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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.09.28)

Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.

Two games remain in the regular season.  The Reds must now win both to host the Wild Card game on Tuesday.  Regardless of what happens these next two games, if the Reds win that game Tuesday all will likely be forgotten and excitement will reign supreme in the Queen City.

Discuss today’s game here Reds fans.  Cheer for the Reds!  Pull for the Reds! Do whatever it is you need to do to urge this team to victory.  Go Reds!

611 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.09.28)

  1. All I know is that I have to get pumped up ONE MORE TIME for this team, knowing that the odds of having it smack me right in the face again with a bucket of cold water … dunno, but this isn’t what being a sports fan ought to entail.

  2. Ok Dusty Baker do you feel the urgency now? Sadly Dusty’s demeanor has totally rubbed off on his players. He lacks the ability to motivate this group. But you can trace this pattern throughout his entire managerial career. He knows his job is safe for another year. A manager with his job on the line would have had a quick hook today but why should he worry, his job is safe. Both the GM and owner need to wake up, this talented group of players need a strong willed manager with a quick hook and no-nonsense approach. Do nothing and watch the fans disappear.

  3. Being that this could have been Bronson’s last start as a Red, I really wanted him to do well, but it ended up just being another reminder of what happened in Game 5 last year where the starter was left in long enough to let the game get out of hand. Dusty will probably still be manager next season even if they lose Tuesday which will at least keep my expectations low for next year. A win Tuesday may lead to forgiveness, but this season it always seemed like when it seemed the team was about to go on a big hot streak, they would fall flat. I’m really happy with what our pitching staff has accomplished this year in having the 4th best Team ERA in the majors and I hope Bryan Price is able to stay with the organization for a long time. The poor plate discipline, bad baserunning, lots of bunting, and some sloppy fielding is unfortunately going to be the trademark of this 2013 team.

    • @Weber21: Bob C is supposedly a Reds fan – and if he is – then he is seeing the same exact thing that all of us Reds fans are. How he could keep Dusty after this recent (approximately 5 months – beginning Memorial Day week-end) run after seeing the last fall’s playoff implosion is simply beyond me.

      Lose Tuesday and I won’t be a Reds fan again until old crusty Dusty is history (or until next year, whichever comes first).

  4. Take away the freak ninth inning where the Reds had that improbably comeback, and the Pirates’ bad management decision to keep sending out Jeff Locke, and the Pirates have handled the Reds pretty easily in these past 2 series.

    It seems the Reds lack confidence, and I’d like to think it could change for the Wild Card game. But the Pirates are making a strong case that they might just roll over the Reds in that game. Liriano vs. the Reds offense could be one of those 4-1 type of sleepers.

    Congrats to the Pirates. What a great year by their team. I was not impressed with their everyday lineup recently, but really it’s as good or better than the Reds when you look closer surprisingly.

    Congrats to Bronson on a great career with the Reds if this was his last appearance. Overall, a good season by the Reds. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens next in the wild card game! It stinks for both teams, but it is also a blessing to have the opportunity.

  5. First anybody has heard of any arm problems for Latos. Guy just pitched 7 strong three days ago. Just some line that Baker is using to justify changing his mind when he has had no real plan for the end of the season anyway.


  6. My lineup Tues would be :


    Chapman needs to be used in multiple innings. Hypothetical situation, if the Reds are up 2-1 going into the bottom of the 8th, I WANT TO SEE CHAPMAN for 2 innings.

    But we all know that won’t happen. Ludwick and Hanigan will be starting. I really want Baker gone.

    Choo, Arroyo, Ludwick, Baker and Jacoby will be gone if we lose on Tues.

    • @Josh: Josh – nice line-up. My only exception would be Billy than Choo. I don’t want anyone “clogging up the bases” before Billy. Also, anytime BH is on base the pitchers effectiveness heads toward the crapper.

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