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Game Thread: Reds at Pirates (2013.09.22)

I considered getting all deep and philosophical with today’s game thread but decided to just keep it simple again.  Win and the Reds are tied for 2nd again.  Lose and they’re 2 games back of Pittsburgh, likely out of the division race unless something crazy happens in the last week, and preparing for a 1 game playoff.  If you believe the Reds can win today, then you have to believe they can win a 1-game playoff next week against these very same Pirates.

Dusty has made some lineup changes for today.  I’ll let someone else post it because every time I do, I make a mistake that someone corrects.  Perhaps I should just proof my own threads better.  Or perhaps the Reds should play really good baseball today and we will all live happily ever after!

Discuss the game here Reds fans!

267 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates (2013.09.22)

  1. Billy Hamilton brings a new meaning to the words, “get it going”. Wow!

  2. Bengals just won in a crazy crazy game with 4 turnovers per each team… amazing game. 4th and inches for Green Bay and runner fumbles, Bengals pick up the fumble, then fumbles and another Bengals pick it up and goes for a TD…

    Rodgers try to come back to Bengals 20 yard line; 4th and 5 ball gets tipped, incomplete, game over..

    crazy game.. been watching both games simultaneously… Go Bengals (2-1 with easier stretch coming up).

    Browns won w/o Weeden and Richardson (1-2)

    Reds will be tied w/ Pirates for WC if this keeps up..

    Good day for Ohio

    • @pinson343: Somewhere it needs to stop. I vote right here would be a good place. Two pretty classy organizations so let’s just call it a day.

  3. I have developed an amazing animosity for this Pirates team…would like to score 10 more in the ninth off this blankety blank team.

    • @PRoseFutureHOFer: I never had anything against the Pirates, but their radio and tv broadcasters are off the charts for blatant hostility against the Reds. Are they that way with the Cardinals too ?

  4. I for one say, let’s make sure Choo’s thumb has completely healed before returning to action. If DB would play Choo & Billy together, than get back soon.

  5. A win today puts the Reds Magic number at 2, and could be 1 pending the MIA-WSH game 2 of their DH today.

    Either way, starting tomorrow, the reds can clinch a playoff spot.

  6. Pirate broadcasters reduced to directing sarcasms at BP this whole half inning.

  7. Question for the Nation:

    Reds should clinch during the Mets series (and Pirates should clinch during cubs). Both teams having clinched a playoff spot and assuming STL puts the division out of reach, do you focus on setting rotation for the one game play-in and subsequent division series, or do you try to win the home game? Going for the home game is preferable, but could be dangerous if you don’t win it and can’t set up a rotation for the play-in game win and into the division series.

    • @abox03: If it becomes a matter of playing for home advantage vs. having the right guy start in a play in, you’ve got to go with the right guy to pitch for a play in in Pittsburgh. And that would be Homer.

  8. Can you imagine next year’s lineup if BOTH Hamilton and Choo are hitting in front of Joey.


    We MUST resign Choo

    Heck with next year. How about right now and the post-season?

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan:
      I like it.
      Small change in lineup
      Choo first, Hamilton second

      Choo needs to be signed

      And we need to play at home- our fans will lift the team and our park will improve our bats!!!
      GO REDS

      • @redeyenation: You negate Billy’s ability to bunt onto first and steal to second by putting Choo in front of him. Taking an obvious hit in OBP is worth it for a situation like this, I think.

  9. Robinson is 1 for his last 1, Hamilton is 0 for his last 1. I’m afraid that seals it: Hamilton is off the post-season roster.

  10. There you go.

    Impressive and dominating performance today. Time to do the same to the Mets.

    Go Reds!!!

  11. 6 games left, all in the GABP. That place is going to be rocking. Harang vs Cueto in the opener, time to knock around Harang and start the 6 game home stand off on a great note. We need Milwaukee to help us tonight. We’d only be down 2 games with 6 to play, not impossible but going to be tough.

  12. Great wins today by the Reds and Bengals!! There’s a lot of joy for Cincinnati fans tonight!

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