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Game Thread: Reds at Pirates (2013.09.21)

Ding! Ding! Ding! Time for round 2.

The Reds and Pirates are now tied for 2nd.  Both teams trying to claim home field advantage for the playoff game.  Both teams trying to stay within reach of the Cardinals for the division.  Both teams hoping the Nationals can play meaningful games long enough to beat the Cardinals next week then they have our permission to give up this notion they can catch either team for a wild card spot.

If last night’s game didn’t get your juices flowing, then how about a tight playoff race with 8 games left!?  LET’S GET IT ON!  GO REDS!

332 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates (2013.09.21)

  1. Wow, sure glad it was Ludwick running to second rather than Hamilton already on second going to third.

    • @ToddAlmighty: I thought the same thing. The Dusty philosophy evidently was that Ludwick wasn’t the important run … but not being in a DP situation was not important either. If Ham steals second, they have to defense Bruce differently. Brainless.

  2. If Ham steals second, he’s on third right now. But I mean, Frazier and Hamilton were two of the best players on the field last night. I totally get why you wouldn’t want to use them tonight. Save em for the Mets!

  3. These teams are about an even a match as you will find. Reds have the edge in talent and the Pirates with the managing. DB needs to bring his A-game tomorrow afternoon.

    Go Reds!!

  4. another one of Dusty’s decisions or indecisions..
    it’s 9th inning… why not Billy there…

    have him steal 2nd… avoid DP situation… prolong the inning and save an out (from DP) and give us a chance..

    Does Dusty have some place to go after the game? maybe he is hungry.. or out of toothpicks?

    ERRORS led to 3 runs…. when will Reds realize this…

    3 out of 1st place with 7 to go… well, as much as I will keep watching and cheering… pennant is OUT

    we need to win more games tha Pirates … get home field advantage.. although the way Liriano pitches, he can win at home or away, depending on which REDS show up

    bad game … great start ended w/ as JOSH calls, terrible Votto error chaning momentum of the game…

    not that Votto will even admit to anything negative like that… some people call him the quiet leader.. I call him overpaid stubborn walking machine who should win the worst glove on the 1st..

  5. Seemed unlikely we were going to sweep the Pirates in Pitt. Makes tomorrow’s game that much more important.

    • @FWIW567: sweep? let’s just win 2 of 3 at least… if not, our last 3 games, we would have to sweep (assming games against Mets go well)…. tomorrow is a MUST MUST win… (only if we want a home field)… if we don’t care about that, then, we just have to play 500 ball and beat Nationals for WC.. and go into Pittsburgh against Liriano like last night and ??? win?

      I don’t have that much faith on our starting pitcher tomorrow in Pittsburgh… but what do i know..

  6. Baker will get all the heat, but I’m slightly disappointed with Latos/Bailey. 4 runs given up by both will not do in playoffs.

  7. Can’t win em all, of course, but you’d like to see a better effort/performance in such a big game. Hitting, not good; defense, huge errors, though 1 more of a pitching thing; pitching, OK overall but the errant PO hurt; managing, … not even goin’ there.

  8. Can’t ever get too overly excited about this team – too inconsistent offensive performances , ALWAYS inconsistent managerial decisions

  9. Positives – Marshall was effective, and given a full inning. (No LOOGY.) Phillips took a walk to bring up the tying run in 8th.

  10. Can still get the series win which is what the goal was – but as gas already been said – Baker must bring his “A” game (is he capable?)

  11. Lemme lay some knowledge on you.

    First of all … it blows my mind that Baker would start Robinson and Hannrahan over Hamilton and Frazier. I just don’t understand the logic AT ALL (likely because there isn’t any).

    But that doesn’t bother me as much. What continues to boil my blood with this good for nothing manager is his asinine moves in game. For example, Dusty Baker chooses to go to Zach Duke to keep the game 3-2 rather than Manny Parra or Sean Marshall. Keep in mind he cost the Reds a run last night going to Ondrusek in the 7th (both Ondrusek and Duke will NOT be on the post-season roster).

    Of course, Duke cannot get Alvarez out, a LH hitter who has a negative batting average against lefties. This costs the Reds a run and while you might be saying “Well the Reds still would have lost’ I say … NAY NAY.

    Even though you cannot assume the game play from there on our because the dynamic of the game changes, Ludwick leads off the 9th with a single in a 1 run game. Enter Billy Hamilton who the world knows will be on second base in a pitch or two. Guess what … Bruce’s GIDP turns into a runner on 3rd and 1 out situation. Maybe Cozart gets Hamilton home with the ground ball, maybe not (maybe he does something else) … point and case / Baker and his foolishness cost the Reds a chance to tie AGAIN.

    Hate that two games in a row, the Reds jump to the lead and then just die the remaining innings. Votto sucked, Bruce sucked and good ole’ Dusty Baker started two guys that went 0-7 w/ 4K and made terrible in game decisions (Henry Rodriguez dear God).

    Just another reminder that come playoff time, we’re already so far in the hole because of who sits in the dugout.

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