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I would, what about you?

From the NYTimes:

Early in the off-season, the Yankees checked in with the Cincinnati Reds about second baseman Brandon Phillips, who has four years left on a six-year, $72.5 million contract. The Reds were not ready to trade him, and the asking price was said to be exorbitant.

The Yankees have few of the cheap, major-league-ready players teams covet in trades, but if they offered outfielder Brett Gardner and reliever David Robertson, would Cincinnati bite? Gardner could replace Choo, and Robertson would allow Aroldis Chapman to move to the rotation. It is worth exploring.

I would do this deal in a microsecond….good player with decent OBP in CF and a solid RH Reliever for Phillips? DONE.

What about you?

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  1. For sure I would do this deal. The problem then would be who plays 2B? Another trade would have to be done. I guess HRod could

  2. I would do Gardner for Phillips straight up. This guy from the NY Times must really like Phillips.

  3. Aye.

    Seems like the Ayes have it. Tell Walt to pull the trigger.

    At first glance, Chapman or Bailey could net you a nice 2B. In any case, the Reds seem to now have a pool of starter talent in AA, AAA, and Cincy.

  4. That would be a pretty solid trade for the Reds. However, in this scenario, the Reds would probably need to deal Chapman or Bailey for middle infield help and a prospect or two. I’d still do it without thinking twice, but it would leave the club with a pretty big hole to fill.

  5. I think the Yankees have made great progress in burning the Cano bridge and I think both sides are moving toward breaking ties. I expect someone to take advantage and sign Cano for what the Yankess are proposing in their very public and confrontational negotiations. That will make the Yankees a very suitable, and probably the most suitable, trading partner for Phillips. I also believe Brett Gardner is the only real cornerstone option in a Reds-Yankees trade for Phillips.

  6. First of all, the Yankees are going to sign Cano, so they ultimately will lose interest in BP.

    Second, both Gardner and Robertson are just one year away from free agency, so this would be a rental. They would earn about $9.5 million next year, so the trade wouldn’t save much money in relation to BP. So it could prevent any other significant moves for the Reds this offseason. Robertson will earn $5.5 million next year, which would mean the Reds would be spending an absurd amount on the bullpen.

    I like Gardner and Robertson fine. But the deal only helps the Reds for one season, other than getting out of the bad years of the Phillips contract.

  7. It’s not a bad trade. Of course the best part of it is getting Phillips’ contract off the books. My only problem with it is that both of the players will be FA in 2015.

  8. Steve, I didn’t realize the salary/contract implications, but I’d still do the deal, if for no other reason than to get out from under the Phillips contract. I think Gardner would help this team in ’14.

  9. Does allow you to put Hamilton in the 8th spot and play him at 2nd base

    Garner fills choo’s spot.

    I would do this trade, and spin Robertson out for some trinkets

    • @reaganspad: Hamilton would be totally wasted at 2B. He was never a great fielder and he has spectacular range. He’ll win gold gloves in CF, but would probably struggle to be an average 2B, and would clearly be a step down from Phillips in the field. Also, if they wanted him to be an infielder, why play him exclusively in CF last year?

  10. I still do the deal. I think getting BP out of the locker room helps as much as peeling the salary off the books. Gardner for a year still give Hamilton time to season or try him out at second. Robertson is just the gravy. I take the trade even with out him or for a AA prospect. Not that the Yanks are blessed with them.

    • @pittdaddy: BP’s locker room persona is, I believe, entirely hearsay, and he’s still a very talented player who won’t be gone after next year unless the Reds trade him. Who plays second, anyway? Somebody suggested HRod, but it is my understanding that he’s less than mediocre defensively, and I expect that the result would be another wait-til-next-year season, which is probably what it will be in any case.

  11. The bullpen doesn’t really need much help, so while Robertson is fine, I don’t see him as much of a get for us. I also think that Billy Hamilton can come pretty close to Gardner’s .760 OPS last year, so I don’t think he’s really much of an upgrade for us either.

    And then there’s the issue of the hole at 2B.

    I disagree with Steve above, I think the Yankees are going to let Cano go get paid elsewhere and spend their money on guys like Beltran or Choo. They have too many holes right now to dump all their money on one player, even if it is Cano.

    So I can see the Yankees as good trading partners, I’m just not sure this is the deal I’d want. How much better is Garnder + ??? than Phillips + Hamilton? Are their good infielders for the Reds to target?

  12. ESPN is reporting that Seattle has entered as serious contenders for Cano. That would shake this up a bit and make it more plausible.

  13. Cano’s agents putting up those 300 and now will accept 253 million for 8 years are delusional.
    I really hope the Yanks just let him set and stew.

    As stated before, considering how much St. Louis gave Peralta, Phillips contract really doesn’t look quite as bad.

  14. I like the Gardner piece of this, especially as a one-year bridge to Billy Hamilton, if his future in the organization is still in the OF. And while I love Robertson — he could become the Reds closer, for sure — dealing BP for two one-year players seems unambitious. Maybe make a trade with the Yankees, but for either Robertson OR Gardner, plus a prospect that would offer long-term payoff.

