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Game Thread: Mets at Reds (2013.09.25)

Stranger things have happened, but having the Reds catch the Cardinals at this point would take a small miracle.  The Reds enter play today 3 games back with 4 games remaining on the schedule.  It is looking more and more likely that last night’s loss may not even matter in the scheme of winning the division as the Cardinals just keep winning anyway.  Nonetheless, the location of the wild card game is on the line in the final 4 games and many of us agree that having that game in GABP will give the Reds a little advantage next Tuesday.

Dusty Baker has also agreed with the masses that Greg Reynlods does not need to be starting today and has chosen Mat Latos to start.  This puts Latos in position to start Tuesday’s Wild Card game if need be.  He needs to look sharp today to help ease any of the questions over his health and ability to win that 1-game playoff.

It is the final business day special of the season. So ignore work, tell your boss to shove it, and watch the Reds march towards the post-season.  Discuss the game here Reds fans!  Go Reds!

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  1. Maybe I’m extra grumpy because the Reds are down, but it really bugs me when BP doesn’t run out his grounders hard. Especially in a game like today’s. Put some pressure on the defense, make them make a hurried throw at least…

  2. Now we are 2 games out. Series is tied 8-8 with the Pirates. If we didn’t lose today, all we would have to do is take 2 out of 3 to host the wildcard game at GABP. Now we have to SWEEP the Pirates this weekend. Another hope is the Bucs lose today, that would be huge BC the Reds would have to win 2 out of 3, then the Reds would win the season series and host at GABP

  3. I live in CT and routinely watch the Mets, and love their announcing crew. Terrific terrific group.

    And this entire series, I must have heard them say 100 times how poorly the Reds have played this series. Six times in three games, Ron Darling has said it looks as if the Mets simply don’t care.

    Sadly, I agree.

  4. These must-win games are evidently something Dusty and the Cubs have in common.

  5. This might be the most frustrating Reds game I’ve ever watched in my office. The Mets. The loathsome, horrible, next-to-last place Mets.

  6. I need to go back to the point in this board where somebody said a sweep of the Mets would put the Reds in good shape.

      • @al: Yeah, but then again, if that game we had to play in San Francisco … you know, the one that turned the season around because we didn’t get it at home.

        • @Johnu1: no clue what you’re saying at this point.

          first you say that you are going to go back and find totally reasonable comments (which i don’t get) now you’re changing the subject to the rain-out game?

          • @al: I maybe assume that everyone reads all the comments. Sorry … was alluding to a series of comments that lamented having had to play that game in SF, saying the home game would have mattered.

            The point about the Mets sweep was made by several people. I apologize for the confusion.

  7. Well this is a series to forget. Probably puts all the more pressure on the Pirate series if the Pirates win today. Just hoping DB doesn’t give the club one of his “no urgency required” speeches.

    Good thread guys.

    Go Reds!!!!!

  8. Nothing new here…

    These reds have no killer instinct….they can’t score one run in an all important playoff like game…

    We r going to Pittsburgh for one game, and God i hope the good guys show up for that game

  9. Apparently, the lineup construction isn’t everything. Jeez, what a bummer. I have less confidence with this team in a must win game than any in recent past. That is why I’m almost wondering if it may be a blessing in disguise to have the play in game on the road. They will probably play tight regardless, but I would think even more so at home on the big stage. Of course, if this is correct there is no hope of advancing either way. I’ll still be watching, just in case clutchiness doesn’t matter and everything comes together for a couple of weeks.

  10. Why do the bats just go totally quiet for this team for 3-5 game stretches? And why is bunting relied on so heavily, when it has not worked in past games?

    • @jessecuster44: The bats go silent because there is no coaching direction in the dugout. I know … “probably” a different hitting coach wouldn’t matter. Probably.

  11. Has Dusty ever used the same batting order for he starting eight two days in a row? It’s interesting that Frazier and Cozart need days off, but Votto doesn’t. Latos gives up on ONE run and we lose, does anyone feel really good about this team going to the playoffs?

