11. I’m not sure which guy Price has done a better job with Parra or Simon..both he’s really done wonders.

    • Nice comment. I remember last year feeling dread when Parra came in until after the ASB or so.

      Now, I have complete confidence in him.

      Game ball to Mike Leake!! With close honorable mentions to BHam and Meso! 🙂

    • Simon, but I love the job he has done with Parra also.

      Shoot, since Chapman will be in the bullpen, maybe we stretch Parra out again when Marshall gets back…..

      He is capable of that. I just love how he is doing in the pen.

      Now if Price can just figure out Ondrusek

  12. Tremendous job by Leake! Good job by Parra. Santiago is a very good defensive SS. And Billy Hamilton just played his best game in MLB… Also, very nice to have Mes back.

  13. This game seemed more important than what it probably was, but winning it, especially the way we did utilizing power, defense, speed, manufactured runs in addition to shut out pitching, really shows that we can hang with anyone for a series. That’s what we have to focus on while we are getting healthy. Play the rubber match like it’s the post-season.

  14. Well, this ought to hold the Fire Sale Guys off for a couple of days.

  15. Reds scored 4 runs without a hit from 3-4-5. That’s fairly encouraging.

    I know all games wont be like this, but knowing that at least it’s possible to win w/o contributions from our big guys is nice.

  16. Yeah, I get this wasn’t a rubber match, but it’s a split, and it’s against the stupid Cards.

  17. nice game. only watched a bit of it. maybe that’s what i have to do. not watch it and then we win!…. like that Bud commercial w/ the guy going to basement..

    Seems like Billy had a great day. hope he has many more. he’s fun to watch when he’s on. Leake came through.

    Nice one, but still lost 4 games against the birds…. 3-6 overall. need to get some win streak going. it’s a tough opening stretch so let’s get to 500 baseball after the Rays…. that would be a good recovery. at least 2 out of 3 against them.

    good day all

  18. OK! If they win the next one, that’s called a “winning streak.” Good job today! Leake was awesome and it was great to see Mes hit!

  19. Choo just led off the Rangers game with a double — but didn’t score.

    So it’s not just the Reds…

  20. Billy Hamilton just makes the field look small. At that extreme level, speed is an amazing thing.

  21. I knew wearing my Redlegs shirt would help turn this thing around! 1-0 on the season, and riding a 13 game win streak! I think I may have cracked the code…

  22. If you look at the video of Billy scoring on that sac fly, right at the end you can see Shelby Miller flap his arms and just kind of be annoyed that such a thing happened. Like he wanted an out called but knew it wasn’t true, but he couldn’t believe Hamilton scored on that.

  23. Fay is getting it:

    “but this was the Billy Hamilton show.”

    or the Billy Show as I like to call it.

    Shouldn’t be long now before he will not need a last name….

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