The Reds have 8 players in the Arizona Fall League. They’re assigned to the Glendale Desert Dogs. As of this writing, they lead the Western Division by a game and a half with a record of 5-2-1 (a tie?) and have won 2 in a row.


Drew Hayes: After a disappointing season at Pensacola, he’s looked to regain some of his luster in the AFL. Thus far he’s done pretty well. He’s appeared in 3 games, pitching 3.1 innings and hasn’t allowed a run and only allowed 1 hit. He’s struck out 6, but the 2 walks he’s allowed is even a higher percentage than his 4.7 BB/9 he allowed during the regular season (small sample size, I know).

Michael Lorenzen: One of 2013’s #1 draft picks, Lorenzen ended the year on his 3rd stop (going from Billings to Pensacola). The 21 year old is struggling thus far in the AFL, giving up 11 runs (10 earned) in two starts (6 innings). He’s given up 11 hits and 3 long balls. He’s walked 4 and only struck out 1. Teams are hitting him at a .423 rate thus far.

Chad Rogers: Roger is, IMO, one of the secrets of the Reds system. In 2013, he got 12 starts at AAA at age 23 and did reasonably well. In the AFL, he’s thrown 3.1 scoreless innings, allowing only 2 hits. He’s yet to walk a batter and has struck out 4.

Jamie Walczak: Walczak pitched about 3/4 of the season in AA. The number that grabs your attention is his K/9, which has been over 10 almost his entire career. (The problem is the BB/9 that goes with it.) In the AFL, he’s been in two games, one he did well (scoreless/hitless inning with a K), the other…not so much (1.1 IP 6 H 4 R 4 ER 3 BB 2 K).


Tucker Barnhart: Redleg Nation Spotlight Player, Tucker Barnhart, is known for his defense, but had a pretty good offensive season at AA. In 3 games in the AFL, he’s 3-10 with a double and a .862 OPS. He’s walked 3 times and only struck out once.

Travis Mattair: The former 2nd round pick of the Phillies just finished his second year in the Reds system, playing the season at Pensacola. His numbers slid a little compared to his Bakersfield numbers and he’s trying to increase his stock in the AFL. He’s appeared in 4 games and is 4-13 with a homer. He’s walked 4 times and struck out twice and is sporting a 1.009 OPS.

Ryan LaMarre: The Reds 2nd round pick in ’10 moved up from AA to AAA late in the season. In one start in the AFL, he was 1-4, his other action was a pinch hit and a stolen base. He’s walked once and struck out once.

Yorman Rodriguez: 21 year old finished the season in AA, but is seeing plenty of action for the Desert Dogs. He’s played in 6 games and has 26 official at-bats, gathering 9 hits (2 doubles and a homer), though he has only walked once and struck out 6 times.

One other note, the pitching coach of the Glendale squad is Reds minor league pitching coach, Tom Browning.

All of these numbers are such a small sample size it would be wrong to draw any kind of conclusions or opinions from them. This was just to help out those that needed a Reds fix in this down time.

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  1. TC

    Tucker Barnhart is an exciting prospect. He really did improve his offense this year. His positives were a .368 OBP, 19 doubles and 45 Walks in only 339 ABs. HA! And he had a triple and 13 stolen bases. (Ahh, youthful knees. Give it a few years.)

    He did strike out 57 times this year and perhaps regressed a bit defensively committing 8 errors. But we know he is an excellent defensive catcher.

  2. TC

    Bill, I’d love to see your DOTF top 10 pitcher and hitter prospect lists. That would be super. (That is if you can find 10 hitting prospects)

    • Bill Lack


      TC, I admit my limitations, I simply don’t see enough minor league baseball to have a “list”. I watch the numbers, but that’s about the extent of it. I leave those type of things to guys that know a lot more than I do, like our friend Doug over at

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Barnhart should move up to AAA this season with Ashley (time for Corky to officially move into a coaching capacity within the organzation). That should make a nice littel AAA catching tandem.

