Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….rntitanic-copy

New York Metropolitans 4
Cincinnati Reds 2

W: J. Niese 8-8
L: M. Leake 14-7



— The other eight innings.

— The Reds bullpen of Zach Duke, Logan Ondrusek, Sean Marshall, J.J. Hoover and Alfredo Simon combined for seven shutout innings.

Shin-Soo Choo and Ryan Ludwick each had two hits. Brandon Phillips had a hit and a walk. Devin Mesoraco had an RBI.


Mike Leake, who went into the game with a streak of over 20 scoreless innings (Cubs and Astros caveats apply), suffered his shortest and worst start of the 2013 season, giving up four runs in 1.2 innings. It’s possible that Mike Leake has thrown his final pitch of the season, which would be a sad way for him to end an otherwise successful year.

— The Reds managed only nine base runners in the game. Joey Votto and Jay Bruce combined to go 0-8 with five strikeouts and 6 runners left on base. The best part of the Reds offense in the final four innings was an advance to first on a strikeout wild pitch.

— Neftali Soto played and Billy Hamilton didn’t.


— The combination of the Reds loss and the Cardinals win means the Reds can realistically forget about the possibility of winning the NL Central Division. Organizational complacency has triumphed. Welcome to the coin flip to see if your team advances to the postseason.

— If the Reds win tomorrow’s afternoon game, regardless of what the Pirates do in their finale in Chicago, home field advantage for the coin flip will come down to who wins the final three-game series in Cincinnati this weekend.

— With Johnny Cueto apparently healthy enough, the Reds have announced that Mat Latos will take the mound for the Reds tomorrow, setting him up to pitch the Wild Card game. The starters for the Pirates series will be Homer Bailey, Bronson Arroyo and Cueto

— The Mets scored all their runs tonight in one improbable inning. After Mike Baxter doubled, Travis d’Arnaud struck out. Then Wilfredo Tovar hit a twelve hop ground ball that eluded Zack Cozart by about six inches. Baxter scored on the play. Then pitcher (pitcher!) Jonathan Niese hit another ground ball single to right field. But Jay Bruce gunned down Tovar at the plate for the second out. After Eric Young hit a long ground rule double to left center field, Daniel Murphy came to the plate for the fateful at bat. Even with first base open, David Wright’s presence in the on deck circle likely prevented Leake from giving in to Murphy. Mike Leake got ahead 1-2, but on the tenth pitch of the at bat, Murphy lined a home run to right field. And that was that.

Neftali Soto came into the game with ten previous major league at bats, still looking for his first hit. It’s not just that Soto was 0-for-10. It’s that anyone who has watched those at bats knows that Soto hasn’t come remotely close to a hit. Soto had struck out five times, looking lost, grounded out once and flew out three times. He did manage to get hit by a pitch once. Neftali Soto tonight was not only still looking for his first-ever hit, he was looking for his first major league line drive. With runs in the fourth inning counting as much as runs later in the game, and with two outs and a runner in scoring position, presumably Dusty Baker should have sent up the hitter he thought most likely to drive in that run. In no conceivable universe, was Neftali Soto that person. Predictably, Soto struck out, looking utterly overmatched. What’s the expression about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

— Zach Duke’s innings lasted longer than a Senate filibuster.

— Almost forgot. Rockin’ the redlegs tonight – Mike Leake and Zack Cozart.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. Zach Duke also proved that if you swing the bat, sometimes you can get a base hit. Other more experienced hitters in the Reds “lineup” evidently were studying how to hold a runner at first base … while paint dried.

  2. Steve, I’m disappointed that you didn’t mention that Dusty DID not bring in Billy Hamilton to pinch run for Frazier in the bottom of the 9th. Agree with your Soto criticism, however.

  3. – Neftali Soto played and Billy Hamilton didn’t.
    Now THAT’S a serious negative.

  4. So, in each of the last two losses, the Reds end the game with a GIDP and an unused Hamilton on the bench? Why not pinch run him in those spots?

  5. Organizational complacency has triumphed.
    – That’s a sharp liner. … it’d be nice to have that “home” game IN SF back right about now.

