2013 Postseason

Aftermath quotes

Here are some quotes from the players after the wild card game loss, from the Cincinnati Enquirer or Mark Sheldon: 

Joey Votto:

“I think the thing that stood out the most this year was the defense,” Votto said. “That two-month stretch where I probably made seven or eight errors was really frustrating.”

Votto led major league first basemen with 14 errors – more than twice what he made in each of the previous two years.

“Offensively, I never really got it going this year,” he said. “I thought I did well with what I had. But it just wasn’t my best year this year offensively. And it was by far my worst year defensively. I felt like I made a lot of mistakes. I’ve got to do some learning and do a lot of work in the offseason to try to make the improvement I can to be a better ballplayer, so we can be a better team.”

Brandon Phillips:

“We deserve everything. We choked,” Phillips said. “We did. I don’t care how people really feel, how my teammates, how they feel about what I’m saying right now because it’s the truth. Either you win or you go home, and I’m going home. The last place I want to be is on my couch. I don’t want to do that, but it happened today. It sucks, man. It’s terrible.

“I feel like we let the city down. … I feel like I lost this game. … I was up there with opportunities. … The city of Cincinnati deserves better.

“I choked. I didn’t do nothin’. Didn’t do nothin’ to make the team better. Didn’t get any hits; didn’t get any RBI. Didn’t do nothin’.”

Johnny Cueto and Ryan Hanigan on Cueto: 

Asked if he was missing his locations more on Wednesday, he said he was. “I think the two pitches I made that I left it up and the result was the home runs,” Cueto said.

“He didn’t have his best stuff, he tried to battle through and get where he needed to be in what was still a fairly close game there,” catcher Ryan Hanigan said. “He just wasn’t as crisp as he could be.”

Jay Bruce:

“I think it’s more frustrating,” Bruce said of the way 2013 ended. “Having good seasons and winning in the regular season is all fine and dandy. But you play and you win to win championships. We didn’t get it done. We have to figure out a way to do a better job. … They beat us on both sides of the ball. They just played better,” Bruce said. “They pitched better. They hit better. They were at home. There’s nothing really else to say. It was, in my opinion, pretty apparent the whole game.”

27 thoughts on “Aftermath quotes

  1. I am just happy you didn’t tarnish this with a lot of Baker quotes. Don’t think I could have made it through the week with that.

  2. Its amazing how we have been able to watch Jay Bruce mature. The kid freaking gets it. All the other guys quoted above do, too, but it has been great watching Jay develop this mindset.

    • @ArkansasRedsFan: I thought the exact same thing reading those quotes. He gets it. He’d never call out a manager obviously but it reads to me almost like he knows the way the team approaches the season isn’t working. He’s one of the few who you know is going to run out every ground ball, throw to the right base, take the extra base.

    • @Johnu1: I was saying very intensely last week, home field advantage seemed to mean so much more in this situation. I knew PNC would be crazy if they held the game there. I think we underestimated the atmosphere and how the Pirates would alleviate their nerves by feeding off of it. They played like their first postseason game today.

      • @BearcatNation: St. Louis has been a team that puts its foot on your neck and digs in the heel. That won’t change unless the opponent does it first. Reds have not seemed to have that trait. Parrots better hope for a split. PNC won’t intimidate the Birds.

  3. I would be curious to have seen some thoughts from Choo. Anyone think there’s a hope of bringing him back?

    • @preach: Choo was quoted in the Enquirer. He said all the politically correct things about liking his team mates and the city and his experience in Cincy and that it was a place he would like to come back to. Then he said he hadn’t really talked with his agent, Boras, so he really couldn’t say what if anything was going on or might happen.

      He gone unless the Reds back the truck up and match (at the least) the Pence deal. While I’d love to see him back in Cincy the problem aside from money is that he is a left handed hitter. The Reds severely need a RH guy who puts together strong OPB and strong slugging.

  4. What did Votto mean by this,
    “I thought I did well with what I had.”?
    The part, “with what I had” more specifically?

    I don’t know if he’s referring to his knee, or who was batting in front of him, the manager, or his statistics (OBP).
    What is he talking about here?

    • @WVRedlegs: I had access to the entire article. The context as I recall it was that he was referring to his knee. He continued to deny he was ever less than 100% this season while saying being concerned about his knee and getting back into game shape.

      There were a couple of similar pieces I read so I might be mixing them; bur he talked about making sure the knee was OK and learning how far he could push it and what he could do. In one of the pieces he went so far as to say maybe the knee would never be the same as it was before the injury.

      Votto also said that most of his off season prep time between 2012-13 was spent on rehabbing the knee and not working on baseball skills and that he hoped to be able to spend his prep time this off season on baseball skills.

      • @OhioJim: I would suppose that if one isn’t confortable with his physical skills, working on the baseball skills would be secondary. Compromise can be very tricky. Though, I suppose that’s more with pitchers than hitters.

      • @OhioJim: So what I took from interview was Votto was saying I’m going to spend the winter learning to use the knee I have now to do the things offensively and defensively I did prior to the injury.

    • @WVRedlegs: I think one time he mentioned that he perceived pitchers giving him fewer pitches to hit than in the past, so they may play into the idea of protection in the line-up behind him.

  5. I’m not sure why any of these quotes are significant. Because they demonstrate disappointment and chagrin? Is that why? There was precious little passion and urgency when it mattered. After elimination, none of these words mean a hill of beans to me. I don’t care that Phillips said he choked. Why wasn’t he hustling on every single ground ball— when it mattered? The only thing I’d like to know is what Cueto was laughing about when after he got pulled after pitching three and a third innings, with his team down 4-1 in a must-win game. Other than that explanation, please spare me the hollow remorse.

    • @santa barbara reds fan: i understand your view but we dont know the context. Kinda like after the kid teenager drove thier car into garage door or into ditch and car is all messed up and the parent makes a joke to get them to laugh. We all have had those similiar life situations. I believe cueto was upset and a teammate trying to help him out, cracked a joke to make him feel better.

  6. Dusty will manage this team next year un-fortunately!!! I hope I will not get emotionally invested in this team next season! Alot of time until April and I will be excited once again for this team just as I have done every spring my entire life it seems…..

  7. So has there been any news of Walt being asked why he let Byrd get thru on waivers? It was viewed as tactical mistake when it happened in-season and now looms as an even larger one.

    • So has there been any news of Walt being asked why he let Byrd get thru on waivers?It was viewed as tactical mistake when it happened in-season and now looms as an even larger one.

      On Marlon Byrd, I am unsure if that was a tactical mistake. Byrd is a journeyman and best. Unfortunately his presence came back to bite us in the rear but I do not think that he would have made that much of a difference with our hitting woes. We could have put Babe Ruth on this team over the past two weeks and it would have made little difference.

      • @icee82: If Byrd, as a one year rental, had been on this team for most of the year, the Reds would have won the Division.

  8. A big move and the right one for the Reds. Six years was more than enough for Dusty.

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