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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.09.27)

The path ahead is simple.  The Reds and Pirates are on the verge of playing one another four times over the next five days.  The team that wins two of the first three will get the luxury of hosting the fourth (and most important game) at home.  So a case can be made that these first three games are extremely important but a case can also be made that they are meaningless and only the final game is important.

Chad and I had a conversation about this yesterday.  Since game four of this stretch (The Coin Toss Wild Card Game) is the only one you really HAVE to win, how would you like these next three to play out.  I think we all agree having home field advantage is important and want the Wild Card game to be played in GABP.  But what if the Reds sweep these next 3 games?  Would you like the Reds’ chances at winning four straight games against Pittsburgh?  What if the Reds get swept by Pittsburgh in these three games in Cincinnati?  Would you like the Reds chances rolling into Pittsburgh knowing that the Pirates will be attempting to win four straight?  The law of averages usually catches up to you at sometime. How would you like to see this three game, regular season series play out?

Oh the fun of post-season baseball.  It is time for the final series of the season to conclude the 162-game marathon before the final spring begins.  Discuss the game here, Reds fans.  GO REDS!


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  1. Reds should have offered Rolen $500,000 just to hang around with these guys.

  2. Hey, we have 5 hits and a run … that ought to be enough for the 3rd-highest scoring team in the league.

  3. Does Alvarez have reverse splits, or do we not have FIVE left-handed relievers available tonight?

  4. Well, I think the meme has been that this team isn’t worth getting emotionally involved with … they will break our hearts. Honestly, I have never been this disappointed in the investment in being a fan as I have the last 5 days.

  5. Reds have only come back 1 time this year when trailing by 3 runs after 7 innings,

  6. Can’t believe Hurdle didn’t go for the throat there .. pinch hit for Burnett.

  7. hey Ondrusek gets thru an inning w/o allowing a run! here’s a lift, “do you believe in miracles!”

  8. Stepped away for the last few innings (for obvious reasons), so I haven’t seen how dominant Burnett has looked. But maybe Clint “M.O.Y.” Hurdle is making the same mistake by not pinch-hitting his pitcher as Dusty “Players’ M.o.Y.” Baker does night in, night out.

  9. Fans are really letting down Ryan Ludwick tonight. The Reds deserve better.

  10. Well Ludwick sure gave em something to cheer about at the ballpark tonight.

  11. Luddy was hitting in some awful tough luck tonight. Drove the ball hard, just couldn’t get a break.

  12. I was telling some guys at work, that I was glad we weren’t facing Burnett Tuesday. I can’t remember the Reds ever hitting him. Of course, watch Liriano pitch a shutout.

  13. I look forward to hear how Bob, Walt and Dusty explain away a 5 game losing streak at the end of the season.

  14. This has been really ugly. Not a line driver in the lineup. I am not optimistic about anything going forward thru Tuesday. Cannot square up and cannot…. well, nothing. I’m just exasperated.

  15. Seriously, if it isn’t too late in the season to try Ludwick in #2 can we try Hamilton or Robinson?

  16. Ludwick won’t swing at ANY first pitch (as evidenced by his 3rd, glorious at bat where he took a ball), but he’ll swing at pretty much anything it seems. If you have even a minimal amount of intelligence (which Burnett clearly has), it doesn’t seem too hard to throw him something that will 90% of the time lead to an out. I know that playing the game is clearly far harder than I can appreciate, but the reason sports are exciting and entertaining is that individual plays elude your predictive capacities (as in, if you know what’s going to happen, then it’s not all that exciting), but with Ludwick I’m starting to feel that I know pretty much exactly what’s going to occur.

  17. Gotta love Dusty’s philosophy, chill till you can chill no longer. Ain’t no need to sweat it till Tuesday. Come Tuesday Dusty will unleash the urgency.

  18. I’m honestly amazed that Ludwick continues to swing at everything. I mean, it’s one thing to want to be “aggressive,” and I’m sure he’s very eager to produce, but at some point it’s GOT to dawn on someone — if not Ludwick, then SOMEONE in the dugout — to say “hey man, make sure he throws at least one strike.” As much as I mock Baker’s management sytle, this is really starting to become hard to fathom. He’s making an ass of himself by swinging at every first pitch, and nobody seems to care. If he doesn’t have enough pride to get control of himself, someone needs to do it for him.

