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Opening Day Edition, Cardinals at Reds (2014.03.31)

It is Opening Day in Cincinnati! Growing up, and still today, Opening Day has ranked just behind Christmas as my favorite day of the year.  It is the beginning of baseball season.  The standings are erased.  Everyone is on an even playing field.  Everyone has hopes that this is the year that their team will be World Champions!

What can we expect from the 2014 Cincinnati Reds?  There are a lot of questions and concerns.  There is also a lot of hope and optimism surrounding this club.  Perhaps that is what makes this first day of the season so great.  What can we expect?  No one knows!  But we are about to watch it all unfold over the next 7 months.

While there is debate over whether today should be a national holiday, rest assured that only one city in America treats today as if it is a holiday.  That city is Cincinnati.  So sit back Reds fans!  Enjoy the holiday.  Enjoy the pageantry that is baseball.  Enjoy the fireworks, cheering crowds, and excitement.  But know that today is just day 1 of a 162 game marathon.  Whether our beloved Redlegs win today or not, it is a long season.  But also know, baseball is back! There isn’t another day like Opening Day!  And there is no city that does Opening Day like Cincinnati!


Reds Lineup:
1. Billy Hamilton CF
2. Brandon Phillips 2B
3. Joey Votto 1B
4. Jay Bruce RF
5. Ryan Ludwick LF
6. Todd Frazier 3B
7. Zack Cozart SS
8. Brayan Pena C
9. Johnny Cueto P

201 thoughts on “Opening Day Edition, Cardinals at Reds (2014.03.31)

  1. Possibly the most crucial spot in the game and you bring in the worst pitcher in your bullpen…I say as he gets the out. Still, don’t get that call.

  2. All around terrible offensive performance. If we don’t get a run in here, I’m going to be furious. JV should’ve had a GIDP and Phillips runs towards home on a grounder. Ugh.

  3. That was horrible base running by BP, not another year of his base-running

  4. Everything about the offensive performance today has been atrocious. Frazier legging out that infield hit has been the only remotely bright spot.

  5. Disappointing base running by BP. He clearly should have stayed at 3d. It didn’t look like he broke on contact.

    • that’s the purpose of going on contact. You don’t hedge. There is no in between

      • That’s just it, there was no reason for him to be going on contact, none at all. The only saving grace I will give BP on that is if he was ordered to go on contact. Can anyone check if he was or not?

        • Bryan verified in post game comments that Phillips was going on contact.

        • Why go on contact there? I just don’t understand why? Then, if you do, finish it out. Hey, I’d rather have the rookie first baseman try to make the throw him than just run him down. If the guy missed a catch from 2nd, he could make a bad throw home.

      • He did hedge. That’s why he stopped.

        As well as, BP just doesn’t have any kind of breaking speed anymore. I’d break Hamilton on contact, maybe. But not BP.

  6. Reds offense is trying so hard to lose this game and the Cardinals defense is like…NOPE!

    • Because its the same old team. Hang on Reds fans, I am feeling a gurggle in my stomach… just indigestion at watching poor, poor play again. New season same squat.

  7. If I’m Bryan Price, no one gets the day off tomorrow. Bright and early and get ready to run.

  8. I’ve seen little league teams score runs when given 5 outs in an inning. Walt better get on the horn for some offense, post-haste.

  9. Nice to hear the Reds announcers just gushing over Molina since there is literally nothing positive to say about the Reds.

    • God, now they’re apologizing for Molina’s role in the brawl…Shut up Thom.

    • He’s been about the only thing (outside of the two starting pitchers) worth gushing about in this game.

  10. Well that’s depressing. Could be the first time in 60 years that we’re shut out on Opening Day…

  11. The credit goes to Card pitching. They are only under .500. Things will get better.

  12. Outside of Cueto, Frazier, and Phillips’ OBP, there was nothing good to take away from this game. Hamilton 0-4 with 4 Ks, Votto looking awful at the plate, and this team stringing together a grand total of 3 hits while benefiting from 3 errors (2 in ONE INNING) and scoring exactly zero runs. Yeesh.

    • Definitely disagree – Cueto was phenomenal – or is the Cards offense just as abominable as the Reds. One bad pitch by Cueto won this game for the Cards today – nothing else from the Cards offense either. If the Reds pitching looks like it did today – then our chances look pretty good this year. Won’t be the Big Red Machine since this club is not built on offense – but pitching and defense can carry teams a long, long way.

  13. Well, I see we bunt just as poor as ever. And, I see we hit RISP as poor as ever. I can understand losing, no problem. But, how didn’t we score 1 run in that 8th inning? Our “best hitters” at bat and on base, what was BP doing breaking before the ball ever left the infield? It didn’t even get 2/3 the distance to the first base bag. If he stays put on Bruce’s “connection”, then he scores, if not Votto as well, on Ludwick’s “would-be” DP ball. I can understand BP is good for a couple of these a season, but when is he going to start using his head? Flash is fine, but I would rather have smart baseball.

    And, I see we still swing as poor as ever. Yes, Wainwright is one of the best. But, in that case, you “take what he is giving you”. As in, if the ball is outside, drive it the other way. I was still seeing us trying to pull those balls way too much.

    I don’t think Hamilton has seen any of the curveballs of Wainwright’s in the minors. Welcome to the big leagues, kid. Just remember, that guy is one of the best, not the norm up here. But, that is going to be something you need to prep for. As soon as the book gets out on you, you don’t want to be dead meat.

    • What I’m going to try to remember is Wainwright is one of the best in the game. He’s going to do this to a lot of teams, just like he’s always has.

      And, like I said last season and the season before, good teams don’t wait for the other team to make mistakes. Good teams take the opportunities. Like the opportunities we had to score, good teams take advantage of them, not wait for the other team to make the mistake. Like I stated, take what Wainwright was giving you. For example, if it’s outside, drive the ball the other way. You aren’t going to beat Wainwright on his mistakes; he makes few if any. You are going to beat him by going with his pitches. Just like with Glavine; he use to pitch so much outside it was ridiculous. And, the players just kept on trying to pull the ball, all the way to a HOF career for him.

  14. Yes, very tough to watch our hitters today. I’m afraid this will be an all too common theme with this anemic line up. Good teams find a way to scratch home runs. Hitting with RISP, and blunders on the bases quickly reared its ugly head on opening day. Let’s hope they can turn it around. Go Reds!

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