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Thanks Ryan Hanigan

Very nice story about Ryan Hanigan from DaytonDragons.com.

Check out the story of Ryan’s playing career (thus far).

We at Redleg Nation want to thank Ryan for his time in Cincinnati and wish him well in St. Pete. Hope that he wins an AL championship there (losing to the Reds in the World Series).

14 thoughts on “Thanks Ryan Hanigan

  1. I look forward to the matchup and duel between Billy and Ryan in that WS. What a show! I just became a Ray’s fan yesterday and hope they run the AL East division for the next 3 years with Hanigan leading the Ray’s pitching staff to an even more elite status.

  2. I paid tribute to what Ryan did as a Red in an earlier thread. Now I’ll look to the future. I hope he regains his health and helps the Rays make the WS.

    Yes, watching a duel between him and Hamilton would be thrilling.

  3. Hanny was one of the real troopers, and he’s gone now, so no point in weeping. I know he’ll be a positive addition to Tampa Bay–and I’ll root for him–but I think this is a combo-move that will push Meso to the (hopefully) 110-120 game catcher with lineup presence we need from him.

    Then I think—Damn! Hanny’s gone!! That bad boy could PLAY the catcher’s position with style and flair. Framed the zone like a genius, had a great arm and put his life down blocking the plate. And the lad did scuffle with the bat in his hand. Let’s keep a light on for him, okay?


  4. Thanks Hanny! You have been what I always expect out of a ball player. Tough, quiet and a leader. I hope Mesoraco has taken great notes. I think he has a great future as a coach or even a manager.

  5. I might be late to the party, but Price has announced his complete coaching staff on reds.com. Mack Jenkins stays on as asst PC and bullpen coach and Mike Stefansky retains catching coach and Hatcher is still 1st base coach. Newcomers; Steve Smith as the 3rd base coach and Freddie Benavides is listed as the non-descript coach. We already knew Bell as bench coach, Long as hitting coach and Pico as pitching coach.

  6. I hope he has success in Tampa and it starts with a nice bounce-back season in 2014. As a former catcher myself, I admire the kind of player he is; especially behind the dish.

  7. Ryan Hanigan has been a real pleasure to watch with the Reds. A solid ballplayer and I wish him well with the Rays. Tampa is not far from Rollins College where he graduated with a degree in philosophy.

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