    • @redskaph: I was thinking that having a home game tonight would have mattered, but evidently it didn’t.

      • @Johnu1: Right, but we had to bring Reynolds up to pitch that game as part of a road dh. Reds chances would’ve been a lot better at home, whenever the game was played. Not a dure thing, of course, but I would never give up a home game, especially with the pitching situation being what it was.

        • @redskaph: Still gotta play well enough to win. The Reds won the first game as the visitor. The Giants also used a turkey to pitch that night.

          • @Johnu1: Are you just being argumentative for argument’s sake? Putting everything else aside, the Reds are a .500 team on the road, and 20+ games over at home. There is simply no argument that playing that game on the road wasn’t harmful to the Reds.

            So why do you keep disagreeing? Redskaph made a point that it would be good to have that SF game back. Any Reds fan would certainly agree “yup, it would be good to have that game back; we had a better shot of winning it at home.” What possible contribution is made by arguing that point?

          • @Eric the Red: I’d like to have back EVERY game the Reds lose. The point is: The Reds were the home team in that game, so any data you show about H-A W-L records are clearly anecdotal when the team plays a home game on a visitor’s field. All that factored was the crowd. The Reds had won the first game, so the field didn’t matter.

            Arguing? I just think it’s folly to want one single game “back” to play over again (it’s whining, is what it is) when clearly playing a game at HOME on Tuesday was also one that should have been won.

            You want that game back? I would like all games back that the team squandered — including one in San Diego, another in Milwaukee, one in Cleveland …

            How are you going to get that game anyway? They moved it to SF because the schedule was established. It wasn’t like the team caved in and nodded mindless approval of the game.

            Arguing? I think it’s whining to say that game mattered more and that the Reds would somehow magically be better off. The one last night counted just as much.

    • @redskaph: Not certain that “organizational complacency” is the correct whipping boy. How about our best players not hitting or even trying to? Hamilton could have played left, but Ludwick would have had to play first unless you are willing to sacrifice the only guy with multiple hits.

    • @redskaph: Organizational complacency was not upgrading the Reds offense after Ludwick went down on opening day for 4 and a half months.

  6. If the Reds win the first two vs Pittsburgh, then I use Leake in game 162 and hold back Cueto for playoffs. (If I’m reading this correctly that game 162 wouldn’t matter in that scenario.)

  7. If Cueto wasn’t healthy, I still don’t understand why Latos wouldn’t have pitched tomorrow?

  8. This game is exactly why I cannot invest emotionally in this team. Five games to go–everything on the line–and the players appear as comatose as their manager. Votto, who is no stranger to Red fan idolatry, looks like he’s hoping for a walk, and Bruce, as someone said recently, appears clueless whenever a crucial situation confronts him. I was shocked that Hamilton didn’t start tonight. He’s the Reds game changer right now . . . and he sits. It’s one game, but attitude wise, it represents what we’ve seen all season. May tomorrow be better.

    • @Carl Hudson: This team has been a group of guys searching for a leader or two since Rolen passed the point of positive contribution thus forfeiting his legitimacy to be the guy.

      • @OhioJim: Yes, with Rolen gone, a team leader on the offense has been the missing link for the Reds this season. Votto is a fine player, but he’s not a leader.

    • @Carl Hudson: Clueless when a crucial situation confronts him? How many runs did he just drive in during the Pittsburgh series?

  9. Let’s see how complacent this organization is in trying to retain the services of Mr . Choo

    • @RedAlert: I think they are just playing the good game knowing that whatever they do is not likely to keep Choo in Cincy.

      They’ll make the qualifying offer for the record and probably even kick the tires a little more behind closed doors but that is about all they can do.

      One thing I don’t necessarily go along with is that Choo is a lock to sign in a city with a large Korean community. My understanding is that he lives in Arizona during the off season, and I hardly think that qualifies as such an area (but I admit I haven’t checked and could be wrong). If he ends up somewhere with a “large Korean community”, my guess would be that the key part of the phrase is “large” as in a market with a big enough TV contract to throw the most money at him.

