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Happy Thanksgiving, Nation

Happy Thanksgiving all, from your friends at Redleg Nation.

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly:

Feel free to use this as an open thread all day, to discuss what you — as a Cincinnati Reds fan — are thankful for today.

14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Nation

  1. Happy Thanksgiving ALL!
    And here’s also hoping that SantaWalt brings us a big bat for Christmas!

  2. I watch that WKRP episode every year. It never stops being funny.

    Happy T.G.D. to everyone and thanks for allowing me to participate.

  3. Please give all thanks to God Almighty for all the blessings he has bestowed on you.

  4. I’m thankful that we get the opportunity to argue about whether Joey Votto is great or just really really good, and not fans of some other team.

    I’m also thankful that we will get to do so for another decade.

    Finally, I’m thankful for having this forum where I can talk Reds baseball with dozens of others who care as much as I do, and for all the excellent writing and analysis that this site provides. Happy Thanksgiving RLN!

  5. I’m thankful that after the 2000s, the Reds Look to be relevant for a while. I’m thankful that Joey Votto is a Red. I’m thankful for his site, as it is full of intelligent baseball discussion.

  6. I’m grateful for having survived, when others counted me out. I’m grateful for the Reds/Bengals connection that bind me and my son. I’m grateful for RLN as a group of supporters who whether knowingly or not helped pull me through crisis. I’m grateful that Choo will be back (speaking it into existance). I’m grateful that the Reds are relevant again. I’m just grateful.

  7. I don’t usually look well on mixing of sports on sites like this; but, on this Sunday morning I am thankful that as a youngster growing up in Kettering Brady Hoke heard that different drum which made him prefer Maize and Blue to Scarlet and Grey.

    • @OhioJim: I’m a Michigan alum, worked there 18 years and still trek to Ann Arbor for football games. I’m far from sold on Brady Hoke, but I thought going for two was the right call. Ohio State’s final drive showed that Michigan had no realistic hope of stopping the running game. Plus our regular kicker was out. Our odds of winning the overtime were less than making the two-point play, in my opinion. Liked the decision, didn’t like the call — especially after we showed the formation before OSU called a timeout. Should have changed up the play. I bet Bo and Woody couldn’t have imagined a 42-41 final score in The Game.

      • @Steve Mancuso: In the comments I saw, Hoke seemed to infer that he thought there was a good chance OSU could score (again) in the 32 seconds left on the clock after the final UM TD. So I guess his thinking at least in part was to put as much pressure as possible on the Buckeyes by having them need to score to avert defeat and also perhaps to light a bigger fire under his own defense (not to mention he forced Meyer to burn his last TO).

        On the one hand, this is hard to argue against. On the other given what happened 800 or so miles south 3 hours later in a similar situation, and before they even got to OT, makes a pretty strong case for hanging in and letting the hand play out.

        I was amazed also that UM came out after the TO in the very same formation. I wonder if they changed the call because from what was in the Dispatch overnight, OSU was expecting exactly what UM did.

  8. Belated thanksgiving wishes to all of you. But, Chad, I think that we’ve had this discussion before: Turkeys CAN fly. The big commercial white birds stop being able to after they attain a certain weight, but wild turkeys and older, heritage varieties have no trouble getting airborne. Anyway, I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

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