We’re only one week into the season, yet Joel Luckhaupt and I have been forced to answer the biggest question facing the Redleg Nation this week: Is manager Bryan Price’s honeymoon over already? We address that burning issue, plus answer questions from the mailbag, in this week’s edition of Redleg Nation Radio. Enjoy!

(P.S., we are working on upgrading the audio. Stick with us.)

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2 Responses

  1. ohiojimw

    I haven’t had time to listen yet but I think when a person is hired under the circumstances and into the situation Price was, there is no such thing as a honeymoon, The man before Price made the playoffs three of the last four years and was shown the gate for not doing better. Doesn’t that create the expectation that Price is supposed to come in and do better right out of the chute?

  2. CTRedsFan

    One possible consideration regarding the Bell situation Monday that I have not heard discussed: Price knew Broxton was coming back Tuesday and that Bell was going to be sent out. The only outing Price had to judge Bell was his bad first outing and wanted to take the opportunity to better understand what they had in Bell before he was sent out Tuesday. If there is any validity to this scenario it is hard to blame Price, the timing was unfortunate being against the Cards, but it is a long season and Price needs to know what the players bring to the table in a MLB game, not spring training. Unfortunately, Price learned that Bell is probably not MLB ready.