      • @OhioJim: That’s a good point about the Korean community. I also think Choo will sign with a contending team. There are plenty of those with money, but I don’t see a team like the Mets or Cubs (whose interest has been rumored) winning him over. He seems to be enjoying (and thriving in) the competition at the end of the season.

  10. It seems like every time this team wins, I pull out my 10-year-old hope mentality, thinking … this time, just THIS time, they will go on a tear and prove to me they are truly a contender.

    Then the following night, here I am, bellyaching again about the same old stuff.

    Nothing changes other than my 10-year-old hope mentality has turned to rust.

    I cannot believe this team plays with this sort of attitude. And I really am weary of people saying “do you really think they aren’t trying?”

    Honestly, when the best hitter in the league stands there and takes 3 fastballs down the middle after the first two guys have lined first-pitch singles — yeah, I wonder. Sorry, but I do.

    • @Johnu1: yea – if he would have stood there any longer watching some pigeons might have pooped on him. Still the best hitter in the league bar none. – glad he is a Red !!!

      • @RedAlert: The best hitter in the league? Maybe. But Paul Goldschmidt would probably have a case for best hitter in the NL as well.

    • @Johnu1: Almost all of us have been that way here at RLN all season, increasingly so as the season has gone on. After a win, we’re too high, after a loss we’re too low, to reword the cliche a bit.

      Fans tend to be that way but I haven’t seen this blog so much that way in the years that I’ve been here. I think this Reds team has a lot to do with it. The talent level raises expectations and hopes. The frequent poorly played games dash those hopes.

      We still have no feeling for who or what this team is.

      There is one thing we can finally give up on, even after a satisfying win: the Reds are not going to win the NL Central this year.

      • @pinson343: way too high …..way too low..agreed….win today and 3 game series on weekend decides home field for WC….we can still do this

  11. @Johnu1: They saw what Billy could do starting Sunday. Gotta get Soto going (major sarcasm). Maybe they are thinking of putting Soto on the postseason roster – surely not, but there is no good explanation for letting him hit in any meaningful situation.

  12. @Carl Hudson: And we are 4 games from the end of the season … still, we’re asking the same question. Maybe we ought to revisit the thread about how we’re being too hard on Dusty. You have a guy who can reach first base before the ball takes a 2nd hop and instead you send up a guy who hasn’t shown he can even HIT a ground ball … why do we bother?

  13. And why expect anything else, they are what they are and to have an expectation that they will change is beyond rational thought. They are in the playoffs so why should they change.

  14. I think the claim that games like this prove that the Reds players somehow don’t care is really insulting and disrespectful to the players. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyhow, you have no idea how they are feeling. It’s all inference based on your detached worldview. You take as absolute proof that because a player takes a called strike that he somehow doesn’t care. That’s so utterly absurd it’s barely worth allowing on the site. You’re trying to tell me that a team with everything on the line, after working for over six months on a goal, would come into a game like tonight and just not care. That opinion lacks even the slightest bit of credibility. It’s truly embarrassing to have it here.

    • @Steve Mancuso:
      Steve, the fact that someone would express their thoughts which you disagree with is what a sports blog is about, right.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I think the people who say such things are probably giving us a pretty good look into their own character and behavior….

      • @OhioJim: That one requires a bit more detail. Commenting out of frustration over a baseball team has nothing to do with character. It’s harmless and it’s called venting. To attach some significance to personal character is also quite a bit over the top.

        • @Johnu1: And the latest research I’m aware of eschews the alleged positive effects of “venting” and indicates that in fact it is often a behavior that brings on negative physical, intellectual, and emotional side effects.

          In this case, to the degree cited by Steve, it is in fact very disrespectful to the players it is directed at. I believe being disrespectful to others. especially as an intended relief to one’s own discomfort or frustration is most certainly a reflection on character.

          • @OhioJim: That’s possibly true in real life. On anonymous baseball blogs, I’d have to say you’re … well, no I won’t say that.

        • @Johnu1: That’s a fair point. None of us know each other well enough to truly judge character. It’s all weak inference. Yet you seem comfortable questioning the character of all 25 of the Reds players by accusing them of not caring whether they win or not playing hard. That’s a specific and terrible accusation about their character.

