It’s fitting that it comes down to Johnny Cueto in this “down the rabbit hole” of a season, where it was 13 runs one night, one run the next. Where the Reds best player and the Face of MLB was defined and ultimately maligned. Where a 90-win season is a disappointment because of the final five games.

Go figure. I certainly can’t.

We’ve insisted on dissecting this patient before it’s even hit the slab. They got no intensity. No mojo. None of those intangibles Scotty Rolen used to carry around in the pocket of his warm-up jacket. No Tony Cingrani Face. The latter took the last train to Arizona.

Of course, what they really don’t possess are right handed hitters. The Brothers Ryan—Ludwick & Hanigan—one done on Opening Day, the other with busted up hands for much of the season. A backup catcher who hasn’t developed yet. An off the rack RH bat named Chris Heisey, who lost himself another shot at claiming an everyday spot in the lineup because of a whiny hamstring. And of course, DatDude, who chose driving in runs at the expense of his AVG, OBP, SLG and OPS—all career lows, as a result.

But never mind all that. It’s been pitching all year that has saved this club’s collective bacon. I’m willing to ride the Pitching Train, if that’s what it takes and worry about such mundane things as bone chips tomorrow. Cueto leaps off the back of the milk carton just in time. Our “For Your Consideration” 2012 Cy Young candidate, who has missed most of the season, is here to save it.

In the nick.

Back in the 70s, the Reds owned the Buccos when playoff time rolled around. I see no reason for that to change tonight. If you were around then, you know what I’m talking about.

Excuse me, Johnny, while I go all Simon and Garfunkel on everybody: Redleg Nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you. Save the Woo.

Meanwhile, some punk named Melancon wants his fifteen minutes:


Melancon tweet


Rough up the Reds? Really, Mark? Anybody wanna play ball?

Okay, then. Let’s do this.

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  1. Someone should let Melancon know that the past 3 games mean nothing. Act like you’ve been there before, Pirates.

    Oh wait…

    • @CincyGuy: Yeah, the team that celebrates an invite to the one game playoff is quite silly. I get it, but celebrate something more meaningful, like beating the Reds tonight when everyone is betting for them.

  2. I actually like the Melancon tweet and I’m glad you shared it here Richard. It’s a kid’s game and that was a kid’s remark. We’ve all been there.. no matter how good or bad the group you’re with, before it starts there’s always a little talking and grinning beforehand. I hope the Reds see it and contrary to professionalism I hope they get that same playground feeling of wanting to make him eat those words.

    It’s been a few days but wasn’t Melancon the guy we blew up for the miracle comeback in the 9th?

  3. Mark Melancon, act like you have been here before. Oh, wait! You haven’t.

    Go, Redlegs!!!

  4. I expect JC to have a great game and drag the team over the finish line. The offense? I’m praying.

  5. Dusty needs to hit Ctrl-P on this and post it on the board in the visitor’s locker room at PNC. Make sure each player knows that Melancon does not respect their team. This is the stuff that leads to routs! Go, Reds!

  6. Karma, meet Mr. Melancon’s rear end.

  7. I just heard the Melancon interview on mlbnetwork radio with Bowden and Stern, who are very big on the Pirates this year, not so much on the Reds. Bowden has already guaranteed that Cole will be starting a game in this postseason.

    As for Melancon, he said this year’s Pirates have proven that the way to build a team is to start with the bullpen.

  8. I’m not usually a fan of Paul Daugherty (at all) but he said some good things in today’s column.

    “I would hope DBaker manages with the dreaded “sense of urgency” he has denied exists. Pull out all the stops, think way outside the box. If you desperately need an out in the 7th, bring in Chappy then. Screw save situations, as defined. That would be a save situation.

    And so on. Manage like your career’s on trial Dusty. Because, you know, it is.”

    He picked the Reds to win, which is surprising, given what he’s had to say about the Reds this year.

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