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Latos has surgery

In an article that makes it sound like “no big deal”….

Reds right-hander Mat Latos, who was passed over for the Wild Card game start in part because he was dealing with bone chips in his elbow, had surgery last week to remove them.

Mark Sheldon of MLB.com reports that he’s expected to be fully recovered before spring training and generally speaking removing bone chips (and/or bone spurs) are relatively minor procedures for pitchers.

Did I miss something and we already knew this or is this the first we’re hearing about it?

Something to be concerned about or not?

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  1. First I’ve heard about it. I had elbow surgery to remove bone chips and loose cartledge in my throwing elbow. I wasn’t a pitcher but my recovery was complete and timely. I was good about 3 weeks out and was “normal” by about 8 weeks out.

  2. Mostly I take steroids. I still can’t get much control but my FB has been clocked at 108.

  3. Nothing to see here really. Routine and minimally invasive. 3-6 weeks for a complete recovery.

  4. They mentioned it right after Cueto was named starter. At least I read something about it before this.

  5. Old news.

    It was interesting to read today how John Fay believes Brandon Phillips poisoned the well with ownership after his antics this season. He speculated that the mere fact that the Reds were scouting the Cuban infielder spoke volumes about their change in attitude about BP. I think there will be a market for him. If Victorino and Bourn could both land fairly lucrative contracts last offseasn, there will be teams willing to take on his contract. The Dodgers/Braves/WhiteSox/Mets all come to mind.

      • @Bill Lack: We give athletes a pass for a lot of things, but wow. A few days later it was like it was no big deal. IT WAS A HUGE DEAL!!! Phillips, and for no other reason than that, needs to go.

    • @Sultan of Swaff:

      Watch for Atlanta to be an interested team. BP’s home state. Atlanta’s 2B Uggla hit something around .185. An INF of Freeman, Phillips, Simmons, CJohnson, and McCann(FA) behind the plate is a nice upgrade for them.
      BP could bring back some nice young pitching from ATL.
      Also Tampa Bay, possibly, for Ben Zobrist.
      Or, how’s this for irony, BP to the Cards for Allen Craig, Craig plays 3B and Frazier to 2B. Cards move Carpenter to 3B and Freese to 1B.
      If BP hits the trading block, there will be interest.

      • @WVRedlegs: NEVER trade with Atlanta for pitching! Heh, just kidding, but not really. I can’t remember how many times we got burned in the last 15 years trading with those guys.

          • @LWBlogger:

            Eh, I remember Neagle being pretty decent for us. Chen was about what was expected. Wohlers served his purpose.

            I was disappointed in Rob Bell. I thought for sure he would anchor out rotation for several years, but it just never materialized.

            Matt Belisle also came from Atlanta.

      • @WVRedlegs:

        I would do that trade right now, but I doubt the Cardinals would. Phillips is 3 years older and is already likely in decline, while Craig is hitting his peak at age 29.

        • @docmike:

          Yes, I doubt the Cards and Reds could come together on a trade. WJ has some roots there. However, the Cards are probably going to have to do something with Craig. They have to get Adams in more at 1B. They could move Craig to 3B, but Freese is a hometown guy and can platoon at 3B with Carpenter and at 1B with Adams. They also could try to move Craig to the OF if they lose Beltran, but the Cards have some good OF prospects coming up. So Craig can become a bit expendable for the Cards.
          And Craig would certainly be nice in the #4 hole behind Votto. The Reds, if they can hold onto Choo would have 3 of the best OBP guys in the NL.
          BP for Craig, there might have to be some add ins, but it works for me.

      • @WVRedlegs:

        I agree that Atlanta could be a destination for Phillips. As a hometown guy, he could be a big draw to sell tickets for them.

        • @docmike: I’m a BP fan but agree with trading him before it becomes a contract dump situation. In addition to the Braves, the Mets would I think be interested. His defense would be a huge upgrade for them and Met fans have been drooling to have him for years.

    • @Sultan of Swaff: I’m going to have one very disappointed coach-pitch 2nd baseman who wears number 4 at my house. But, I agree with Bill, it’s time from Brandon to go.

      I’ve read pretty consistently in the comments here that folks think it was the C. Trent episode that was the turning point. I saw that as relatively minor compared to the Cincinnati Magazine article in which he essentially called the owner and general managers liars. I can’t imagine Mr. C. took that very well.

      • @Kyle Farmer: I don’t know. BC and WJ are business men first. That doesn’t hurt the club. Just their pride. The ugly outburst by Phillips hurts the club, the team’s reputation, and hurts the city. If the outburst got a manager fired (and come on, let’s face it, it was a factor) then do you think the one who did it will be back? Hell no.

        Even if $20M has to go with him, Phillips will be playing for another club this spring.

  6. This makes my stomach turn. Wonder if the same crack surgical team did this that did Joey’s minor and routine knee scope a year and a half ago that he’s still not fully recovered from. Ugh.

  7. The first I heard of Latos’ bone chips was when it was mentioned by a poster on this site as the reason Cueto started the one game playoff against the Pirates. At the time I wondered how long the Reds had known Latos was suffering from the problem. Apparently not long enough in advance to line up the rotation for someone else (Bailey) to pitch in Pittsburgh.

    • @MikeC: I’m pretty sure there aren’t many pitchers who don’t have this issue at some point in their high school – MLB career. On a scale 1-10 (1 being a rolled ankle, 10 being career-ending rotator cuff tear) this is about a 2.5 .

      I’m not a doctor, but I play one on RLN.

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