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The Nation Speaks: Redleg Nation on MLB Network

Monday morning, Redleg Nation will be featured on MLB Network as Matt Vasgersian and Billy Ripken interview me in connection with my post from a couple of weeks ago, When Great Isn’t Good Enough. Following Joe Posnanski’s shout out and David Schoenfield’s piece on ESPN, the boys on Hot Stove want to talk a little Joey Votto.  I’m set to be on at 10:40 am. Set your DVRs.

16 thoughts on “The Nation Speaks: Redleg Nation on MLB Network

  1. Gah, my college doesn’t have MLB Network for us to watch. Good luck, though.

  2. I also don’t get MLB Network, but good luck, sir. Enjoy your national fame. Don’t let it go to your head and wind up dating Miley Cyrus…

  3. Good interview, Richard. I don’t get the argument implying that Joey should swing at more pitches outside the strike zone. More likely to produce popups or weak ground balls than run producing line drives or long flies.

  4. Did they try to argue that Votto should swing more? Again, I couldn’t watch it. I wanted to though.

  5. Nice interview. Good stuff about Votto and Phillips. I don’t think there is an answer to the Votto situation. I believe he’ll be much better/healthier in 2014.

  6. I fumbled around with my crappy DirecTV iPhone app to get my DVR to record it while here at work. Hopefully it will waiting for me when I get home.

    • @TC: Sure enough, it was there and waiting for me when I got home. (Why would anyone have anything but DirecTV?)

      Richard, as I watched I thought to myself, “Self… I’m so glad that’s not me.” You did an extremely great job. You were in a groove during the Votto discussion then they threw you a curve. You hung with it though and hit it out of the park.

  7. Hot Stove replays as a condensed version several times in the afternoon if you missed it this morning. I’m sure Richard’s interview will make the cut!

  8. I read an article in the USAToday Sports about Chicago Bulls guard Derek Rose’s knee injury, and can’t help but think of Joey Votto and his injury in 2012. It says:
    “Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will miss the rest of the 2013-14 season after having surgery Monday to repair a torn medial meniscus in his right knee.
    The timetable on Rose’s absence indicates he had the meniscus repaired and reattached and not removed or partially removed. Reparation is the preferred surgical option, but rehabilitation and recovery takes longer. The meniscus acts as a cushion for knee bones, and without, the chance of early arthritis and other problems increase. Rehab and recovery time for a repaired meniscus is 3-6 months.”

    I saw on TV yesterday a surgeon on discussing Rose’s injury, and he said that if the meniscus has to be stitched (repaired), that it is at least a 3 month rehab. The other procedure is a shaving off of the fraying piece(s). Recovery time is about 3-4 weeks on that.
    I went back to research Votto’s injury and its few details in the press. The language used was “Votto needed surgery to repair a torn (medial) meniscus” over and over. Almost the exact language with Rose. It wasn’t revealed what Votto’s procedure entailed, whether they stitched his meniscus or shaved it. Now, Votto’s injury was to his left knee and Rose’s is to his right knee. But everything I hear about Rose’s injury is a rehab time of 3-6 months. Votto was out 6-7 weeks.
    My question is, was Votto rushed back before he was ready in 2012 for that playoff run? Did this contribute to a “down” year for Votto, by Votto standards?
    The degree of severity of the tears would explain the difference maybe, otherwise, it appears as though Votto may have been rushed back for that playoff run.

  9. WV – From a being able to stand up or run a little, a 6-8 week period is sufficient. However, it takes almost a full year to recover. Quotes after the season from Votto seem to indicate he felt stronger as the season progressed. There is also a mental factor of worrying that you could injure it again that may also have been a factor.

    As far as swinging at pitches out of the strike zone, Frazier jumped out of the way of a pitch and hit it out, plus there are so called “bad ball” hitters who have been very successful. It is not Votto’s style to swing at bad pitches, and I would not encourage him to start, but swinging at pitches outside the strike zone can net you hits and RBI.

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