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Chapman out 6-8 weeks, plus rehab

The Reds’ Dr. Tim Kremchek reports that Aroldis Chapman suffered a mild concussion and will have surgery today to repair the bone above his eye, where a plate may be inserted. The medical team expects a full recovery. Chapman will remain in the hospital a few days, but could be out as early as Saturday.

The Reds’ closer is expected to miss 6-8 weeks. But that doesn’t mean he’ll pitch right away after that, because he won’t be able to exercise during that two-month period. Chapman obviously won’t be pitching for two months, so he’ll have to go through rehab, essentially repeat spring training and then take on a few minor league appearances. That sounds more like June than May.

Dr. Kremchek, when asked if it is reasonable to expect Chapman to pitch this year, replied: “Absolutely.”

Chapman is reported to be awake and alert this morning, feeling better and in good spirits. He’s “telling “Cuban jokes” according to fellow Cuban Brayan Peña, who was behind the plate when the incident occurred. Chapman passes along his gratitude for all the support.

The pitch on that play was a 99-mph fastball. Chapman joked that he should have thrown it slower and Peña remarked that he wished he’d called for a slider.

There have been similar horrifying incidents in the past. Obviously none are exactly the same as Chapman’s situation. Here are a few:

Brandon McCarthy (2012) – Pitcher was hit on mound by line drive on September 5. Suffered an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture. Returned the following spring training.

Justin Smoak (2011) – 1B was hit by a ground ball and suffered a broken nose and cheekbone. Was out from August 13 to September 2.

Marlon Byrd (2011) – OF was hit by a 93-mph fastball and suffered multiple facial fractures. Was out from May 23 to July 2.

J.A. Happ (2013) – Pitcher was hit on a line drive back to the mound, suffered a skull fracture behind his left ear, no concussion. Was out May 8 to August 7.

Mitch Maier (2008) – Kansas City OF, hit in the face with a pitch, suffered multiple facial fractures. Out from August 21 to September 13.

Mike Mussina (1998) – Pitcher was hit on line drive back to the mound, broken nose. Was out nearly a month. Said afterward the main difficulty: “It was mentally getting over the fear that every ball I threw, every ball that someone made contact with was not coming back at me.”

Chris Young (2008) – Pitcher was hit by a line drive off of Albert Pujols, lacerated face, fractured nose, facial fractures, concussion. Out from May 22 to July 29.

Hideki Kuroda (2009) – Pitcher hit by line drive on August 15. No broken bones but had post-concussion syndrome. Out to September 6.

Bryce Florie (2000) – Red Sox pitcher hit by line drive in September, in right eye socket, never lost consciousness, diagnosed with fractures of right eye socket, surgery to relieve swelling, some visual impairment, retinal damage, returned to pitching early next season.

Dick Pole (1975) – Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox (you remember the 1975 Red Sox?) hit by line drive, fractured right cheekbone, eye injury, missed two months.

Herb Score (1957) – Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, 20-game winner, hit by line drive on May 7 in the face and right eye, not unconscious, left on a stretcher, missed the rest of the season.  

And I hate to bring this up, but Johnny Cueto was scratched from today’s game due to an “irritation in his scapula” (shoulder blade). I’m not a doctor, but that sounds close to his lat muscle.

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  1. Redlegnation was blocked at my job as “social networking”. I called it news, but management disagreed. However, Redlegnation 2.0 for some reason is getting through, hence my middle of the day post.

    Can’t stop the signal……

  2. I was going to re-register but I see you can use your twitter account so I’ll go with that.

    The site looks great…although I couldn’t figure out how to register, even if I wanted to.

    Nice job, guys!

  3. First of all, obviously all the best to Chapman and his family. Horrible thing, and you wonder if they are going to start mandating helmets for pitchers, like you see in some travel leagues.

    And while it may be too soon, on the baseball front any thoughts on what this does to the 25/40 rosters? The healthy pitching numbers are dwindling…

    • Won’t affect the 40-man roster. Chapman will stay on it. It opens up a space on the 25-man roster, though. So look for one of the guys who is pitching well in spring training to grab that spot. It’s looking unlikely Sean Marshall will start the season on the 25-man roster, too.

      • Wouldn’t there be at least the possibility of him going on the 60 day DL? 8 weeks is 56 days plus at least a couple additional weeks for rehab and a minor league assignment. If that’s the case, doesn’t it open a spot on the 40 man or am I just losing my mind? Either is entirely possible!

  4. Sure isn’t looking good for the pitching staff lately. I pray for Chapman and his well being.

    • Hoping the best for Aroldis. Was just checking out his Instagram yesterday and he seems to be very excited to be reunited with his daughter.

      New site looks great!

  5. All of us love baseball and the Reds but at times like this, his health and well being should be pushed to the forefront. I think that Bryan Price is going to receive a baptism of fire in the early going with all of these injuries that are plaguing the pitching staff. Let’s hope the Reds rally around this and everyone really steps up over the next ninety days.

  6. I’ve got a feeling his career is done. Yes, I know – pessimistic. But given the injury, and given HOW it happened, and given Chapman’s make-up, I see this as being psychological going forward. My guess? He has tremendous difficulties throwing strikes consistently. That fear that’s in the back of most pitcher’s heads will now be strongly in the front of Chapman’s. Plus the rehab and eye-plate. Seriously, I would not expect to see a dominant Aroldis this year – or maybe ever again.

    • Wow … the prognosis is 4-6 weeks now; mild concussion and successful surgery, and you have his career over.

      You must be a ton of fun to be around day to day.

      • I believe that Chris is talking about lingering psychological issues. Certainly seemed to affect Herb Score. I’m not saying that I know that Aroldis is going to be permanently affected, and I certainly hope not (wouldn’t even if he pitched for the Cards), but it is a concern. I’m probably not a lot of fun to be around, either, though my dog (who is about to go snowshoeing with me) would disagree.

      • I agree with Chris and greenmtred. Not to be harsh, but Chapman doesn’t seem like the most psychologically strong pitcher.

        I sure wasn’t fun to be around yesterday. Stinking Harvard…. 🙁

  7. The website looks very nice. Having problems logging on via WordPress. Using IE 11. Any help?

  8. Prayers and best wishes go out to Chappy and his family. Here’s to a complete recovery. Here in Columbus the local news showed the video this morning. Man, it was brutal. Glad to hear he’s alert and in good spirits.

    On another note, the site looks great.

  9. Prayers and best wishes to Chappy and his family. Here in Columbus the local news showed the video this morning. Man, it was brutal.

    On another note, the site looks great.

  10. Yes, I believe that if AC was put on the 60 day DL both he and his replacement would in effect be on the roster, so that way you add a person to the 40 man without having to remove anyone from the current 40 man.

    Best wishes for a full recovery for the Missle

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