Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day, which means that the Reds will be sporting their green hats, and for once, John Fay will have an answer to his most annoying question posed to him on Twitter.

Johnny Bench’s St. Patrick’s Day uniform

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  1. LWBlogger

    Yeah, that’s pretty big. I’m a 7-5/8 too and I have a big ol’ potato head. I’m going to go with a fellow catcher and say Hal King. Played for the Reds in 73 and 74.

    • ImmaculateConcepcion

      Did this ever get settled? I was thinking John Bench. I’m cursed as a buckethead meself. I sport a genuine 7 7/8 and finding hats to fit (that aren’t expandable–and those don’t fit well, either). I ordered a Redlegs home red hat several years ago from the MLB website, and they put my order on ‘backorder.’ After about five weeks of that, I surrendered and took the lone road (black brim) 7 7/8 they had in stock. But it’s a little snug now..
      BTW, for other cannonball headed folks out there, the Duluth Trading Company has a wide variety of cool lids that realy fit!

  2. Sultan of Swaff

    Griffey? I mean, he probably had a small head, but the afro required some accomodation.

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    Crap, spoke too soon. I meant to say Driessen.

  4. pinson343

    About today’s game, BP is called out trying to steal 3rd base, and the call is overruled. With instant replay challenges, the percentage of success with stolen bases is going to go up a bit. Generally in the past if the ball gets there on time, the runner is called out regardless of whether the tag is on time. No more.

    Just the same, I hope that in the regular season the Reds aren’t running as much as they are in spring training games. They’re running into too many outs. Price has emphasized more aggressive running. I would like to see more alert running than last year, there were so many outs on mental mistakes on the base paths.

    • preach

      @pinson343: Agreed. Besides Billy the Kid, I would just be happy with a much lower number of TOOTBLANs this season. That has to be worth at least a couple of wins all by itself.

      • LWBlogger

        @LWBlogger: I could see my old coaches or managers saying something like this after I got thrown out trying to go 1B to 3B on a single to LF. “What are you doing L-Dub??!! You’re my slowest guy and you TOOTBLAN!! Geez, you’re lucky they didn’t throw you at at second, and you tried for third??!!… TOOTBLAN! Use your head, you’re smarter than that!”

  5. WVRedlegs

    Green hats and BHam.
    (Apologies to Dr. Seuss.)