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While you’re waiting …

While you’re waiting for the roster to be announced (and for the game, for that matter) watch this moment of Reds postseason history with the Pirates.

Per Chris’ recommendation: Watch Paul O’Neill in 1990 vs the Pirates.

10 thoughts on “While you’re waiting …

  1. How is it possible in this day and age that the roster isn’t out nearly three hours after it was due. No tweet, no blog post, no update at I kind of like it, but it’s very surprising.

  2. The real defensive play that deflated the Pirates that series was Davis throwing out Bonilla. He also threw Bonds out at the plate at one point in that series. In no way does that take away from O’Neill, though. That whole team played well and defense with clutch hitting is what won that NLCS.

  3. Posted in “Still Playing” but reposting here as well:

    Reds roster according to a friend I trust in these matters:

    Pitchers (10) – Chapman, Cueto, Duke, Hoover, Leake, LeCure, Marshall, Ondrusek, Parra, Simon

    Position players (15) – Hanigan, Mesoraco, Votto, Phillips, Cozart, Frazier, Hannahan, Izturis, Ludwick, Choo, Bruce, Hamilton, Heisey, Paul, Robinson.

  4. I have that Game 2 on DVD. O’Neill’s throw turned the whole series around.

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