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A hypothetical player for your consideration

He plays left field. Check.

He’s right-handed. Big check.

He’s healthy. Check.

He’s 29 years old – younger than Joey Votto. Check.

He hits with power, averaging around 35 home runs/year. That would have lead the Reds this year. Check.

His gets on base: Career OBP of .374 for you modern guys and batting average of .312 for the rest of you. Check and check.

He can steal a base, with 30+ SBs in each of his last two full seasons. That would also have led the Reds this year. Check.

For you RBI Guys, this player has driven in about 110 runs a year. Old school check.

He’s a solid defensive player, with great speed. Check.

He won’t break the bank, earning just $10 million in 2014 and $12 million in 2015. Barely more than Ludwick, check.

He’s not a rental, signed through 2020 with a mutual option for 2021. Stability, check.

Even in the out-years of his contract, he doesn’t make more than $19 million/year – a bargain for a 7.0+ WAR player. Value, check.

He may just be available. And at a reasonable price. Hmm. Discount double check.

Ordinarily, you’d assume his current franchise would never give him up, at least for nothing short of a prohibitively expensive haul.

But there’s a special circumstance.

In fact, due to that special circumstance, this player may be highly affordable, at almost no cost other than assuming his contract.

What would you think about an Opening Day lineup that began with these four hitters?

1. Shin-Soo Choo CF

2. Joey Votto 1B

3. Ryan Braun LF

4. Jay Bruce RF

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110 thoughts on “A hypothetical player for your consideration

  1. A bit off topic, but for anyone watching the A’s-Tigers game…

    One of the announcers (I think it was Ray Fosse) kept blabbering about how the Tigers are just “clogging the bases” after leading off the inning with singles from Fielder and Martinez, sounding frustrated and continuing the obvious TV trend of Detroit bias.

    After Peralta hit a game-tying 3-run homer, no mention of how important the singles were. Only saying “its a whole new ballgame now”.

    Good things happen when guys get on base.

  2. Braun lied, lied, lied, and you know what? He lied some more. It would be hard for me to root for Braun.

    Plus – how long is Braun suspended for?

    Corey Hart (a healthy Corey Hart) is interesting.

  3. Corey Hart is most likely going to need to play 1B and that does not help the club. At least our guys can run.

  4. Another playoff failure by Joe Maddon tonight. I hope this ends the silly talk of his supposed greatness.

    • @Bubba Ho-Tep:

      Do you really think the Rays lost because of Joe Maddon? No one does more with less, in my opinion. Who would you take over him?

      • @JMac1984: No need to reply to Bubba. If he can make a statement like that I have to surmise he doesn’t understand why people think Maddon is a good manager.

        With that said, I think Maddon had a bad managerial series. He’s not perfect by any stretch.

        But, I’d take his 3-1 record this year in elimination games (counting game 163) over Dusty’s 0-3 in his 3 trips to the postseason with the Reds.

      • @JMac1984: I’ll go ahead and make Bubba’s list for him. 😉

        Bochy, LaRussa, Girardi, Manuel, Francona, Guillen, McKeon, Scioscia, Brenly, Torre, Leyland, and Cito Gaston, especially.

  5. As with anything, if the price is right, then yes. The thing is with Braun, I think it would be easier to get the “right price” than with other (translation – more likely to get a package in our favor). But, then, with it being a team in the same division, that price just went back up again.

    For the right price, I would have to say yes, pull the trigger. I would take on his irresponsibility. It’s not like all the rest of the players are goody-goods or something. They all probably have some kinds of skeletons in the closet. It’s just Braun’s just got out.

  6. Even if it still would guarantee a World Series win, I would not want to see Braun playing for the Reds. Using PEDs is one thing but what Braun did going after the working guy that collected his sample that first time he got caught was just pure sleeze.

  7. Chris Heisey is a highlight film defensive player with inside-the-park home run offensive speed…He is naturally a Mark McGuire style home run hitter and will very soon be hitting everything into the upper decks …Watch for opposite field super power this year…Still one of the best kept secrets in Major League Baseball..I haven’t been wrong about this kid yet…

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