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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.09.27)

The path ahead is simple.  The Reds and Pirates are on the verge of playing one another four times over the next five days.  The team that wins two of the first three will get the luxury of hosting the fourth (and most important game) at home.  So a case can be made that these first three games are extremely important but a case can also be made that they are meaningless and only the final game is important.

Chad and I had a conversation about this yesterday.  Since game four of this stretch (The Coin Toss Wild Card Game) is the only one you really HAVE to win, how would you like these next three to play out.  I think we all agree having home field advantage is important and want the Wild Card game to be played in GABP.  But what if the Reds sweep these next 3 games?  Would you like the Reds’ chances at winning four straight games against Pittsburgh?  What if the Reds get swept by Pittsburgh in these three games in Cincinnati?  Would you like the Reds chances rolling into Pittsburgh knowing that the Pirates will be attempting to win four straight?  The law of averages usually catches up to you at sometime. How would you like to see this three game, regular season series play out?

Oh the fun of post-season baseball.  It is time for the final series of the season to conclude the 162-game marathon before the final spring begins.  Discuss the game here, Reds fans.  GO REDS!


330 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.09.27)

  1. Pirates might have won this game, but than again its not like it was urgent that the Reds win the game. I just hope when it is urgent foe the Reds to win a game they don’t get discombobulated from playing in a manner their not accustomed to. We’ll get em tomorrow. Go Reds!

    • @Sergeant2: It’s damned urgent when you have 40,000 people in the ballpark that they don’t get disgruntled and maybe decide to not come back next year. Can’t win every game but once in awhile, maybe they ought to have a reason to stay in their seats instead of going for a plate of nacho chips.

  2. Who’s steering this sinking ship? I know, I know, don’t panic we’ll get them tomorrow or Sunday, next Tuesday for sure. Don’t worry, “this ship can’t sink!”

  3. Congratulations Votto for reaching base more than any Red. Too bad you sick because you don’t have enough ribeye steaks! SWAG!

  4. go INDIANS!

    playing just awesome with a great manager…

    time to cheer for the real Ohio team with passion…

    reds – hope for best but i just cannot put too much of my life into same old team that just isn’t fun to watch and lacks any discipline

  5. You know, at this point all that matters is Tuesday. The bats need to wake up by Tuesday. And never wear those awful LosRojos jerseys again.

  6. Maybe C. Trent can ask BP about his propensity to hit into DP’s.

    Seriously, our RH batters approach….too many of them are pull-only hitters resulting in SO/DP’s. Ludwick, BP, Frazier, Cozart, Mez, all of them. About a month ago Cozart started going away and has raised his average a ton. But, 95% of the time they are yanking anything inside (DPs) or missing anything away (SO) because they are trying to pull it too. Cozart and Bruce both have made good strides going the other way this year. BP has regressed big time, from even earlier this year. Absolutely no plate discipline. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Very tiring, especially from such a vocal, showboating type of player. Frazier & Mez have had a few moments and I still have some hope for them. And, I’m not even going to address Ludwick. Not a good night for the Redlegs. But, at least there are 2 wild-cards this year or else it would stink even worse. Still a glimmer of hope.

  7. I listened to all 9 innings on WLW. I guess it’s Marty’s fault, too, he’s so negative and such a grouch. That’s what holding the Reds back. what a pathetic / useless performance….Adam Dunn has more fire than this bunch tonight

  8. Like I said in a earlier post in a most sarcastic way “Come Tuesday Dusty will unleash the urgency”

  9. I guess the bottom line is that if tonight was reversed, I would feel much happier but it still wouldn’t change our chances Tuesday.

  10. I watched the Teddy Ballgame spot from ESPN tonight and it gave me a heaping dose of perspective. This loss stinks, but I can’t say that I’m that torn up about it. Teddy is an inspiration.

  11. Aj burnett is average , we have beat him but we have allowed him to look dominant. He is done!

    Newsflash, we flailed because this team is full of long swingers (wont/cant go the other way going inside out) since I can look back to the 90s. Yes cozart and acouple others have showed some evolution and learning but nearly all aren t disciplined hitters. Votto and choo are exceptions.

    Oh, btw we could have been in first place with a competent mgr.wake up castellini and jocketty. The club looks like fools every minute they have kept him. Goodnight from Vegas.

  12. admit it all..

    we are a hit or miss at each of these games…

    w/ 1 game WC… homr or away, no one here will know or can guess who will show up

    it’s a hit or miss..unlike the Cards, Braves, Dodgers..

    so, IF we win 1 WC game, it’s not like the Dusty and the gang would be reliable to win the series against any of the NL teams left to play…

    Sad but this isn’t the club that’s going to go far..

    Go Indians.. they have a chance… why? Manager is sound and the players go out and play hard.

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