    Seattle seems like a wild card in this. I’ve seen the rumors about them plunging into the free agent market and no splash would be bigger than Cano. Then Nick Franklin for Mike Leake makes sense from the Reds end, maybe the Mariners, too.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I would do this deal yesterday. It is not just about the team control when it comes to Phillips. The projections (in the post-steroids era) indicate that a guy like Phillips is due to decline precipitously very, very soon. So, getting out from under that contract allows the Reds to lock up (perhaps) Latos or someone else at below-market value.

      In addition, Gardner could very well be Choo-lite and, as I have maintained for some time now, would ultimately yield a draft pick, given he stays healthy and plays well, after the Reds’ QO is rejected. As for Robertson, if he has a solid year and the Reds falter, he would be a great trade deadline piece to stock up for the future.

      I believe that the Yankees are Pujolsing Cano. Just like the Cardinals seemed to come up juuust short on their offer to Pujols, the Yankees seem to be doing the same with Cano. They don’t seem to want to be saddled with a long contract for the player, yet they want to keep up appearances, so as to not anger the fan base any more than is necessary. Now, if the Mariners signed Cano and sent Franklin to the Reds for someone like Leake, I would do a dance.

    • I like the Gardner piece of this, especially as a one-year bridge to Billy Hamilton, if his future in the organization is still in the OF. And while I love Robertson — he could become the Reds closer, for sure — dealing BP for two one-year players seems unambitious.

      Steve, I think you’re over-estimating the team’s ability to trade Phillips.

  15. I don’t understand why we have to trade BP just to get Aroldis in the rotation. Just put Aroldis in the rotation and be done with it.

    • @Johnu1:
      What is the reality, if he is a starter in April, when do they shut him down?
      Last season would have been a great opportunity when Cueto went down to see what he had, is there ever going to be a time Chapman is a realistic factor in September, let alone October outside of closing?

  16. I wish the Reds could make this trade and also work out a deal to ship Homer to Houston for Altuve. He covers your need for 2nd base, he is a spark plug and is cheap for the next few years. Now, I understand this is why the Astros would want to keep him but find me an ace that is ready on the Astros roster. They’d eat Homer up.

  17. The Skankees just signed Ellsbury for $140 million or so…No money for Cano, a somewhat crowded outfield and a hole to fill at 2nd…This trade might be closer to reality…

  18. This post is a little late. The Old Cossack got interrupted mid-post by a family emergency. This is what I was posting about 2 hours earlier…

    The ante just went up with the NYY signing Ellsbury. CF is now locked up for the NYY and Gardner doesn’t fill the corner OF need for the NYY. I think Ludwick would look splendid in LF stripes this year with Phillips in 2B pinstripes. Put Gardner in CF for 2014 and sign Choo to play LF.

  19. ” I think Ludwick would look splendid in LF stripes this year with Phillips in 2B pinstripes. Put Gardner in CF for 2014 and sign Choo to play LF.”

    Yes, please. I would take that scenario even if it meant over-playing Skip at second. We lose infield defense, but look at the cannons in the corner outfield spots and a genuine CF’er patrolling in between.

    • @preach: Personally, I’d never want to sacrifice infield defense to improve defense in left field. A left fielder just needs to know how to play the corner and hit the cutoff man.

      And hit.

      Mostly hit.

      Bad infield defense … you become the Cubs.

      • @Johnu1: Boy, do I agree! The Reds could easily slip from being contenders to being a marginal .500 club. We did the all-hit/no field thing for awhile a few years ago: didn’t work then, won’t work now. As for unloading Bailey or Chapman, why deplete our most notable asset–the pitching staff–and leave the team’s fate in the hands of unproven starters. Sign Bailey! Keep BP!

  20. The idea that Hamilton could mature into a good 2B offsets the idea that Phillips will degenerate into a bad one … so you either pay me now or pay me later.

    If all this is about is getting BP’s contract off the books, sooner or later you will still have to pay somebody to be the 2B.

    Hamilton is cheap, probably really is a CF and I’d just say, leave it at that. But if you don’t get an MLB-ready 2B in a trade, you just modify the parameters from what is inevitable later on for something that’s not even a sure thing right now.

    My choice: I keep Phillips unless it’s a deal I can’t refuse.

  21. I probably would do Phillips straight up for Gardner.

    and then check to See What Michael Young is up to
    or for those of you that worry about the defense at 2B check in on Mark Ellis

  22. and I wonder if the Blue Jays would be interested in a Phillips/Bailey for Bautista/Izturis type deal

  23. Cano is caught in a Mexican Stand Off that he thinks he will win. He might, but it wont be soon if it is with the Yankees. Is it gamesmanship by the Yankees? Are the Yankees serious about a trade? I do not see quite the value in Gardner, though he could be a good one year rental. I do not want Robinson, there are cheaper alternatives already on the roster. Now if they have the next Cano in A ball, I want him.

  24. Count me in the minority that want to see Phillips go. Why does Votto get a pass for a poor season because of his knee, but Phillips doesn’t after being HBP, when he was CARRYING the offense in the first few months of the season?

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