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The Nation Reports: Redsfest Open Thread

Please post your experiences at the 2013 Redsfest in the comments section.

If you have a picture from the event you’d like to share, send it to

10 thoughts on “The Nation Reports: Redsfest Open Thread

  1. Caught the player introductions online. BP present.
    Homer and Choo absent – and Pena, I think.
    Hoover sporting a Duck Dynasty look, Ondru not far behind him…

  2. It was actually a lot more crowded than I thought it would be considering the weather. Autograph and photograph lines were still too long for my impatient body. Brandon Phillips came out to the loudest ovation among Reds players, with Votto’s a close second. In all, a lot of Reds past and present came out, and Danny Graves commented on a side stage amazed at how big it’s gotten since he was a player. A lot of activities to do, even for those without kids like myself. They had a new season ticket holder lounge where the line for photographs with players was a lot shorter. Heard a kids Q&A session with Hannahan, Votto and Bruce that was pretty entertaining. Puckett was Hannahan’s favorite player growing up (being from St. Paul), Roberto Alomar was Votto’s (Toronto) and Griffey was Bruce’s. You got to see the players with their guard down a little bit and not giving the cliche answers that they do so often in interviews. A lot of expensive game-used memorabilia from the Reds, along with other memorabilia from vendors that was a little overwhelming. Overall, pretty good few hours to spend and get excited for what Jocketty will do (hopefully) at the Winter Meetings. But I wouldn’t count on getting autographs or photos unless you’re willing to sacrifice an hour or two in line.

  3. Oh, and Tony Cingrani reading Sponge Bob Square Pants to the Reds Heads club was hillarious, especially with his no-shave November beard.

  4. Summary of Jocketty’s comments that I heard:
    1) Phillips trade rumors were mostly because Yankees were posturing in order to get Cano to lower his price. The Yankees are the only team the Reds have talked to about trading Phillips, and they leaked the news of that.
    2) Choo is probably too expensive, especially in light of the Ellsbury contract
    3) The goal of the winter meetings is to get a backup SS/2B who has power.
    4) Billy Hamilton is currently slotted into CF and leadoff.

    I don’t know what Votto talked about because I got lost in his handsome eyes.

    • @jonrox: That’s a lot of faith being put in Billy to get on base, and it’s really the firts I’ve heard of him being “ready.” So many posters here feel otherwise. Very interesting.

      • @jessecuster44: Of course Jocketty would never be engaging in any posturing of his own by saying things like Choo was probably out of reach financially or that he was ready to go to war with BHam as his CF and lead off guy 🙂

        • @OhioJim: This is really what I’m hanging the Old Cossack’s hat on right now…posturing. If it is not posturing, then the seal on the Vodka will be broken before pitchers and catchers report and the Old Cossack will resort to warmth of that sweet liquid to see me through the cold winter.

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