          • @Steve Mancuso: It’s also vapid, my opinion, and it is based solely SOLELY on frustration. I’ve played ball and I never gave up, even down to the last out. I know they don’t quit and I know that professional athletes aren’t built that way. You take this stuff and digest it for what it’s worth. I can’t go grab a bat and say “here, Joey … do it this way!”

            But I can rant on a pointless viewpoint on a sports blog. There’s been no harm other than I felt the urge to be upset about it. Everyone’s opinion is the same on this sort of thing — it’s just nice there’s a place to do that. My cat is asleep in the other room and is indifferent to the outcome of the NL-C divisional race.

      • @OhioJim: I would also add that we have no idea what might be going on in some of these guys lives away from work. Just like most of us, they do have “private lives” and if things are going well there is could well end up being reflected in their work life, just like with most of us.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I ignore statements about the players not caring or not trying. They’re just not worth addressing.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I agree 100%……simplistic BS “not trying” or “not caring”…..of course they care,of course they try

    • @redskaph: @Steve Mancuso: I agree100%, Steve. Thanks for saying it.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Never thought I’d see the day, but I agree with Steve Mancuso 100%. Spot on here.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Well said, Steve. They have played well in a tough division, have a good record, and are going to the playoffs. They wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t care. Games like last night’s aren’t any fun, though.

  15. As chad has said, it is hard to put all of your emotion into this year’s reds.

    I think I will stop watching next four games.

    I will come back and watch one game WC, wherever that is, and cheer on. But with no expectations.


    Votto does a lot of no shows this year.

    Choo has been a great addition though

    • @topgun67: Votto is a better year than Choo in all major categories….perception is the problem here….my biggest problem with Votto this year is his defense….he needs a legit cleanup hitter to MAKE pitchers pitch to him.

  16. I am done being emotionally invested as well after tonight. This team is not fun to watch, no urgency or fire. Now the Reds are forced to win the remaining 4 games in order to host the playoff game in GABP. Most likely we’ll face Liriano in Pittsburgh and be eliminated. He is lights out at home. So basically the Reds need to win 5 straight games to reach the NLDS. Baker gave away to many games in 2013, injuries and inconsistent offense have put us into the current situation. The fact Billy Hamilton is not playing is just shameful.

    • @Josh: Or slightly less hysterically, they have to win one game, the Wild Card game, to make the NLDS.

      • @Steve Mancuso: So are you saying the next four games really mean nothing and trying to win them is a wasted effort?
        So when Dusty starts the AAA line up its OK.

        • @George M: No. But now all that’s left to determine is the home field advantage. That’s worth something, but more like a 53-47 kind of thing. Some of the editors (not me) think that home field advantage in the postseason is meaningless. I was only replying to the claim that “the Reds need to win 5 straight games to reach the NLDS” which is off by exactly four games. The only game the Reds need to win to make the NLDS is the coin flip game.

          • @Steve Mancuso: Well said this time, Good point. Home field in baseball is a posible positive but the Reds demonstrated the fallacy last year.

          • @Steve Mancuso: one of the few things I agree w/ you… it’s one game WC, so home field is preferred, but more importantly , it’s the match up.

            having said that, we aren’t too good against the leftie pitching. so leftie pitching, away game, should be a tougher one to win.

            we have the experience factor, but didn’t matter much last year… up 2-0 and then lose 3 games at home… awful.

            so, in essence, we should still need to do everything we can to win next 4 and gain home field, but ultimately 163rd game matchup and how each team executes will determine who plays against the Braves / Cards

          • @topgun67: We didn’t actually have an “experience” edge vs the Giants. While we were getting swept out of the playoffs in 2010, they were winning the WS.

            Vs the Pirates we definitely will have an experience edge, which should be magnified on our home field. Whether we get the game on our home field or take advantage of our experience remains to be seen.

