Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips won his fourth Rawlings Gold Glove Award tonight. He had previously won in 2008, 2010 and 2011. Last season, Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney won the award.

Jay Bruce, the other Reds player nominated, did not win the award for right fielders. For the full list of winners go here.

No Reds won Gold Gloves in 2012. Joey Votto and Phillips won in 2011. Phillips, Scott Rolen and Bronson Arroyo won in 2010.

Johnny Bench won the Gold Glove ten years in a row (1968-77). Davey Concepcion won five, including four in a row. Joe Morgan also won five. Barry Larkin won three. Pete Rose won two as an OF in 1969-70. Eric Davis won three.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. I’m disappointed Bruce did not win. He was outstanding this season and with Heyward missing a lot of time, this felt like his best chance to get it. I’m not going to pretend I know how good Parra is in RF for the DBacks. For all I know, this was well deserved. But I was really hoping Bruce would win this.

    • @Kyle: It would have been nice for Bruce to win, and most years, he’d deserve it. But this year, Parra was otherworldly in right. Too ba for Jay, but it is nice when the right players win.

      • @Jason Linden:

        Agreed. Bruce was great this year, but Parra, by most advanced metrics (and the eye test, if you’ve seen him play a decent amount) had one of the better years in the outfield in recent memory defensively. I still think back to the Heisey for Parra rumors from a year or so ago. That would sure would have been nice.

  2. Congratulations to Brandon Phillips on his 4th Gold Glove! Yes, I would have loved to see Bruce win for RF but Para was fantastic for the D’Backs.

  3. Minor correction: I think you mean that Philips, Scott Rolen and Bronson Arroyo won in 2010.

  4. I didn’t know Johnny Bench one 10 in a row! He was a beast.

    • @Gregg: And something else to keep in mind about JB is that following the 1972 season, at age 25, he had surgery to remove what fortunately turned out to be a benign growth or fungus in his lung (the right one I believe although in looking through digital archives from that era such as they are, I can’t nail that down for sure).

      The point is surgery was much more invasive back then and the long short is that JB was never quite the same force afterwards on either side of the ball, although the greatest immediate and lasting fall off was in his offense.

  5. BP did make a ton of great plays this year. He does take away quite a few hits a year.

    Jay Bruce had a real nice year too, he’s got just a great arm in the outfield.

    I also thought that Todd Frazier played real nice all year at third base. He was very solid in the field.

    It also seemed to me that Choo held his own ok in centerfield, considering not playing the position for a couple of years.

    • @earl: Todd Frazier finished in the top 3 in 2013 at 3rd base in a couple of the defensive metrics.

    • @earl: By the eye test, I agree, Choo seemed OK. Defensive metrics (whether or not your believe them) said he was a disaster due to not being able to get to balls most center fielders would get to.

  6. Thank you web gems.

  7. Last year I was shocked when BP didn’t win. This year I’m surprised that he won, simply because he was not as good as last year. Seems like the voters sent a message to Brandon last year (“we don’t like flash”), he didn’t care and this year they didn’t bother.

    In the past, even if Barney was better, they generally didn’t give the award to a .215 hitter. Bret Boone was a better defensive 2nd baseman than Biggio for a couple of seasons that Biggio won the GG.

    Here’s a theory about BP winning: The coaches/managers, for the first time, were given defensive metrics to “guide” them. So rather than penalize BP for flash, they cared more about giving a middle finger to metrics that told them that they should vote for Barney. Generally defensive metrics make sense to me, but they’ve got a ways to go. I’ve seen a fair amount of Barney, and he does not make plays that BP does.

    • @pinson343:

      Last year I was shocked when BP didn’t win. This year I’m surprised that he won, simply because he was not as good as last year.

      I agree. Maybe this year was a bit of a makeup call. BP’s defense did seem to drop off some this season, but still at an elite level.

