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Cardinals at Reds (2013.04.03) [Update: Start time 4:15]

Time for the rubber match of this offensively challenged series.  Or perhaps I should refer to it as pitching dominated.  However you want to describe it, it has been exciting and fun to watch these last 2 games play out.  I know most people love the homerun ball and the high scoring offenses.  But I have always been fond of these tight, low scoring games where the outcome hinges on every pitch.

Today’s game could see some of the same lights out pitching as games 1 and 2 with Homer Bailey taking the mound for the Reds against the Cardinals’ Lance Lynn.  With that said, and retracting my statement in the previous paragraph, I would not mind seeing the Reds explode offensively and win this game comfortably and usher the Cardinals out of Cincinnati with a bang!

It’s a business day special game.  It may be difficult for you to tell your boss to shove it twice in one week to watch the Reds, but if you’re a loyal Reds fan, you’ll find someway to follow today’s game and maybe get enough work done to please your boss.  Or you could be like me: Sitting on your couch enjoying spring break while watching the game with your family!

Go Reds!  And also go Tucker Barnhart who is making his big league debut today!

Reds Lineup:
1. Hamilton – 8
2. Phillips – 4
3. Votto – 3
4. Bruce – 9
5. Frazier – 5
6. Heisey – 7
7. Cozart – 6
8. Barnhart – 2
9. Bailey – 1

146 thoughts on “Cardinals at Reds (2013.04.03) [Update: Start time 4:15]

    • He’s saving him for extra innings. Smart move. Getting more than 1 against Rosenthal won’t be easy.

  1. Bailey’s short start meant three guys who made the team because of injuries pitched today. 7-inning starts earlier are important.

  2. While I don’t necessarily agree with the use of Ondruseck, Christiani, Bell, or Partch in a close game, these guys are gonna have to pitch in high level situations. Price could have very well used Lecure or Parra but with the injuries in the bullpen the other guys have to be given chances to see what they can do.

  3. First of all, I love this site. I followed it closely all last year, but never commented. I figured it’s a new season- no better time to join the conversation than now, right? Tough loss today, but I loved what I saw (or didn’t see since my school outside of Indianapolis now carries Fox Midwest instead of Ohio…. sigh…). For me, the biggest sign of encouragement is Todd Frazier’s strong start at the plate. I know it’s early, but it’s great to see some life out of him, because we are going to need him to step up if the the offense is going to produce consistently. Seeing Joey be Joey is always good too after watching him struggle in person on opening day. If only Hamilton could find his way to first base… That will come soon enough, though, I suppose.

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