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Game Thread: Mets at Reds (2013.09.24)

The Reds face the Mets in the second game of the series. They remain tied with the Pirates for second place in the NL Central and the home field advantage for the Wild Card play-in game. Both teams are two games behind the St. Louis Cardinals. The Pirates (Gerrit Cole) face the Chicago Cubs (Chris Rusin) and the Cardinals (Michael Wacha) face the Washington Nationals (Gio Gonzalez).

At GABP, the Mets are throwing left-hander* Jonathan Niese. Here is the Reds’ batting order:

Dusty Baker keeps Ryan Ludwick in the clean up spot, despite Ludwick’s line of .250/.302/.345. Ryan Ludwick ranks 13th on the team in ISO, which measures the power of one’s hitting. Ludwick ranks behind every single solitary position player in today’s lineup in that category. It’s not often that a team’s clean-up hitter hits with the least power in the entire lineup. Other Reds’ players with more ISO than Ludwick: Chris Heisey, Corky Miller and Greg Reynolds. Seriously. But I’ll be at the game cheering for you to hit a couple out tonight, Luddy.

Meanwhile, Devin Mesoraco, who is in tonight’s lineup, has been the Reds’ best hitter all year against lefties (*again, Niese is a lefty), producing a Votto-esque line of .333/.400/.507. It’s not often that a team’s best hitter bats eighth. Mesoraco, of course, is batting there because, you know. Hank Aaron.

/ repeat: line-ups don’t matter … line-ups don’t matter … /

After last night’s walk off win as I was heading back to my car, I heard at least four people say these exact words “We need to pay Choo whatever he asks.” And one of those voices was mine.

Go Reds!

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  1. Watching mlb.tv game cast. Throw any red a fast ball low any away they are guaranteed to swing and look silly doing it.

    • @Zabka84: BP’s been slumping for a long time. Ever since Holiday slid hard into him and hurt his quad. His quad is probably OK now, but he hasn’t started hitting again.

  2. 2nd straight late inning, high leverage situation that Dusty doesn’t run Hamilton with one out and tying runner at plate. Both times = DP.

  3. Cozart could have been a little more patient there. Would like to have seen them put some pressure on the kid, and give Mes a chance to hit him.

    • @Zabka84: Thank You. I was SO worried Dusty would WASTE Billy Hamilton on the basepaths tonight. Thank GOD he didn’t do that.

  4. Maybe they won’t mention it again, but this site already told you, all: This Reds team will break your heart.

  5. well, WC game for sure…

    question is home or away?

    need to win 3 of 4 to have a home game..

  6. Once again we get a man on with 1 out in the 9th and Dusty decides not to pinch run Hamilton for Frazier, double play GAME OVER!

  7. What is it with Dusty Baker and Neftali Soto? Dusty had a pretty good game but this is troubling. Is Soto going to be on the 25 man post-season roster???

    No no-hitter for Wacha tonight. 2 out single in the 9th.

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: That sucks! I don’t care if he’s going against us, it was pretty much a win – hate to see that only slightly less than seeing someone get hurt.

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: It’s almost like the Reds are at the end of the season with nothing to play for and Dusty wants to give Soto a few AB’s “for the big league experience”. Just another example of a clueless manager not understanding the importance of the situation.

  8. Zimmerman breaks up Wacha’s no hitter with an IF single with 2 outs in the 9th.

  9. I hope whoever writes tonights recap doesn’t post a string of their own Tweets for us to all read. That’s always fun, after any Reds’ loss, or win!

  10. Anyone else still think it wasn’t a GIANT MISTAKE not drafting Michael Wacha? I was screaming to draft him. 3 mistakes by Jocketty are:

    1. Giving Broxton 21 M
    2. Resigning Ludwick
    3. NOT drafting Wacha

    Welp the loss tonight pretty much ensures the Reds traveling to Pitt for the wildcard game

    • @Josh: I think the best thing for this (leaderless) team is to go face elimination in another city. Dusty can stay home, if he wants.

  11. maybe this team is at its best under pressure…
    go to Pittsburgh for 1 game..

    then go play Cards …

    maybe we play better

  12. we need to win next 4

    at least 3 of 4

    WC at home … that’s all we can hope for..

    Cards and Braves are right there w/ best record… rather play Braves than Cards

    anyone else?

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