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Game Thread: Reds at Pirates (2013.09.22)

I considered getting all deep and philosophical with today’s game thread but decided to just keep it simple again.  Win and the Reds are tied for 2nd again.  Lose and they’re 2 games back of Pittsburgh, likely out of the division race unless something crazy happens in the last week, and preparing for a 1 game playoff.  If you believe the Reds can win today, then you have to believe they can win a 1-game playoff next week against these very same Pirates.

Dusty has made some lineup changes for today.  I’ll let someone else post it because every time I do, I make a mistake that someone corrects.  Perhaps I should just proof my own threads better.  Or perhaps the Reds should play really good baseball today and we will all live happily ever after!

Discuss the game here Reds fans!

267 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates (2013.09.22)

  1. The big mistake there was hitting Tabata. Otherwise Walker’s double is harmless.

  2. Like usual, Baker never thinks ahead. The pen should have already been warmed up.

  3. Yankees are tied 1-1 in the sixth inning against the Giants. It’s likely Mariano Rivera’s last game in Yankee Stadium. Sure hope he gets to close the game. Yankees had a long pre-game ceremony for him. They brought Metallica back to play “Enter Sandman” live. That’s big time.

  4. This game feels eerily similar to a game from the spring in Pittsburgh that the Reds jumped out to a big lead and then went to sleep while the Rats came back and eventually won.

    • @Kyle Farmer: If the Reds allow a pathetic offense such as the Pirates to score eight runs then they deserve to lose. I think it is ridiculous that They let them score none over the first two games.

  5. An insurance run would be huge boys. Hopefully Dusty uses the pen accordingly. Hamilton is absolutely unreal. Heisey needs to bunt

  6. No need for Heisey to swing yet. Billy is living rent free in the kid’s head.

  7. HEISEY? Swinging at a 3-0 pitch? BUNT THE RUNNER OVER, typical Baker ball right there.

  8. Green light to Heisey on 3-0 with Votto and middle of the order coming up ???!!!

  9. Honestly a run here would be huge and Baker doesn’t bunt Hamilton to 3B to give Votto a chance to make it 8-3. That will haunt. Steal 3B Billy

  10. Why Heisey hacking at 3-0 and not bunting and then Votto swinging when Hamilton stole 3B. Missed chance at another run

    • @Josh: In 14 previous plate appearances when Chris Heisey faced a 3-0 count, he walked. Blew that 1.000 OBP today.

  11. The Pirates – making the St. Louis Cardinals look mature and composed since 2012.

  12. Watch that come back to haunt the Reds. I just don’t understand not wanting to score there! Hamilton on 2B, NO OUTS and yet Baker decides not to play small ball. That run could have demoralized the Bucs.

  13. Chris Heisey is not the kind of hitter you allow to swing at 3-0 pitches. Sorry, it’s just a fact.

  14. If the Pirates want to hit Reds hitters then go at it as long as not at the head. Just don’t whine when the Reds pitchers bean yours teammates.

      • @pinson343: Throwing behind the batter like that is a real cheap shot, it’s been a big time no-no since the days of the Dodgers/Giants bean ball wars of the ’50s. Worthy of a suspension.

  15. Simon threw about 15 pitches. I’d give him another inning unless he comes to bat.

  16. I want to see nothing but 0s tossed up their by our staff the rest of the game. I’ll take a 7-3 win.

  17. The Fraz strikes again. Should be wearing a Gold Glove after the season.

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