      • I meant the Reds NEED to win all 4 remaining games in order to HOST the Pirates. Obviously that is our best chance. We go to Pitt, we’re in trouble. Look at Liriano’s numbers at home. That’s not being hysterical, that’s being realistic. I do not want to play in Pitt, I want to play at GABP

        • @Josh: Even that’s not accurate. If we win tomorrow, we only need to win two of the three against the Pirates. That would produce a tie in the overall record and the Reds would get home field advantage based on the head-to-head tie breaker. We don’t need to win tomorrow if the Pirates also lose, but we can’t count on that.

    • @Josh: For the record, the Reds did win the game Liriano started last week in Pittsburgh. Didn’t do a lot against him, but Latos could match or outpitch him. As for the Reds’ hitting, who (ever) knows.

      • @redskaph: The Reds have faced Liriano 4 times this year, and the Reds won all 4 games. 6/1 @ Pittsburgh Reds 2 Pirates 0; 6/17 @ Cincy Reds 4 Pirates 1; 7/19 @ Cincy Reds 5 Pirates 3; 9/20 @ Pittsburgh Reds 6 Pirates 5.

        Small sample size alert, of course. And of course, that doesn’t mean the Reds will definitely win the next time they face each other. But I’m certain Clint Hurdle is aware of this fact, and it’s entirely possible he goes with another pitcher. I think that would be foolish, myself, but Dusty Baker isn’t the only manager who overemphasizes small sample sizes and recent matchup history.

  17. They still control their own destiny for hosting the wild card game – that is the realistic goal – the roller coaster effect of this entire season has us all in edge- this team is capable of much more than they have shown thus far

  18. Are they serious about this, or just trying to stir up controversy?

      • @CI3J: who do you delete? Given the game changer that Hamilton is, you could drop Leake or Heisey.

        Of course, I would not be surprised at all if Dusty leaves Hamilton off and bats Itzuris 2nd next Tuesday.

        • @jessecuster44: I’m sure we’ll have a thread or two on this eventually. But you just add Hamilton to the current roster and cut the pitchers back to 11 instead of 12 which they do every year. For the Wild Card game, they won’t even carry 11 pitchers. It does mean that you’d have to cut out Derrick Robinson, which seems like an easy call to me. But Baker did sort of promise Robinson publicly that he’d be on the postseason roster.

          • @jessecuster44: ] @Steve Mancuso: .
            Sure, Billy hasn’t proven he can consistently hit MLB pitching, but has Robinson? Not much question who has had the greatest impact off the bench. Of course, I could see the unthinkable here happening.

          • @redskaph: And so, who says this team isn’t interesting? There’s always something.

          • @redskaph: @Steve Mancuso: Dusty did publicly say in August that Robinson would be on the postseason roster. I think Robinson is his new favorite son, and that he’s thinking of Robinson when he says Hamilton won’t necessarily be on the post season roster. “We need a guy who can come off the bench and hit”, he said. Right, the Reds could not survive without Robinson’s mighty bat.

          • @pinson343: That’s easily solved! Start Hamilton. That makes Ludwig that big bop off the bench.

      • @CI3J: I read it…….I see where he said we’re still looking at it (we’re not I’m)its a decision not made by Dusty alone…Im not worried, what advantage would you get by giving a reporter your 25 man roster a week before you need to decide?…He gave an honest answer,….BH will be on playoff roster,anything else said is just SMOKE

    • @CI3J: Dusty is perfectly serious about Hamilton not at all being a lock – in his mind – for the postseason roster.

      • @pinson343: Dusty will have input…….but Walt J will make final call on roster…Dusty is not the most powerful bench manager in baseball……he does not have 100% control of roster

        • @Bruno: He will have exactly the same call as he had regarding moving Chapman to the rotation.

          I think we’re in for some roster-related drama and intrigue over the next few days. Dusty pretty clearly doesn’t want Hamilton on the roster over Robinson. Expect some crying to the media and a call to the owner followed by Walt coming out and saying that Robinson earned the spot during the season.

          I said back in the spring that Jocketty would be gone in the off season and was taken to task by some. I still think it’s true.