    • @stevechai: No, Dusty experiments with the lineup each day and is always looking to give these world class athletes a day off to rest and recharge, keeps everyone fresh…yada yada yada. How many variations were there to the Big Red Machine lineup?

    • @stevechai: All I’ve been reading is that Votto needs to play. Votto needs to play. He’s our best hitter. He needs to play.

      News flash: He might be the best hitter the Reds have, but that’s really sort of beside the point, isn’t it?

  12. Thank God (capital G) I didn’t take the advice of the staff writer who suggested blowing off work to watch (what turned out to be) yet another display of anemic Reds offense. Work was far more fun and productive. Thank you, dear God, for helping me make the right decision!

  13. We may very well see Latos v. Liriano, the rematch in Pittsburgh next Tuesday. And while Latos had a good game today, Liriano is getting knocked around up in Chicago, with 6 hits so far in 3+ innings.

    So I think we have a fair chance, at least a 50/50 chance, to win the play-in game.

    • We may very well see Latos v. Liriano, the rematch in Pittsburgh next Tuesday. And while Latos had a good game today, Liriano is getting knocked around up in Chicago, with 6 hits so far in 3+ innings.

      So I think we have a fair chance, at least a 50/50 chance, to win the play-in game.

      I would find this amusing if it weren’t so troublesome.

    • @docmike: Liriano’s home/road split is severe. The Reds have a much better shot at him in Cincinnati. That, to me, is why hosting that game is so very important. Liriano is lights out at PNC.

      • @homerandbruce:

        Oh, I agree I would rather play the game in Cincinnati. I’m just saying I think we can beat him anyway. Latos is good enough to hold the Pirates to 1 run (or none), and that would give us a good shot to win it.

  14. According to Marty B, Dusty doesn’t feel that these games are must win or require a sense of urgency. Dusty said that if it was game 7 of the WS then that would require urgency. And that right there is why we will never win with Dusty at the helm. His nonchalant attitude is rubbing off on the players and these last two games it has showed…big time.

    • @mayday26: Spot on observation by Marty. Just heard Dusty’s comment about how they just need to “stay confident and remain calm”. Sounds like he’s satisfied with the play-in wild card game, whether it’s in Pittsburgh or Cincinnati and it’s rubbed off on the players.

      • @Benchwarmer: Yeah, Marty said he whole-heartedly disagreed with that sentiment, as do I. I just don’t know if I have ever seen someone so dis-interested in winning.

    • @mayday26: If Marty is right, I’ve lost all respect for Dusty. I criticize his decisions all the time, but do note he keeps the team on an even keel in rough waters.

      However – how is this stretch of games not “crucial?” At the beginning of the week, the Reds still had a chance at the division title, and at least a home playoff game. Fighting for a playoff spot at the end of the season should be pretty darn crucial.

      Does Dusty think this group can flip a switch and go from unconcerned to locked in? Haven’t seen it but for one week in September. This is the same attitude he had in the DS last year, and look what happened. And Honestly, what does Dusty know about game 7 of a WS? He’s only managed one of them, and he lost.

      Dusty has taken a 100 win team and brought it back to the field with his nonsensical moves.

      So angry to read this and realize the leader of this team isn’t concerned about winning regular season games. Fire him.

  15. Latos hung tough and that’s about it. Go Reds! Rah rah sis boom bah. Adios Amigos.

  16. When the Reds were thumping the Pirates, I said to a friend “this is an all or nothing team.” They were amazing in Pittsburgh, and almost unwatchable in this series. I can’t understand how anyone can think this team really cares about winning. They want to win, but most of them really don’t seem to care enough to put together 4 quality at-bats, run everything out, etc. And the manager is completely unwilling to question anything he ever does or any thought that ever pops into his head, which I don’t think is what you do if you’re top priority is winning.

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