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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.09.29)

It is the final game of the season.  The game means nothing.  I suppose the goal today is to keep players fresh, get some young guys a shot, and escape the game injury-free.  It would be nice to finish the game with a win while the Reds are at it.

Discuss the game here Reds fans.  Go Reds!  Win Tuesday!

180 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.09.29)

  1. OK, I’m not watching the game but check in here periodically. Did Dusty pull Mesoraco for Corky Miller? When Mesoraco hasn’t started in 4 or 5 games? Maybe there is something to the thought that Dusty doesn’t like him.

  2. In the bizarre scenario that the Reds rally and it goes extras, there are zero position players left. Only pitchers.

  3. Great. Mesoraco got 2 ABs today. Clearly, Dusty isn’t worried about keeping him sharp.

  4. There are still interesting games to watch today: I, for one, am enjoying the Angels attempting to knock the Rangers out of it. If you have it, it’s your last day of MLB.TV, use it!

  5. I’m sure the Pirates catcher loves the thought if risking his life/career with Corky trying to score from 3rd.

  6. Greg Reynolds has more hits this year than Neftali Soto in 1/2 as many ABs. Food for thought!

    • @prjeter: I suddenly find myself wishing Soto would have another 3 pitch strikeout. Oh well. At least we didn’t get shutout! Thanks for Ceasar and Corky!!!

  7. Dusty bunted Corky to 3rd to give him s chance to score on a double 🙂

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the Reds top prospects…Neftali Soto. Talk about a barren minor league system!

    • @wildwestLV: Because he is one of the 40 best players in the organization. Draw what you may from that conclusion.

      I think he’s a hitter with decent potential, he just is trying to hit a HR every tiem up there because he knows his chances are limited (and done, now) for this season. Give him another spring training and few more ABs and he may turn into a .270/.300/.450 sort of hitter with 25 HR power. He plays 1st base, so I’m hoping he learns a new position or he has a good year next year so the Reds can trade him for something worthwhile.

  9. Is Corky retiring after this season? Seems like he would make a good coach, or maybe even a manager some day. Go Reds!

  10. Looks like Soto is ready to join the team next year: strikeout or DP with RISP, fits in well.

  11. Good catch by Hamilton. Used two hands to. Just like I was taught in little league. Nice to see.

    • @Sergeant2: I thought he was going to have to do a 1/2 dive-lean thingy that players do a lot. But he got there easily. Man, he’s quick!

  12. I can’t even keep them straight: is it Soto or Rodriguez that Dusty kept PHing in important spots a couple of weeks ago?

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I’d be more happy with Lutz. And Lutz was only on the team early because Dusty found him “impressive” in spring training. But, he’s not even good enough for AAA. Dustyisms!

        • @prjeter: Lutz kinda got lost in the Ludwickian shift. Not a great hitter but he did have some good swings. Decent outfielder.

  13. Heisey, Hanny and Hen-Rod … a very unlikely trio of heroes. But life deals some strange hands at time.

  14. Kelch is wondering if the Reds will take 3 catchers to the playoffs. With the way Dusty uses Mesoraco, I’m not sure he’ll bother taking 2 catchers.

  15. It pays to note that Cumpton pitched 5 2-hit innings against the A lineup, not the scrubs.

  16. Is there a way to refresh the chat without scrolling to the top and hitting reload?

  17. Crap. Hannahan hit into a DP. Was hoping Hen-Rod would do that to finish off the season in great standard fashion. Now we have to settle for the strikeout. Well, almost as symbolic. Maybe more so. Rolen K’d last year to end it, btw.

  18. Cleveland against Tampa Bay. That’ll really pull in the casual baseball fan 🙂

  19. Gentlemen I will see you Tuesday night for hopefully not the final time. Gonna be a good old good one in Pittsburgh. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  20. So a large group of fans expressing disappointment at the team’s apparent lac of interest would do no good, I suppose.

    But if the front office is too dense to see what happened on the field, they must be looking at something else.

    I’m sure they will be spoon-fed the old “injuries” line or something again.

  21. I’m going to get an attitude adjustment. See you guys back here Tuesday night.

    Go Reds!!!

  22. If we win the wild card and first series..I will concede “Dusty is a genius” and will never complain again re: his management style. If we lose on Tuesday night…Mr Castellini needs to start looking for a new manager.
    GO REDS!!

    • @redeyenation: I would make the same trade. But it wouldn’t be because I believe it. Dear higher power, if the Reds win Tuesday and win the NLDS, I will never complain about DB again. Signed, me.

  23. This is the way the season ends.

    This is the way the season ends.

    This is the way the season ends.

    Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

  24. Question and then an observation. Does anyone really believe that Latos’ arm is “barking” whatever that Dustyism is supposed to mean. I think that he just wanted to start Cueto and that was his justification. Frankly I think that was probably a good call because everyone knows that Latos get “overly pumped” for games and loses his head sometimes. This Reds’ team just mystifies me. They have the talent but I have always questioned the heart with this group. They just seem to play very “robot like” at times with no passion. If we win the wild card game and then win the LDS, I will always never complain about Dusty again.

        • @tpteach: what’s the point of winning 90 games? is that supposed to be the goal/milestone? with this talent and payroll?

          given what we have, we needed to go deep into playoff just to justify the payroll..

          we be very lucky to win 91st one in Pitts… i will watch as i always do but have absolutely no expectation.

          i am routing for the Indians.. they won 10 in a row – that’s the way to do it… been Indians fan only for 15 years whereas Reds fan since the 1970’s… but I like the way Indians play… they don’t have Votto’s of the world, but quite frankly, for that money, I rather have few of the Indians’ players

          • @topgun67: Indians have a lot of talent. Really, they do. Way more talent than they were given credit for having. They need to get a closer, maybe, and learn how to beat Detroit. They almost won the AL-C.

      • @CI3J: it’s really my own fault for getting pulled into all the negativiy in the comments here and on Twitter. Some people just aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.

  25. Win 91 and winning 90 is a good thing. Lose and heads should roll. Boring team down the stretch. Tough to flip a switch and turn it around but we’ll see.

  26. Bengals lose to crappy browns… Reds got swept..

    Indians won 10 in a row… Browns won against the other OH team..

    It’s the rise of Cleveland I suppose…

    • @wildwestLV: I think anybody would pull for the guy. He isn’t the talent we thought he might be, but he gave the Reds a few exciting moments.

  27. You’ve gotta hand it to these Reds – they have made the wildcard game WAY easier to watch. I am going to root like hell for them, but I have zero expectation of them winning. If they do, I’ll be ecstatic. But they have effectively tapered me off having any emotional reaction to them losing. They’re the methadone of MLB.

  28. Think of the incredible letdown the piRATe fans will feel if the Reds hammer them in Pittsburgh. Crazier things have happened. Hopefully Dusty will take our most successful lineup (Choo, Phillips, Votto, Bruce, Frazier, etc.) and we kick the crap out of them. That will hurt A LOT more than being swept at home during the regular season. Call me an optimist but this team is totally different as the underdog, I think they’ll do it. Plus they may feel like their playing to save Dusty’s job (hopefully). Toothpick needs to go if they are as lifeless next Tuesday as they were this weekend.

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