          • @Kyle Farmer: Leake won 14 games as #5 starter….and bullpen had a ton of injuries….IMO…they made right call …I said THEY…..because Dusty had input,but he DOESNT make final call on roster….but its easier to blame him for everything…….was it his fault we had weak bench last 2 yrs?….we all know he plays everyone….I think you over estimate his power

          • @Bruno: I would love to see Chapman start…..but if his heart is not in it….why bother?…he is a dominant closer….I don’t believe Dusty has any more input than other managers

          • @Bruno: At this point, I should hope Dusty DOES have final call on the roster. There may be other input but if a G.M. is going to hamstring the manager with authority, that sounds like a recipe for confusion.

          • @Johnu1: If walt doesn’t control the roster……what does he do?….I think most if not all teams operate this way

  19. “On edge”

  20. This is exactly when those dumb decisions by Dusty in June and July matter. Take three of those losses away and the Reds’ chances look lots better going into the last 4 games,

    These guys are trying. You can’t win em all. But not playing Hamilton, and playing Soto (not Mario) is par for the course in Dustyland. Very, Very frustrating.

    • @jessecuster44: Do you also keep track of managerial decisions that won us games?….or do you believe it NEVER happens?…I’m not here to defend Dusty,but in the interest of fairness it has to work both ways…I just cant accept ALL wins are in spite of him..and losses are his fault….bottom line….he got us to playoffs again…..I would grade him out at a B minus….just my opinion

  21. For a post-season series, do the Reds really need Izturis and Hannahan? Spare infielders are fine for the long season, not so much for a final 2 weeks where the best guys have to beef it up.

    I’d jettison Izturis and keep Hamilton, though that won’t happen.

    Hamilton can play SS.

    • @Johnu1: “Hamilton can play SS” is an important and often forgotten point. There is no case to be made for Izturis on the roster except as an emergency SS if Cozart gets hurt (or if he’s pinch run for). But Hamilton can fulfill the emergency SS role almost as well as Izturis and it’s a remote scenario anyhow. I think Jack Hannahan can play SS in a pinch, too.

      While this makes sense. I’m doubtful the Reds will look at it that way. You’d think if they were considering it that they would give Hamilton some work at SS for practice. He hasn’t played it for a while.

      • @Steve Mancuso: Just strange that we have to wonder if Billy will be on the postseason roster. If he’s left off, I’ll take a positive outlook – delighting (disdainfully, of course) in the outrage that will ensue. A bit menical, I suppose, but I am what I am.

        • @redskaph: This was my bottom line on the Dusty thread. I have so little confidence in his judgment that I find it believable that he might favor not having Hamilton on the postseason roster.

        • @redskaph: I believe this was Dusty just not wanting to make it “official”, as the article said, they also didn’t say he was coming up in September until the day before. There is no way he’s not on the playoff roster.

      • @Steve Mancuso: Seeing that Hamilton has had a pivotal effect on almost every game he’s entered, giving him practice at ANY level would make sense. I’ve seen Ham play SS and he has more range than a condor. His arm is a bit wild.

    • @Johnu1: Other than Hannahan, who can back up at 3rd base ? I guess Izturis. Hamilton will not be considered as a backup SS.

      • @pinson343: Izturis has not, to the best of my knowledge, played any significant third base. I don’t consider Hamilton a backup anything. I consider him a weapon.

  22. I love the reference to Murphy’s Law. It’s held for the Reds in a lot of games this season.

    Remember a few years ago when the Reds get swept in 4 games at home by the Mets ? I think Daniel Murphy had about 12 hits in that series.

  23. Soto has no business PH. Why Dusty? Makes zero sense. I simply don’t have confidence in Baker when it matters most. Like a one game playoff. I hope not but one-and-done looms.

  24. Billy Hamilton will make post season roster.

  25. Well there went any chance of a division title. Good thing I have night class from 4-10 Tuesday!


  26. At least the debate on Latos vs reynolds for wed game is now moot.

    Keep him fresh, limit the work and get ready for Play-in game. I really hope CI3J’s link is just smoke. Hamilton is a weapon off the bench. Rare to say that about a pinch-runner.

  27. Got to have Soto on the playoff roster. Who will pinch hit if he isn’t there?

  28. At this point it would sure to be nice to have a few of those games back where Dusty’s bad management pretty clearly cost us the game.