      • @Shchi Cossack: Barney had a great glove year last year, though without much flash. When Barney hit the floor this year, the GG was an automatic. I suppose there are some really good 2B out there. I don’t watch that many except for the NL-C. Phillips was head-shoulders ahead of that group.

  8. Cesar Geronimo won the GG for CF 4 times, every year from 1974 thru 1977. For those 4 seasons, he, Bench, Morgan, and Concepcion all won. So the GG winners for the 4 middle defensive positions (ignoring the pitcher) were all Reds for those 4 straight years.

    • @pinson343: Every time I think I can put into proper perspective how great the Big Red Machine was, I learn something like this and have my mind blown all over again. What an incredible team.

  9. I agree with all the NL picks, especially Carlos Gomez (good grief). Parra is deserving, even though Bruce had a great year in RF.

    • @pinson343: Agreed. Gomez was probably an even bigger lock than Machado and Simmons. On a side note, I’m pretty stoked to see those two guys flash the leather for many years to go. I think they’ll come up with some all-time-great plays between the two of them.

  10. After winning the award, Brandon was quoted saying “this one belongs to my city, Cincinnati.” I don’t think BP wants to be traded and I certainly hope we don’t trade him. Especially for Dan Uggla (Uggla? Seriously?!?). While I agree some of his shenanigans need to stop, I think that’s something Price can fix just by sitting down and talking to Brandon. I’m sure Dusty never asked Brandon to change anything about anything except maybe encouraging him to swing at the first pitch more. BP seems like a good guy, despite his feud with the media, who wants to win and wants to help his teammates win. I for one love watching him play in a Reds uniform.

    • @VottoManCrush: I’m a BP fan as well and also hope that Price will be a strong enough leader to focus BP’s energies in the right way. It seemed clear to me that Dusty was not that guy by the end of the season. That being said, I can see why many others on this board feel he needs to be traded.

    • @VottoManCrush: @nvilleredsfan: If BP remains on the Reds roster, I think BP the player & BP the manager will have an excellent relationship. I also love to watch BP play the game. He just enjoys the game and the spotlight. The $50MM for the next 4 seasons just scares the daylights out of me.

      The performance and production we saw from Votto this season and the end of last season is what I expect the later years of his contract to be, after Votto starts losing his power at the plate. Votto put up 6+ WAR this season and will probably finish out his contract around that number. I don’t have the same confidence that BP will be able to maintain the 2+ WAR he put up this season over the next 4 seasons. Both his defense and offense experienced declines. If the Reds can continue to field superior teams while carrying BP’s contract, I’m all for keeping BP through the end of his contract. I just don’t think that’s possible.

    • @nvilleredsfan & @VottoManCrush: Agree with you both. I am still very frustrated with Brandon’s unprofessional behavior because I can’t help but like his personality and play on the field. To me, Brandon Philips belongs in Cincinnati; he is a Cincinnati Red. I think he agrees. I love the fact that he gets under the Cardinals’ skins. 🙂 However, his profanity laced tirades have to stop and I hope that Price and the Reds FO can reason with Brandon and encourage him to settle down and treat fans, reporters, and certain blog sites with professionalism and respect, even when they are critical of his performance. I still think he owes a few public apologies and needs to mend some fences.

      I am also not convinced his best days are behind him, as so many seem to think. I realize his age is going to start working against him, but if he can focus his energy and be surrounded by good leadership/coaching, I think he’s exactly the type of player can defy conventional wisdom. Nevertheless, I get the concern about the size and length of his contract; but I’m more optimistic about his growth now that Price is in charge. Dusty was not the type of manager that Brandon Philips needed to become a better player.

      Congratulations Brandon (#4) for #4! I am looking forward Brandon’s growth as in individual and professional athlete in 2014…as a Cincinnati Red.

      • @SoonerCaniac: I also am not convinced that BP’s best days are behind him. His range sets him apart from most other second basemen, clearly, and that will probably decline a bit, but his arm and his consistency and his creativity may not decline at all. As for hitting, I don’t pretend to know what will happen. He’s a decent hitter and seems to have the ability to rise to the occasion (note my avoidance of the politically incorrect “clutch”). Perhaps many posters here are correct and he could improve by adopting a more Vottoesque approach. Patience can be an attribute acquired with age.

