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Announcing: New content!

With Opening Day just eight days away (!) and as folks settle in to the new site design, we wanted to preview some of our new, original content for the upcoming season. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be running morning columns six days of the week, Monday through Saturday. They’ll cover the Reds from a variety of angles and run weekly. Here’s a brief introduction:

Central Intelligence by Nick Kirby – A column on the NL Central Division. The first of his two-part preview runs tomorrow morning. (Mondays)

A Minors Obsession by Doug Gray – An analysis of the Reds minor league system and players. (Tuesdays)

Thinking Inside the Box by Jason Linden – A column analyzing the Reds’ performance in the batters box. (Wednesdays)

This Week on the Farm by Tom Diesman – A weekly discussion of the progress and personnel of the Reds minor league affiliates. (Thursdays)

Sixty Feet from Home by Mike Maffie – A column analyzing the Reds’ starting and relief pitching. (Fridays)

The Photo Vault by Chris Garber – A gallery of fabulous photos from the past, of both the Reds and baseball in general. (Saturdays)

As you can see, we’ve added a few new authors to our regular writing staff and we’re excited about their contribution to the site.  We’ll also continue our usual Game Threads (Chris Wilson and Greg Dafler) and Titanic Struggle Recaps (Richard Fitch, Jason Linden and yours truly) for every game, as well as feature columns by all of our writers. But we’re particularly excited about our new morning columns and hope you’ll make it a daily habit to stop by to read and offer your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Announcing: New content!

  1. Might I suggest a Sunday column titled ” The Infirmary” to cover the apparent plague of injuries that will likely be the dominant narrative this season?

  2. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry at this suggestion. 🙂

  3. Fantastic. I was hoping the “new content” would be a daily sort of thing. I look forward to all of them.

    Other question, Mr. Dotson is stepping away from the Recaps? Nothing against you other gents (I’ve come to enjoy all three of your “points of view”), but his recaps are what started me on to this site in the first place, I will be sad to see those disappear if that is truly happening.

    • I will second that notion.
      I’ve been reading this site for years as well, for about the first year or two I only read the recaps. Now I read everything, fantastic site, I find it more informative and a better read than any official corporate site. Keep up the good work, and Chad hopefully you can work in a couple Titanic recaps during the year they are always a blast.

  4. As I dust off the leather, I’m excited to rejoin this community. The new site looks great and I am operating under a different screen name. Not sure how this happened but I now have a fresh start and am coming out of spring training in the greatest shape of my life. I am excited for the season to begin and really like the group of fans that hang out on this site. Tip of the cap for the enhancements.

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