    The Reds have some nice OF competition shaping up in the minor league system with Billy Hamilton, Philip Ervin, Jesse Winker and Yorman Rodriguez all with rising stars and moving up through the ranks. If Ryan LaMarre, Bryson Smith, Josh Fellhauer, Feliz Perez and Donald Lutz have any designs on making the show, they better step up in 2014. I think the ship has sailed on Denis Phipps.

  4. athensRed

    Perez had a nice year but isn’t he like 29? I thought he was more of an org filler type.

    • Shchi Cossack

      @athensRed: Yes, Perez is long-in-the-tooth (he will be 30 next season). He could still possibly make it as a LH utility OF. Next season, the other OF will be playing at age:

      26 Fellhauer/LH
      26 Smith/RH
      26 LaMarre/RH
      25 Lutz/LH

    • Shchi Cossack

      @athensRed: Wouldn’t it be exciting to see a starting OF in Pensacola of: LF/Winker, CF/Rodriguez & RF/Ervin with Lutz holding down 1B just to get the AB’s to begin the season with the other OF proving their worth at AAA in a make or break season?

      How about some more excitement with Bailey or Leake to Texas for Beltran, Phillips traded for prospect(s) and the Toddmeister moving over to 2B for 2014?

      How long until the Reds Caravan starts moving? I’m afraid this is going to be a long winter.

      • redmountain

        Why would Texas make that trade and what else would the Reds have to give up to make it happen? What does Beltre cost?? Who is going to take an aging 2nd Baseman and has prospects worth trying to get? Certainly not the Yankees, they have little worth anything in the high minors.

      • TC

        @Shchi Cossack: I know Lutz didn’t have a great season at AA. But he did well enough in the show that he’s probably start in LF at AAA next year.

  5. athensRed

    I am excited about Ervin, I think he’ll be a good one. I didn’t know Lamarre was that old either, woof. I think Todd would be a capable 2B I just don’t think the org would trust him to do so. I’m not too high on trading any of our starting pitching either.

  6. Shchi Cossack

    From Bob Nightengale/USA Today

    The #Reds decided a month ago that they will shop Brandon Phillips this winter w all intents to trade him

    That’s the 1st quasi-confirmation of something we’ve been speculqating about since the season ended and apparently the decision was made well prior to the season ending.

    • rfay00

      @Shchi Cossack: At this point if selling low on Phillips is a sure thing to get Choo, trade him for Marmol to the Dodgers NOW!

      • rfay00

        @rfay00: I completely forgot that Marmol has an awful salary…I think the general idea of the statement was it doesn’t matter as long as that gets us Choo.

      • pinson343

        @rfay00: I’d be OK with selling low on Phillips, as otherwise the Reds could later get stuck selling very low on him, as in outright contract dump.

      • Shchi Cossack

        @pinson343: THIS ❗ Right now, I think WJ can find a taker for BP and his remaining contract with a low level ‘A’ prospect coming back this way. BP still has some offensive production available and very good defense. His contract is simply not a barrier for large market teams needing a good 2B. IN another year, I think the Reds would be in a pure contract dump, requiring them to eat some of his remaining contract.

    • pinson343

      @Shchi Cossack: Fay suggested that his calling Bob C. a liar spelled the end. Might be something to that.

      • Shchi Cossack

        @coletrain: Absolutely agree. I’m not sure where Dan Uggla came from in the conversation, but I wouldn’t want any part of Uggla and his 2 year/$26MM contract. His production is already in an exponential decline.

  7. Johnu1

    Unrelated, I saw where the Cal League is basically ready to move the Blaze out of Bakersfield because they won’t build a ballpark.

  8. pinson343

    Thanks for the fix, Bill, I needed that. Read every word. I’m glad that the AFL exists.

  9. ChrisInVenice

    Lorenzen … I’m rooting for the Hefty Lefty.

  10. TC

    I wondered why the team put Ervin at Billings then moved him up slowly to Dayton. The scouting reports I’m reading is that he is a solid all-around player, but his bat speed to slower than average which will start to show up in the upper levels of the minors.

    I hope someone was just filling a page about the player and it got repeated by others who have never seen him play because in my mind Ervin is the best non-pitching prospect in the system.