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Game Thread: Mets at Reds (2013.09.24)

The Reds face the Mets in the second game of the series. They remain tied with the Pirates for second place in the NL Central and the home field advantage for the Wild Card play-in game. Both teams are two games behind the St. Louis Cardinals. The Pirates (Gerrit Cole) face the Chicago Cubs (Chris Rusin) and the Cardinals (Michael Wacha) face the Washington Nationals (Gio Gonzalez).

At GABP, the Mets are throwing left-hander* Jonathan Niese. Here is the Reds’ batting order:

Dusty Baker keeps Ryan Ludwick in the clean up spot, despite Ludwick’s line of .250/.302/.345. Ryan Ludwick ranks 13th on the team in ISO, which measures the power of one’s hitting. Ludwick ranks behind every single solitary position player in today’s lineup in that category. It’s not often that a team’s clean-up hitter hits with the least power in the entire lineup. Other Reds’ players with more ISO than Ludwick: Chris Heisey, Corky Miller and Greg Reynolds. Seriously. But I’ll be at the game cheering for you to hit a couple out tonight, Luddy.

Meanwhile, Devin Mesoraco, who is in tonight’s lineup, has been the Reds’ best hitter all year against lefties (*again, Niese is a lefty), producing a Votto-esque line of .333/.400/.507. It’s not often that a team’s best hitter bats eighth. Mesoraco, of course, is batting there because, you know. Hank Aaron.

/ repeat: line-ups don’t matter … line-ups don’t matter … /

After last night’s walk off win as I was heading back to my car, I heard at least four people say these exact words “We need to pay Choo whatever he asks.” And one of those voices was mine.

Go Reds!

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  1. Going out on a limb and suggesting the Reds need some high leverage hitters and BASERUNNERS.

  2. Wonder how long NY goes with Niese. Around 100 pitches now. I’d guess he’ll start the 8th. More missed opps tonight.

  3. Sarge is at the Card game and said he would bring home a St. Louie lost. He needs to turn that game around.

  4. Is anyone else bothered by the expressions or lack there of for one Joe Votto when the dugout is panned? I would think there would be a little more fire there?

  5. Niese at 100 but nobody can get on base and he doesn’t figure to pitch again this year.

  6. I reiterate, given the small sample size, not having home-field in the one-game/play-in, is not necessarily a bad thing. You can kiss this Division goodbye, though! GO. REDS.

  7. Fox Sports Ohio is blacked out here in NY, so I am listening to the Mets broadcasters (who are always terrific, by the way). They were just discussing the Votto “controversy” with Keith Hernandez coming down firmly on the side that says Joey needs to swing the bat and drive in more runs. This is clearly beating a dead horse but I wanted to bring up one thing: they (and plenty of other people) have compared his approach to Ted Williams’ and Frank Thomas’s. Which is fine. Except for the fact that Frank Thomas drove in over 100 runs 11 times. And Ted Williams, of course, had ridiculous RBI numbers for most of his career. Later in his career, after his second stint of military service, he had five years in a row that might compare to Votto’s season this year. But even in those, he averaged around 85 RBIs – in far fewer games each season than Votto will play this year.

    I have said this here before – I am not saying RBIs are the best way to evaluate a player’s production or that they are the most important stat. But the fact is, this debate has never quite come up to this extent because Joey Votto is about to do something that I simply do not think anyone has ever done. And that is: play a full season for a very, very good team, hitting in the third spot of the order all year, and not even reach 80 RBIs. Some may think that’s meaningless but, at the least, it’s just plain weird.

    • @PRoseFutureHOFer: I think people will always second guess Votto but frankly he gets on base and scores runs. Yes we would all love for him to hit for more RBI’s but if he does that will the rest of his stats be hurt. Only time will tell.

    • @PRoseFutureHOFer: When we end up expecting the 6-7-8 guys to get the rallies going and produce the runs, yeah … it’s laughable that we don’t think it’s important that the top of the order do some of the producing.

    • @PRoseFutureHOFer: Ignoring that we’re comparing steroid era numbers to the current era (are we really comparing apple to apples?)…

      It’s probably relevant that Frank Thomas spent his prime years with Tim Raines batting in front of him, along with being surrounded by other quality hitters like Ventura, Burks, Franco, Cora, Johnson, guys who had OBP > 0.350.

      Votto has had Choo for one season, Jay hitting a couple spots behind him, then a bunch of turds. I like BP, but the guy has never got on base.

      • @CP: @CP: % of Baserunners on base who scored:

        Frank Thomas: 18%

        Joey Votto: 17%

        Joey can’t create RBIs by himself.

        • @CP: @CP: % of Baserunners on base who scored:

          Frank Thomas:18%

          Joey Votto:17%

          Joey can’t create RBIs by himself.

          I’m pretty sure Votto’s percentage of runners scoring this season is around 12%. I realize it may have seemed like I was comparing career numbers, but I’m really only talking about this season. If he were at 17% this season, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  8. Seriously, again … does anybody really think this Reds team can win a pennant? I mean, really?

  9. Not to be negative but would anyone really be surprised if the Reds drop this series to the Mets? That’s kinda how this team operates this year. See the cubs and brewers series after sweeping LA.

    • @abox03: As Skip Carey might put it, “Not par-ti-cu-larly.” (He said that once after being asked, on the air, by Ernie Johnson (I think) if he minded being called “fatso.”

  10. Pirates are hungover AND still taking care of business. This is why I don’t lose much sleep over the 2013 Reds’ chances at going deep in the postseason.

  11. Lagares isn’t Hamilton but he isn’t Hanigan either. Guy has some wheels. Eh?

  12. I believe the Reds can go deep in the post season and I believe we can comeback and win this game. I could be wrong but I sure wont give up on the Reds.

  13. reds need to set their desired rotation for WC game and NLDS starting tomorrow. They will not win the division. Sucks, but let’s focus on WC game and getting into the real postseason.

  14. if we win next 4, we will host WC… that’s the goal if we don’t win today..

    can be done, but not easy… and prob not likely..

    if we win 2 of 3 against Pirates.. then we might be able to tie the pirates..

    what happens then? anyone?

  15. The only bad thing about the Reds making the post season for me is I have to paint a giant Reds “C” on my yard again.

  16. Let’s go 2 runs, chip away, like to think there is something to the heart of teh order coming up in that they should get another at bat should they put some runners on…

  17. Great trio of ABs that inning. What’s the rush? After the game party at BP’s place?

  18. That is literally inexcusable to go up there hacking at everything against a reliever. This is Dusty-ball.

  19. Reds about to concede the Central division and a road wildcard play in game.

  20. So the big boppers in the lineup can go back to the clubhouse after this one is over and say, “let’s get ’em next game.”

    What was wrong with this one?

  21. If reds win tomorrow all they have it do is win the series this weekend against Pittsburgh and they will host the WC game no matter what the pirates do. Even if pirates sweep cubs, the one game will be made up by winning the series vs pit and give the season series to the reds, which would allow them the home game

  22. Okay, that’s the break we need. One more baserunner, Billy Hamilton and we got ourselves a tie game!

  23. Blackout (cute, right?). Stupid sabermetrics guys can swim in this all they want. LEAKE DIDN’T PITCH/REDS COULDN’T HIT. This isn’t rocket science. I’ve seen the Reds do this before. High-Leverage, laughter.

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