I was on the road most of Yesterday, so I didn’t have a chance to link this, but I wrote my usual Opening Day essay over at THT yesterday. I love writing these, and I feel like it might resonate with a lot of you today. Take a look.

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  1. bhrubin1

    Amen. Love the sentiment here, and also the Tolstoy (my all-time favorite author) reference. Very apropos.

  2. mikemartz

    Jason, I enjoyed your post. I would like to say that your students should feel very lucky to have you as their teacher. I have a step brother who is a college English professor so I know a little about how your line of work can be a very time consuming and sometimes thankless job. Thank you for all you do for our future generations and especially for taking the time to share your thoughts with everyone here at Redleg nation.
    Just like losing oneself in a good book I like to lose myself in a great baseball game, win or lose it is a joy just to watch my favorite team play.
    Winning is a great feeling but mostly it’s about forgetting the daily rigors that we face in life.
    Don’t get me wrong, I yell and scream at the tv or from the stands just like everyone does but in the end it’s just a GAME to be enjoyed.
    I’ve been a die hard REDs fan my entire life and I’m very loyal to the team in every way, it’s the least I can do for all the times I’ve come home from work after a long hard day and the team provided me an escape for the next three hours.

    One game does not a season make.

    Go REDs!


  3. Chris Wilson

    Excellent post Jason. I am one of those that can tend to take individual losses or season ending results hard and it sometimes makes me bitter. But putting things into perspective like this really brightens up my day. Until the Reds lose again and I forget what you wrote! haha

  4. Matt WI

    Just wonderful, Jason. Very poignant.

  5. Mike_Petry

    I can only summon my inner Tommy Boy here and tell you “That was awesome.”
    Since your post centered around Anna Karenina and my response involved Tommy Boy, I think we have the entirety of intellectual canon covered.

  6. liptonian

    Beautifully said. Great article.