As a kid in the early 1980s, I’d get to see the Reds on local television maybe 10 times a year. Young Reds fans today have it a lot better — and not just because Votto/Phillips is more exciting than Driessen/Oester. 
This week, FOX Sports Ohio announced its 145-game Reds television schedule. As in past years, the network uses a tag-team approach to calling the games. They’ll use three play-by-play announcers: Thom Brennaman, Jim Kelch, and George Grande; and two color analysts: Chris Welsh and Jeff Brantley.
Grande remains retired (and delightful in proper doses). He’ll do a handful of games like he has since retiring after the 2009 season. Thom will miss a lot of weekends, as he’ll be doing 12 regular season games for the FOX mothership, plus NFL in September. But otherwise, there’s still no discernable pattern to who works when, where, and with whom. One thing that must be balanced is the radio broadcast, where Thom, Kelch, and Brantley work alongside Franchester M. Brennaman – who took several more vacations last year than in years past.
For the rest of the broadcast, it’s almost as complicated. Jeff Piecoro and Brian Giesenschlag will co-host the pre- and post-game versions of Reds Live. Giesenschlag does a nice job on the Blue Jackets’ studio show, and will be a welcome addition to the full-time Reds crew.Jim Day will now work all 145 games as sideline reporter – he didn’t work some road games in prior years. He’ll also do reporting for the pre- and post-game shows. After home games only, Piecoro and Day will trade spots — Piecoro will handle the on-field post-game interviews, and Day will head up to the concourse set to co-host the post-game version of Reds Live. More coverage from FOX Sports Ohio: 

  • Reds Weekly – Wednesdays at 6:00pm (premieres Wednesday, April 9th)
    • This 30-minute show, hosted by Piecoro, will feature recaps, previews, interviews, and highlights.
  • – Brings you news and analysis from J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner Hal McCoy and sports writer Kevin Goheen. Fans can also chat live with McCoy every Reds home game.

For more details about the shows, and a copy of the broadcast schedule, go here.

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21 Responses

  1. WVRedlegs

    Bow tie Tuesday.
    Goodness gracious, where did Welsh get that jacket? Did he raid BP’s closet?

  2. magi210

    Like you, I was stuck with Marty and Joe on the radio growing up in Louisville (Not that I hated the call, but it would have been nice to be able to watch the game every once in a while.). I’m glad to have the televised option now with FS-OH.

    Also, I used to work for the Redbirds when Kelch was the radio voice there. I think he’s worn out his welcome with me. 🙂

  3. preach

    Boy, he sure looks ridiculous. And Chris looks funny in that jacket, too.

  4. redsfan11

    Reminds me of the sideline reporter for TBS basketball

    For some reason Chris wore that to a dodgers series then brought it back for a few more games later

  5. Kyle Farmer

    I’m pretty sure he bought it in Berkley during a series in SF (insert hippie joke here).

    Does this mean that we are spared Sean Casey? Goodness, I hope so. I love me some Casey, but he’s just a train wreck in the booth.

    Kelch has grown on me and, despite knowing that this mean most of you will hate me, I really like Thom. Welsh is superb always.

    Finally, as I said in another thread, I simply cannot understand the economics behind not airing all 162 games.

    • renbutler

      @Kyle Farmer: I will try to answer your final question, but it seems like it is always forgotten.

      FSN-Ohio can’t show all 162 games, because ESPN, FOX, and now FS1 get their share of exclusive games. The problem is that we can’t know before the season how many Reds games will end up on those networks, as many of those slots aren’t determined until later in the year. So FSN-Ohio picks up the vast majority of games and then fills in the gaps as the remaining 17 games fall into place.

      Last year, using this same process, only one game out of 162 wasn’t available in the Cincinnati market. This year, eight games are currently not selected for televising in the Reds’ market (if you don’t count two games shown only on WGN). Count on some of those eight being picked up in one way or another, as seven games already have been picked up by FS1/ESPN/FOX.

  6. buck3362

    Welsh is the freaking best. I’d love to have a brewsky or 6 with that guy.

    • greenmtred

      @buck3362: Yeah, Welsh is the best, and I actually do–mostly–like Thom, too, despite the annoying platitudes. He, at least, has a sense of humor. I like George Grande, too, because he seems like a genuinely good guy. Chris would probably make any broadcast partner bearable.

  7. TC

    No disrespect to Pic, but it won’t be the same with JD doing the post games. Jiminions unite!

  8. Andrew Ryan

    While I understand why a lot of people don’t enjoy George Grande doing play by play, I really like him. Being 23 I have basically grown up with George grande as the play by play I have listened to the most. He just seems like a nice easy going guy. He isn’t without his quirks (Buccos anyone?) but I definitely enjoy him a lot more than Thom.

    • LWBlogger

      @Andrew Ryan: I’ll take George Grande over Thom all day, any day for announcing Reds games. Thom is much more enjoyable to listen to when he’s doing the national broadcasts that don’t involve the Reds. He’s a very, very good play-by-play announcer when he doesn’t try to pontificate.

      • LWBlogger

        @LWBlogger: I mean Thom is really negative with a winning team. Imagine him announcing the Reds during a 70-92 season?

    • preach

      @Andrew Ryan: I’m a George guy myself. I do not like listening to Thom call Reds games. Has he ever called any game without over-hyperbole? Everything is the “most”, “greatest”, “worst”, “despicable”, “grossest”, etc. He doesn’t seem so inclined to do that as often when he’s doing non-Reds events. He makes me grumpy.

      I was always a fan of George and Chris and am looking forward to them working together some this season. I like Kelch, hated it when Big Daddy Paul Keels called baseball. He’s excellent at basketball and football, but baseball certainly is not his forte.

  9. ebooten

    Will there be any spring training games on Fox?

  10. icee82

    I believe that Chris Welsh is trying to be the Don Cherry of baseball. As you know Cherry wears outlandish outfits on Hockey Night in Canada and Welsh’s suit is right out of that mold. Love that George Grande will be returning to do select games. I can take him in small doses and nobody does Reds’ HOF weekend like Grande. He is a student of the game and is enjoyable on those types of events. I met him several years ago at the Reds HOF and got a photograph with him.

  11. william

    Is there a cost to stream Fox Oh for Reds games?

  12. Paul

    Tonight thom brennaman stated Neil walker grew up a Pirates fan and met Roberto Clemente. How could this have happened when clemente tragically died in 1972 and walker was born in 1985.