Bill and I got our hands on a slow news week in Redleg Nation, and somehow figured out how to talk about it for an hour. Yes, the excitement of Opening Day is drawing ever nearer. Let’s talk Reds, shall we?

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4 Responses

  1. Shchi Cossack

    Spring training results are certainly not indicative or predictive of anything and early spring training results are even less meaningful, but this is the time of spring training baseball. After the first time plus through the starting rotation, some of the results are interesting. The major league pitching staff has been simply outstanding and look ready to play once they have stretched out. Alfredo Simon looks like he wants it bad with a starting opportunity facing him. Stepping off from the ramblings (and I enjoyed every word) of Chad and Bill, here are some thoughts from the Old Cossack.

    From the ‘I better show something if I don’t want to be forgotten and discarded’ camp and stepping up to the challenge:

    .500/.636/.875 in 11 PA for Roger Bernadina, non-roster LH OF.
    .375/.500/1.000 in 10 PA for Donald Lutz, 40 man roster LH OF.
    .583/.583/.917 in 12 PA for Neftali Soto, 40 man roster RH IF.

    From the ‘I better show something if I don’t want to be forgotten and discarded’ camp and not yet quite meeting the challenge:

    .250/.400/.250 in 5 PA for Rey Navarro, non-roster SH IF.
    .167/.286/.333 in 6 PA for Max Ramirez, non-roster RH C.
    .200/.182/.400 in 11 PA for Chris Nelson, non-roster RH IF.
    .143/.333/.143 in 9 PA for Ramon Santiago, non-roster SH SS.
    .143/.143/.286 in 7 PA for Argenis Diaz, non-roster RH SS.
    .143/.143/.286 in 7 PA for Rossmel Perez, non-roster LH C.
    .143/.250/.143 in 8 PA for Ryan LaMarre, 40 man roster RH CF.
    .125/.222/.125 in 9 PA for Kris Negron, non-roster RH SS.
    .143/.143/.143 in 7 PA for Henry Rodriguez, non-roster SH IF.

    From the ‘O Ye of little faith’ camp and making a point:

    .556/.556/.667 in 9 PA for Zack Cozart, starting RH SS.
    .556/.545/.667 in 11 PA for Skip Schumaker, 40 man roster LH IF/OF.
    .273/.273/.636 in 11 PA for Chris Heisey, 40 man roster RH OF.
    .333/.455,.444 in 11 PA for Billy Hamilton starting SH CF.

    From the ‘I have something to prove’ camp and not yet proving it:

    .286/.286/.286 in 7 PA for Ryan Ludwick, starting RH LF.
    .100/.182/.300 in 11 PA for Brandon Phillips, starting RH 2B.
    .143/.143/.286 in 7 PA for Devon Mesoraco, starting RH C.
    .167/.143/.167 in 7 PA for Todd Frazier, starting RH 3B.

    From the ‘I want the season to start yesterday’ camp:

    .750/.857/1.250 in 7 PA for Jay Bruce, starting LH RF.

    From the ‘You’re seriously going to evaluate me after a handful of PA in the 1st week of spring training’ camp:

    .200/.200/.200 in 10 PA for Joey Votto, starting LH 1B.

    The hopefuls have about 1 week left to make an impression before the regular major league roster begins to get some serious playing time in preparation for opening day.

  2. Mike Martz

    Ludwick and Frazier must have read your comment Shchi, they hit back to back homers today…..

    • Shchi Cossack

      @Mike Martz: Glad to be of service. Perhaps I should have found something critical to say about Cueto… 😕

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Bryan Price just continues to say and do all the right things this spring training. It seems that every interview with Bryan contains a snippet of aggression and intensity. He talks about hitting smart. He talks about playing smart. His emphasis on fundamentals should pay dividends down the line. Then comes his latest gem…

    “I know at times pitchers get a little bit anxious if you have an over-shift on a hitter, but it’s a game of percentages,” manager Bryan Price said on Tuesday. “I think we’re going to be a little bit more inclined to set our defense in the areas of the field where the highest percentage of balls are hit based on the hitter. It makes sense. There will definitely be times where the hitter beats the shift. But the data is pretty dramatic.”

    “When we hired Jay, we talked a lot about the fact that they put an emphasis on their defensive alignments and it made a difference for their ball club,” Price said. “I just think it simply makes sense. The data is going to suggest that there is reason for a dramatic shift, it’s something we’ll definitely look into.”

    I get the impression that unlike Pittsburgh, where the GM lead the old school manager into modern baseball, in Cincinnati, the manager seems to be leading the old school GM into modern baseball.

    Maybe Bryan had some epiphany of sorts and wasn’t ready to manage before this year, but I am delighted he is the manager of the Reds now and hopefully for years (decades?) to come. With BC talking about signing Latos and Cueto to extentions; a solid core of position players under team control, more top prospects coming and then Hamilton not realizing that major league baseball is as difficult as everyone keeps telling him, can a big post-season run be far off?