    • @VottoManCrush: I agree with everything you say about BP. And when he’s out injured, the team seems flat and boring. I don’t think he pretends to love Cincinnati, he really does. He’s about as much fun to watch as any player I’ve seen. He doesn’t have a problem with most of the media, I’ve heard him give interviews where he has a good time pulling the interviewer’s chain but in a respectful way.

      The problem is with his excesses. He should not for example laugh right after a TOOTLBAN. And of course the CTrent incident. He has a problem with handling what he interprets as criticism. And calling Castellini a liar, good grief.

      I understand the argument for trading him and have even made it myself. But I’d miss him, and I don’t want to play against him after trading him. He’d be even more fired up than against the Indians.

      • @pinson343: I agree with much also. In short, I can understand both sides of trade/no trade. But, when I look to trade, “You have to trade something to get something back”, so you are going to trade players with value. And, BP still has value. He is on the decline though; he is slower with the bat, the glove, and the footspeed. So, I do believe the time to trade him would be now, or maybe like from now to the end of next season. After next season, I believe his value will have dropped enough, along with his high contract, that I think we will be saddled with him in his declining years.

        But, even all that said, I would only look to trade him if we have a Plan B for 2nd base. Trading blindly without a plan who to put in there would be simply stupid. I wouldn’t go the route of opening it up during ST for the “reclaimation project” to win the job, but I’ve seen teams do that before. We will see.

        As for all the poor attitude, as far as I am concerned, that just puts icing on the cake. Was the poor attitude the reason we would trade him? I could understand yes and no; for me, yes. But, the declining of the skills is enough.

  11. Tough break for Bruce. Guy was gunning down runners and preventing runners from getting extra bases all season. A shame.

    I also thought Frazier had an outside chance at one this year as well. Guy was money over at third.

  12. I’m still ticked off that Ozzie Smith was collecting Larkin’s gold gloves long after Smith was past his prime.

    I also loved the story of Bret Boone asking Craig Biggio “How does my gold glove look sitting on your mantle?”

  13. The two names on the NL gold-glove list that stick out to me are: Andrelton Simmons, and Nolan Arenado. Those are two young guys who I think have just won their firsts of many.

    • @LWBlogger:

      I’ve heard Arenado can flat pick it, but I haven’t seen much of him. Simmons, on the other hand, wow. That guy is a treat.

      • @JMac1984: i watched a Rockies series this year and it seemed he made 2 or 3 good-to-great plays a game to take away hits. then i thought he was just lucky and got glove “hot”, guess his D is really legit to win GG award.

    • @LWBlogger: Have you seen Macahdo’s play where he deked out a runner on thrid from last season? Look it up if you haven’t. It’s great.

      • @prjeter: As an O’s fan (they were the team that showed the most interest in me and I got to know some of their baseball people), I really hope Machado makes it back. What a horrible injury to end the season.

  14. Congrats to BP.
    And congrats to Walt Jocketty. This is just more to re-inforce his sales pitch as WJ shops BP this winter. Color BP in 50 Shades of Gone.

  15. Yeah. Wow. The BRM made its name for its offense, but it had to be one of the best defensive teams ever. Good on the basepaths, too.

  16. If the Braves are really that interested in BP, maybe a BP for Andrelton Simmons trade could be worked out. 1-for-1 probably won’t work out, but they could be the center pieces of a big trade.
    Then move Cozart over to 2B. I don’t think there would be much drop off in defense or offense.
    Any offense that would be lost could be made up and surpassed if the Reds ever go out and get that big RH bat.

    • @WVRedlegs: I have trouble seeing Cozart as any thing more than a competent place holder until they find somebody better, regardless of his position. He is not that athletic (relatively speaking as an MLB player) nor does he display a “sixth” baseball sense of just seemingly being in the right place at the right time for no apparent reason other than he is.