  19. Well I guess we do have the fact that the Pirates have a history of breaking their fans heart by getting their hopes up. So its quite possible that the Reds could win the next two and dash the hopes of the WC game being played in Pittsburgh. And than Tuesday the Reds could drive a stake in those Pirates heart by winning the WC game. Go Reds!

  20. Well, we all know Hamilton won’t come in to change any DP situation … so need two more hits before we see him.

  21. Gotta love the amount of hot air wasted on what Joey Votto has or hasn’t done in 2013.

    Meanwhile, he’s sandwiched between guys with a 0.658 OPS & 0.704 OPS.

  22. While it’s amazingly frustrating to see the offense in yet another coma, let’s remember that a win Tuesday makes this all wholly irrelevant. This can still all be OK!

  23. Votto has a long at-bat and reaches base. Two pitches later, three outs, game over. And still it won’t occur to Baker to ask these guys to take one pitch when they’re down by three.

    • @Baseclogger: The deal is, evidently, Price can help pitchers … but hitters aren’t likely to listen to any coaching. So there’s no real reason to ask the hitters to do anything. They’re set in their ways. Pitchers? Nah, we can help them.

    • @Baseclogger: Exactly. The talent (and the ballpark to a smaller extent) keeps the offense’s total runs stats looking decent, but those who watch this team everyday it’s very misleading. The impatient, wholly non-cerebral approach at the plate by everyone not named Vottor or Choo makes this lineup terribly susceptible to streakiness and always gives the pitcher (even the mediocre ones) far more leverage than they deserve. IMHO

    • @Baseclogger: Dusty would tell you that they’re big boys, they’re in the big leagues now. Go ask them about their at bats. Teaching fundamentals ain’t his thing man.

      • @Sergeant2: Agreed. Nothing that goes wrong on this team is ever Baker’s fault, as far as Baker is concerned. He seems to believe he has no role whatsoever in determining how well (or badly) his players perform. One wonders why they’re paying so much for a guy who so adamantly insists he has absolutely no influence on his players.

  24. I found still another category Votto leads the league — being the lead out on a GIDP by Brandon Phillips, who is 12 for his last 60. Maybe we should put him in the cleanup spot behind Votto.

  25. I keep looking for reasons to care about this … as in the Braves winning tonight so as to maybe the Reds might not have to play the Cardinals … now, I am hoping the Indians win … I hate the Indians …

  26. TV guys now talking about how great Burnett’s command was. Of course it occurs to neither of them to wonder if Burnett’s command might have been helped by the Reds swinging at almost everything he threw. It’s always the opposing pitcher, and never the Reds’ hitters.

    • @Baseclogger: Again, I totally agree with you.. .I hate that. It’s one thing if you hit everyone but the Kershaws and Lirianos of the world. But when you’re getting blanked by a 45-year-old Dice K at home in a crucial game, it’s officially time to stop doffing the cap to the pitcher..

      • @caps: It’s the pervasive attitude of this team. From manager to players to TV personalities. It’s just “aww, heck, we did what we could, and it just didn’t work out.” It never seems to occur to any of these people that their approach to hitting is actually part of the equation. It’s as if that part of the equation is a constant, and the only thing that can possible change from day to day is the quality of the pitches they see. So when things go bad, the pitcher must have been good.

    • @Baseclogger: I am a little weary of that, too. I read way too often that … did I ever think the pitcher was doing well? Yeah, he was throwing strikes. Reds take a fastball down the middle for strike 1, then hack at a curveball that they KNOW is coming. Now they are down 0-2 and Burnett owns them. He isn’t the only pitcher to do that this week, just the latest.

  27. Well, good call on my part, not wasting 1,940 miles in seeing Ryan Ludwick strike out, in person, for the season.

  28. Teddy Kremer seems to be the only person in this organization that shows any kinda fire and desire. And the pitchers. These guys singing the bats seem hopelessly lost.

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