  29. @Johnu1: According to Fangraphs, Billy Hamilton is already the 4th most productive offensive player the Reds have when factoring in hitting and baserunning. Robinson comes in at 24th on the current roster after a bunch of pitchers and even Neftali Soto.


  30. No one has mentioned this, but I wonder if anyone else noticed….last night, in the 4 run 2nd inning, on the Tovar base hit that scored the first run, Leake should have/could have caught the ball, he pulled his glove back b/c (I guess) he thought it was going to be catchable by Cozart. In the replay, you could see him slap his glove on his leg in frustration, I think, because he knows he could have caught the ball… this is a game of inches.

    • @Bill Lack: Yes, I did notice that. On the replay, I wasn’t sure he could have gotten it.

      I thought Choo should have had a shot at the runner, but he did his little crow hop (Gagnam Hop?) and then threw too late. The net result was no play at the plate and Tovar moving into scoring position unnecessarily.

  31. If Latos doesn’t pitch well again today AND Sunday doesn’t matter, do you consider pitching Reynolds (or Leake) on Sunday and having Cueto pitch the WC game? Latos hasn’t been as sharp as usual and says he’s hurt, so that’s what I would do if he has another bad day.

    Once again, some really classless stuff from Dusty in the media. I encourage you to imagine saying the equivalent in front of a big crowd at a conference or something, with your boss in the audience. Referring to Hamilton: “I had to fight for him to get here. People say: Why isn’t he playing? It was a struggle to get him here….” So Dusty is the all-knowing genius who had to “fight”–with who, I wonder /s/–to get Billy brought up. Even if true, way to publicly sell out your boss (again), Dusty!

    • @Eric the Red: Fight what? Hamilton was a callup. You just give him a jersey.

      • @Johnu1:

        Not entirely. Hamilton was not on the 40-man roster, thus the Reds had to make a roster spot available to him … so there was a touch of work that needed to be done. In this case, it was putting Pedro Villareal on waivers, and shockingly … nobody wanted him so he’s back in Louisville. (Same with Reynolds earlier this year).

        Now, with Baker saying that “I had to fight for Hamilton” I’m terrified that he’s telling the truth. Because if that’s fact, then the front office is dumber than I thought. Why Baker would have to fight to bring up Hamilton, rather than it being the “duh” move it should be suggests the Reds management is clueless. Was there really dissension to keep Villareal on the roster instead of calling up Hamilton? I know you might say at the time, the Reds had no idea who Billy Hamilton was going to be, but considering he’s been in their organization for years, that’s ridiculous. We’ve all seen Pedro pitch / he’s good for 1 HR per inning.

        Just another frustrating tidbit. The Reds chances are not good to win the World Series. They’re zero without Billy Hamilton and to even say “We’re not sure” when Baker loves to guarantee things well in advance (like Robinson) is just another nail in the Baker coffin.

        • @FrustratedRedsFan: Well, I, too, doubt that there was a big fight. But there are financial aspects, and 40 man issues, etc. So perhaps there really were spirited discussions. Maybe Walt really didn’t want to call him up, and Dusty correctly fought to get him.

          Even if that’s true, it’s both classless and insubordinate to come out and say what Dusty said, especially in the middle of the season rather than during spring training or at Billy’s Cooperstown induction or something.

        • @FrustratedRedsFan: Well, yeah … they had to juggle some fish to get the Kid on the 40-man … but they knew back in June they were going to do that. Walt moved Hamilton to CF and as much as said he would be with the Reds in ’14 since Choo was a rental.

          Could be, Walt didn’t think Hamilton would be a game-changer as a callup. Who knew?

  32. I saw where MLB is thinking about putting in the Little League rule(Billy Hamilton rule) where you can’t leave the base until the ball gets by the batter. This will help keep to stolen bases down.

    If this guy is not on the playoff roster and /or doesn’t play Dusty should be fired at end of season. He is such a weapon that puts so much pressure on pitchers and the defense….we need him!!!

  33. So…if an injured Latos isn’t good today and Sunday doesn’t matter, do you save Cueto for the WC game and let Reynolds or Leake pitch Sunday?

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