      • @OhioJim: I hit send too quickly. I meant to say I think Phillips possesses both of these attributes which is going to make it harder to replace him than it might seem on the surface. Also I think Phillips’ instincts will mitigate to agree the erosion of his physical skills on the defensive side of the ball.

    • @WVRedlegs: So if you do BP for Simmons (plus whatever else needs done to make it happen)… do you shift Cozart over to 2nd? Simmons over to 2nd? Or are you a Henry Rodriguez believer?

      • @ToddAlmighty:

        I like Cozart at 2B. I think his defense is suited very well for 2B. He has the body type to add maybe 15 pounds if he wanted, so his offensive numbers could increase. Coz used to steal alot of bases, I can see him as a 20/20 guy easily.
        The Braves, however, probably would not think of parting with Simmons, even though they have a couple of great SS in their minors system.
        If WJ were to trade BP to Atlanta, I would surely hope that any package the Reds get in return will include LHP Alex Wood.
        The Braves gave up 3 top 25 prospects last year for Justin Upton, so they aren’t going to give up alot for BP. If the Reds can get 2 near MLB ready prospects that would be good. Wood and a position player prospect could get it done. The Braves OF seems set for the next few years and they have several OF’s in their top 20 prospects. Maybe that is where WJ can strike a deal.

  17. So now the off season officially begins….

    Maybe we should start an over/ under for how many guys on the Reds active roster or MLB DL as of midnight 31 August will be in one of those two spots come opening day 2014????

    • @OhioJim: Or maybe another one to get the old hot stove going. Who is the guy currently on the Reds who everyone already has written in ink as being on the team next year who won’t be due to him being traded, nontendered, released etc. prior to opening day?

      • @OhioJim:

        Homer Bailey. Unfortunately. He should be the Opening Day starter, but if he doesn’t sign an extension, then …

  18. Season over, I always feel some nostalgia when it happens. I know all that’s happened since the end of 2013 for the Reds is a new manager, but I’m feeling optimistic in anticipation of off-season moves and 2014. Hopefully the off-season won’t feel so long because WJ will be making some exciting moves.

    The Red Sox went from last place to winning the WS based on the moves they made during the off-season. The Reds of course aren’t in position to dump 3 hugely overpaid guys and pick up 7 players, but the Sox had the right approach: what holes do we have and who’s out there to best fill them ?

  19. This thread is about celebrating BP’s GG and congratulating him for it. I’ve done that, and don’t know where else to put this:

    Congratulations to David Ross and Jonny Gomes for their WS rings. From what I understand, they’re two good guys. In any case they’re two former Reds that I like.

    Are you out there, CharlotteNC ? Did I call it or what ?

    • @pinson343: I second your congrats to Ross and Gomes. Maybe we could get Gomes back? Trade Ludwick to the Sox for him if they threw in Big Papi.

  20. Let the off-season officially begin…

    Fifth day after completion of World Series:

    Last date for former club to tender qualifying offer to XX(B) players.

    Sixth day after completion of World Series:

    XX(B) and Minor League free agents may sign with all clubs.

    12th day after completion of World Series:

    Last date for XX(B) players to accept qualifying offer from former club.

  21. Greg Reynolds and Corky Miller ❗ are no longer Reds. Both have elected FA after being removed from the 40 man roster.

    • @Shchi Cossack: I’d like to see the Reds try to bring Corky in as a coach of some sort, either at the major league level, or the farm. Perhaps even an instructor. While his playing career is subpar, a lot of current and former pitchers credit his mentoring to their success.

      • @TraviXDM: I’m not sure where Corky stands regarding qualifying for his pension. I thought his service time had already qualified, and last season was his last step to a coaching position with the Reds. I was surprised to see him opt out as a FA rather than pursue a coaching position within the Reds organization.

  22. Adding to the Cossack’s news, the Reds claimed Pedro Beato from the Red Sox.

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